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    Help a fellow Lego Fan...

    You guys are totally right... I think they have some Autoprocess thing running that voted for them for a few days straight... Most of the bands have an even number of fans, so it would have been a close race. But like Jipay said, its so easy to cheat so of course one of the bands with the best tech will do it! I still appreciate the votes though guys!!!
  2. Sting

    Help a fellow Lego Fan...

    Hey guys... I post sometimes in the Castle+Pirate and a few other topics... but I am definately a regular visitor and reader at this site... My biggest hobby is music though, and I am in a band called Moments of Brilliance. We currently won a province-wide contest in Manitoba to be on a CD of local bands put out by a popular rock Radio station(Power 97). Now, Our Lady Peace(A huge band in Canada and US) are playing at the MTS Center(a 15000+ Arena) in Winnipeg, and one of the bands that was on the CD will get to open, but it requires the most votes. By going to this link, you simply have to click on the VOTE button, and then vote for MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE. You don't have to listen to anything or sign up for anything its that simple, and it would help us alot... because every vote counts and even if we come in 2nd we may still get to play. Thnx for even reading this and MANY thnx if you Vote.
  3. Sting

    I thought...

    They always do!
  4. I guess this is what I should expect from the "crappily" run Toys R' Us in Winnipeg... Still none in mine... this is frustrating me...
  5. When are the Vikings going to be released in North America?
  6. :oo Do you know what day exactly?! I went to my Toys R' Us a few days ago and there was no vikings to be found!
  7. Sting

    Creating the perfect Admiral...

    If only there was a blue, red, or white of the Gilderoy! The Imperial Armada ruffles is good, but its green... and it doesnt really go well with blue or red soldiers(as that is what I need it for)... The Blue Pirate one isn't bad except for the ruffled shirt makes it look sloppy. That white rare pirate guy isn't bad... I didn't think about that... if I gave him white legs, white hands, some epaullets, a white cape and a nice hat, he may fit the part very well... Thanks for the ideas! I've looked through most of the torso's and that is one of the best i've seen for a white one... if anyone else has suggestions though, it would be appreciated.
  8. Sting

    MiniFig Head Question

    7045 - Hovercraft Hideout. You get the head, the body, and the hat of that figure. Pretty cool set. May I ask where that picture is from... seems like a good pirate/explorer MOC...
  9. Sting

    Help a fellow Lego Fan...

    It is true, Languages, that I have never officially said hello before. I got the membership a while ago because I always had things to say as I was reading threads, but by the time I was done I just was like "wow, someone already said it". So i Just read threads for awhile and than I decided I had to start posting my own 2 cents, even if someone had said it. I just had to expand on things, and I just kinda flowed into posting. This is a great community and I thank you all again for your vote.
  10. Sting

    Lego getting rid of bricks?

    That is absolutely hilarious. I really hope you guys are right... I had a quick glance of 2015 and I wondered what Lego would be like if that was true... and it definately was NOT pretty... Lego is one business that regressing would do them good. I guarantee it. Because if the kids don't buy it(but in most cases, they will), than all the AFOL's will. OR, better yet, just bring back quality and apply it to new lines. I used to believe kids today were way different, but I've been hearing stories on here about kids who are 10 and under who love the old lego. I think the kids would do it if they were introduced to it. I got my first lego bin when I was 3. My family also got a NES that Christmas too. I played video games but I couldn't stand the lack of control in the game - I couldn't change anything, and the ideas I thought were stupid in the game couldn't be changed. With Lego, I could change everything to a) my own sets and b) the actual sets. Or I could just make up my own. The lego bin I got was of the BASIC theme, and I loved it more than the video game. I remember playing with the lego more than the video game that christmas and if I look at my past I remember playing with lego much more than video games anyway. If Lego abandons the brick than I don't know whats going to happen. Its one of the last few toys that still have some thought requirement. I don't think kids have a lack of imagination these days, I just think its not developed as much as it should be. Sorry I kind of went off topic. I hope you guys are right(who say this is bogus).
  11. Sting

    The Pirate Theme ended...

    Sounds like a cool idea to me! What about the Imperials? What kind are we going to see in this line? Who will the leader be? A next-gen Captain/Commodore/Admiral responsible for stopping piracy in the Carribean/wherever this new line takes place?
  12. Sting

    The Pirate Theme ended...

    The Viking Line, if anything, is much more similar to Castle. The vikings only have 2 ships. To say this competes with pirates is like saying the Town sets compete with vikings, because there are some boats in the town sets. (Yes, time is a factor, but the Vikings are presumably in around 700-1000 AD, whereas the Pirates we know are in the 1700's. With those "Mythical crappy bionacle monsters", that means the Viking line doesnt even exist in time technically)
  13. Sting

    Help a fellow Lego Fan...

    Wow thnx guys. I think I had the ignorant impression that most of the people here were older... yet I am 18, and my other friend who is utterly obsessed with Lego is also 18... Im sure there many people my age obsessed with lego... Thnx again!
  14. Sting

    Wild West

    To think that a fellow Pirate fan would laugh at that horrible castrophe! I wish I could have seen the Joshua Tree before it fell...
  15. Sting

    Wild West

    Cacti. Maybe one day they would have even made a Joshua Tree... and then I could make the cover of the U2 Album of the same name. And make Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry figures... Only hopin... (P.S. - those are some cool MOC's, I especially like the church and alot of the small scenery in the Gunslinger one)
  16. Sting

    Help a fellow Lego Fan...

    Thank you for the help! (Although it has come to our attention that one of the obviously more technically knowledgable bands is using a auto "deletecookies and vote constantly" program or something, which is thus giving them a massive and unfair lead) We are pretty young and basically have a poppunk/rock sound... is where u can go to check out songs! Again, THANK YOU. means alot
  17. Sting

    Wild West

    I think that westerns in general were more appealing during the 60s-80s when westerns were more predominant in film. Popularity, even in the U.S., has dwindled down over the years creating a very low demand for wild west themes (traditionally cowboys and indians). But I think that the Wild West was very appealing outside of the United States as well based upon popularity of movies, western heroes, and outlaws. They just aren't popular anymore (esp. among the younger generations). I would love to see Lego re-create the theme. You are very right... I can't think of a generic 'Western' movie that has done very well financially in the past 10 or 20 years ... (i am not a huge film buff so I could be 100% wrong here). With the success of Pirates of the Carribean, the constant modest success of Medieval movies(King Arthur, Kingdom of Heaven, (huge success) Lord of the Rings(fantasy, yes. but still has a castle theme), and the modest success of movies like Gladiator and Troy(and Alexander... oh wait...), you would think that Lego would reinstate both these themes(I guess Castle is still around, but... Knights Kingdom sucks) and add a Classical Civ theme. Oh well... maybe one day...
  18. Sting

    Wild West

    This is a very possible reason. But if you look at the Pirates, its all based on the Carribean pirates - I don't recall any Asian powers being at work in that period. Than there are Japanese Anime like Trigun which is totally Wild West influenced. You may be right though. I disagree with you when you say this theme never had an audience, as im sure many North Americans loved this theme, and as we've seen here quite a few of us liked it. It never had a broad audience though. Norro,(which reminds me of Zorro, which would be a VERY cool Lego Line) Your MOC is freekin' awesome. I love the use of all the different Western Baseplates. And the waterfall work you did was amazing. I havent seen too many Western MOC's.
  19. Sting

    Wild West

    You are right... I would love to see the South, and the Mexicans. Oh, the possibilities... damn you TLG...
  20. Sting

    Wild West

    If I had a choice between new good Pirate/Castle sets, and new good Wild West sets, I would choose the former. But, why can't lego have all 3?(plus good town sets too :-D )
  21. Sting

    New Plane ??

    I did it guys... I impulsively bought this set... because there was a set from the early 90's that was a Cargo Plane, and I wanted it so bad, but of course, I was too young to go and try finding it than, and by the time I realized I wanted it... it was too late... So now that I saw that, it will be close compensation. This one set does look cool. Im not too interested in the other set, but oh well... this will be worth it...
  22. Sting

    Wild West

    Well, the first year, the Wild West line came out with all the classic sets like Fort Legorado and Gold City Junction, but a closer look shows that every set was really, really good. I loved how in the Sherrif's Office set there was a porch with the roof overhanging it. I believe all of the Civilian buildings had this. It was nice to see a historical theme with civilian buildings, as Lego kind of stopped doing that in the castle theme after the early 1990's, and the Pirate theme never really saw that. The second year there was the Native Americans added, which were cool, but without them fighting the stupid white man, it just wasn't as exciting. (In most themes they will pitt 2 of the 'factions' towards each other as it creates excitement, they didn't do that in the Wild West theme). The 2nd year also brought us that amazing little "Frontier Patrol" set, which came with THREE Cavalrymen for only about $8 or $9!! Imagine an Imperial Set with 3 Conquistadors or 3 Red/Bluecoats... I think they would fly off shelves. Indeed, Wild West was a theme which could have been greatly expanded on. A Civil War theme would be amazing. Enough said.
  23. Sting

    What the...

    Lego should learn from this.. you dont see fake Bionacle sets coming out, DO YA?
  24. I rooted for the soliders because they just looked cooler. I always thought lego could make the pirates look more cool than they did. Captain Redbeard seemed pretty ineffective as a fighter with his Peg Leg and all. A worthy commander, no doubt, but he couldn't have a swordfight against any 2 legged, 2 handed Imperial officer or even a lesser pirate with both arms. But thats just me. I voted for Broadside. Blockhouse was a wimp, as seen in the Canadian Catalog for 1993(the year the Imperial Trading Post come out I believe) (Blockhouse is hiding (or drinking...) in one of the storage rooms as Pirates storm up the ramp)
  25. Sting

    big news - no caps!

    Go to the site, and click on the FUNDSACHE topic, and in it, there is a punch of links to files called "FUNDSACHE". Each one is a different pic... it takes a while to find the sets your interested in, but I got to see em. Am I the only one who likes the Hospital? I mean, besides that stupid road piece, and the fact they decided to build it on a rocky outcrop(wheres the wheel chair access???). The actual building reminds me of older Lego sets as it is square and not all rounded and all glass. I also like the use of the old pine trees. The planes were okay, but as people said, the Wings and the fronts are made of like one piece, which is kind of lame, but its alright. Its so Big... hopefully the inside has seats... I freekin LOVE that Coast Guard chopper, looks VERY cool. Change the colors and you could make that a military one if you wanted. Airport Control Tower is cool, but the rest is meh. I hate those big gray "Girder" pieces... so annoying. I'm still dissapointed no new pirates/castle/viking sets are added, but oh well. Some of this stuff may be worth buying.