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  1. X-D Choose your favourite Pirate Minifigure and least Favourite Pirate Minifigure. I am going to make mine Simple - just FAVOURITE MINIFIGURE and LEAST FAVOURITE MINIFIGURE. You can divide it into Imperial/Pirate/Islander if you want, but I am going to keep mine simple. FAVOURITE - Imperial Guard Admiral - I just like this guy. He was only in 3 sets and the red looked alot nicer than the blue IMO. I liked the white gloves too. LEAST FAVOURITE - King Kahuka - not even a bad fig. I just have way too many for the few Islander sets I have. And I really wish we got Azteks or Incas instead of these Cannibal influenced figs!
  2. Sting

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    Old front grill piece for the Knights helmet... tonnes of old castle pieces, decent amount of figs!! I love this set... but I bet the real version will suck alot. I hope not.
  3. Sting

    KK Torsos

    I just got my 8823 Mistlands Tower and have noticed that the Knights Kingdom Torsos, alot do not have anything on them. This means they have to have the Euroarmor or something else covering there torso or they look plain. Why did Lego do this? Old castle lines and even most older Knights Kingdoms line had a detailed Torso underneath the Euroarmor in case one didn't want to give them said armor. Any insight?
  4. Sting

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    Are we talking about new sets or used sets? Used sets I never thought were that bad... but if we are talking new (I saw someone mention Sales Tax so I assume we are probably talking new), than Canadian sets do seem expensive. I would have thought that European prices would be much higher, due to proximity to Lego plants/HQ... is there anyway to comapre the two prices? P.S. I didnt know there were so many Canadians or ex-Canadians (or people who used to live in Canada) on this board. Thats very cool.
  5. Sting

    2007 Summer City pics

    Awesome!!! I Love them all!! I wish the SeaPort itselfs was a little bigger (Kind of like the old Launch and Load Seaport... with that extra road piece) but still. I hope the baseplates work good in practice better than in picture. I love how the Captain of the new Cargo Ship is in a white suit as opposed to black, as I think most ship captains now adays wear white suits. I could be totally uneducated, but either way I like it. God... Lego is so going in the right direction. Most of these sets, especially that gas station, are better than alot of classic town sets (from what I can see... I may be missing huge <insert that tiresome argument> pieces). This is awesome!
  6. Sting

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    Wow. This is exciting. I for one, do not see what is THAT bad with the castle. I do see some <insert that tiresome argument> pieces, but isn't this the prototype? THis could change... but I guess it could always get worse. I LOVE the return of the classic castle wall pieces though. Love the theme of the set, I just won't be getting many skellies. I want this set for the cool looking new soldiers. Maybe I will finally get a kettle helm from those archers! X-D BlueandWhite - why are Canadian Prices the worst in Lego? I didn't know they were! That sucks!
  7. Sting

    New 2007 city sets

    By showing a picture of that Canadian Coast Guard Hovercraft you have showed about 3/4 of our naval firepower (notice how it has NO guns?). LOL. I want to see pics of the Harbor station so bad. I can't wait.
  8. Sting

    New 2007 Castle Theme!!

    I wish that was what the theme would be! Wikipedia is the best site ever, and also the worst site ever. I expect people to vandalize articles on Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy or George W. Bush with information like "George Bush came out of the closet in late 2006", but I didn't think people made up things about Lego lol. Although its harder to use gay jokes on an inanimate building toy. LOL. (Not that I am homophobic, but gay jokes are definately the most common on the internet for the idiots who edit megablock like that) I'm going to be an megablocks for a second and say that the REAL new castle line could be very good for Classic/Modern Castle Fans alike if Lego does it right. It may also be terrible. (I have not seen pics, only heard what the theme is about... and im sure alot of EB people have), so I cannot provide any information on how "good" it is) You do not have to trust me but I do know what I am talking about on this one thing!! In the end it is good that Eurobricks bowed to the Lego Giant... its kinda lame sometimes that we can't have the leaks as much but it would be even more lame if this site shut down.
  9. Sting

    The New Sienna

    I love how the new design looks on the program.... It can only look better when employed in real lego! Get on it! I want to see some pics!!! The Marines look cool... I love the guns being held on the back. Makes them look more elite.
  10. Sting

    The Improved Skulls Eye Schooner

    I could talk about it for days and not get bored! Damn those 4+ Pirates are trash! Okay I'm bored. I don't find this ship much different at all. I would like to see a refitted Skulls Eye Schooner incorporate new gray and new brown (besides the hulls since they are not made in new brown) and incoporate LOTS of new elements so we could see how a Skulls Eye Schooner designed 2006 would look. It would probably look sleeker as I find alot of the new pieces are more 'aerodynamic' and there is more pieces to make things rounder and smoother.
  11. Sting

    Anybody combined Pirates and Indians before?

    You are correct, Nunavut is how the newest province is spelt. The term Eskimo is not used as much, and most Inuit prefer to be called Inuit since "Eskimo" means "eater of raw meat". Not a very flattering term.
  12. Sting

    Brickster's 1st Pirate MOC

    I like the simplicity and the choice of colors. Is there any pictures of the interiors? Is that new brown used for the piers?
  13. Sting

    Anybody combined Pirates and Indians before?

    Isn't it the other way around? Didn't people from Siberia cross the landbridge, populating the North first and slowly but continiously spread Southeast until finally reaching the southern tip of South America? So didn't the Southern Native Americans descend from the Northern? Or am I misinformed?
  14. Sting

    The Entrance To The Caves

    You really get a sense of atmosphere and canopy and ceiling in that picture. It feels like this is a picture not of a small portion of a imaginary world, but a small portion of a real world. I can't describe it, but this MOC and particularily this part, has depth, and seems almost real. This entire MOC is majestic.
  15. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    This is the case with me. I do not have enough Lego, especially Pirate Lego, to leave sets MISB. I love to build too much, and having perfectly good pieces in a MISB seems like a waste for someone with my collection: I simply need the pieces and enjoy opening the set far too much to leave it. If I had enough, I would probably reconsider. I agree. Lego was meant to be enjoyed. If one enjoys keeping the sets in pristine condition, than that is totally fine with me. If one wants to rip the box open and build, than go ahead.
  16. Sting

    The Entrance To The Caves

    I cannot believe how incredible of an MOC that is. Norro, you do all of Eurobricks, Classic-Castle, and any MOCer proud with such an amazing MOC. The scenery is beautiful, so detailed that when I saw it I didn't even think it could be lego. I cannot wait for me.
  17. Sting


    I like the look of it. I like seeing ships in varying shapes and sizes, which is why I love seeing ships made from the Harry Potter or 4+ Pirate Hulls. I like what you did with the sail on the back. I am not sure what that type of sail is called but I have seen it on ships before. I really think you should consider dusting off your fleet because If it looks this good dusty, than I can't imagine how good it would look cleaned off. Also, the figurepiece on the front (whatever they are called on ships - the figure on the front) has yellow hands and a yellow head...does this mean he is half of a living minifig!! (as yellow on figures in lego usually denotes Flesh LOL) (if your ship had more yellow on it I would assume the statue is just the color of the ship LOL, but there is no yellow on this ship)
  18. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    It appears most people on this board share roughly the same opinion as I.
  19. That is a wicked ship. We definately need something like that. Lets get an Imperial Armada one!
  20. Sting

    The Red Drake (from Lugnet)

    Apparently I cannot do directlinks to Lugnet. Must clog up there server. Total. Bummer.
  21. Sting

    Would you open a MISB SYSTEM Pirate set?

    Check your quotes Phes! LoL. I stand by everything I said, so I am still happy with my points. I think you missed Norro's point! X-D
  22. Sting

    Sting's Zero - A Prototype Gun Frigate

    If I were to redo the MOC, I would do the cannons in grey. Most people on here used Black(I think), but that is probably because there ships are not predominantly black. All this discussion makes me quite excited to start a new ship. I just finished one that I will be posting shortly (with Sails!) and after that I will start on a larger vessel... maybe. LOL. It is quite daunting taking on the wider Pirate Hulls.
  23. 13c On a lonely Tuesday afternoon I sat in my empty house with nothing to do. So I dug up all my lego from downstairs and built in almost one whole day what was to be my first true Pirate MOC, and my first real ship. I had made some Town ships in the past, and even a few small pirate ones, but they were never finished (never had enough pieces) so this was my first time ever trying to build a Pirate MOC for real. Now, because of the rushed nature of it, there are alot of things I forgot about (mainly little pieces to hold the bottoms of the rigging down, a 2nd Mast, rope(more lazyness than being rushed, ect). I realized part way through alot of this so kind of just used it as a project to learn more about Ship MOCing. I learned alot and I know now my next MOC will be better... maybe it will even have 2 masts X-D. But there is still lots to learn. I hope you guys will not judge to harshly as it is my first Ship MOC. I will let the pics do the talking... Just an overview of the ship with the Pirates (or Soldiers...?) aboard it. Another view A top view. The ship is made with the thinner hull pieces available in 6271 Imperial Flagship. This ship is supposed to be a fast and agile ship capable of taking on much larger ships (as in my incredibly rough storyline, a ship about thise size (maybe bigger when I get working on the final design) has to take on a massive Ship-of-the-Line). But I am not sure if I will go onto detailed backstory as I rarely have time to write for it and it requires lots and lots of building and picture taking which I simply do not have time to do usually. In this picture we can see the rushed nature of the ship, as alot of the pieces aren't pushed down and fully locked into place. A view of the bridge. Another view of the bridge. The Captain stands on the special raised platform. The wheel is a 2x2 round brown "BarrelTop" as the regular wheel would not fit with the narrow bridge I made for it, and if it did, it would have taken too much space. Another view of the bridge. The front of the ship. I like the use of the 'gated' black piece as the platform here, as I am a big fan of any lego pieces that are 'latticed'. It looks really cool with a little storage area underneath it like I added. If you look here you can notice the rotating mini-cannons. I will add more on the next model I make, as the ship is supposed to go behind or in front of large ships and bombard them where they cannot use there higher gun count to blast this smaller ship the pieces. (This is all in my guess of how Sea combat takes place in my 'world') A more top down angle through the latticed 'gate' piece. You can see a bit of the storge I had put under there. There is a barrel and some "jars". The gun deck. Custom made cannons influenced heavily by someone at this forum (I forget who had this design, but I like it very much so I used it). I would use more but I was too lazy to go dig to find some more cannon wheels. Another view of the gundeck. This is just inside the Cabin. I would have liked to add some details and accesories, but in the end I found myself with a flawed design and just decided to work on basic structure of the ship (I have more expiernece with making furniture and decorations). All that is in there is a barrel and a bed. Exciting, eh? Thanks for checking out. I look forward to constructive criticism and tips on how to do things better, as I definately want my next ship to be something I am proud of, and spend more time on. I did not bother with making or using sails, as none suit my Navy (I will try to provide a solid backstory for this soon, as it is fundamental to the black uniforms) and I cannot make any with my lack of time. String was another thing I abandoned when I realized I want the structure to be better. I will need to aquire some Black Flags or something that suits this army. A few things to keep in mind... I do not build for realism in ships. My general story line is more of a Fantasy Pirates thing. Kind of like an Anime or something. So I know there is little realism in my weapons choice, but I wouldn't mind tips on how to make the ships look a little more real in proportion and angles... as even in my 'world' the ships have to look mostly like they do now. I mostly build to replicate Lego style ships, since I do not have the piece count, patience, or desire to build the HUGE ships alot of people on here do. The biggest ship I would want to build would be only slightly bigger than the Skulls Eye Schooner. I just simply like the design and I know it is within my abilities to build a ship like that. The Super Ships we see on this board and on other MOC sites is simply beyond me!!! I look forward to it. Here is the link to the BRICKSHELF GALLERY with the pics in it. Not many more than I showed, just a few bigger ones.
  24. Sting

    Christmas Price hump of Pirates?

    I wonder why! X-D Are we really sure there is a big enough market for Pirate Lego? You would think that with Pirates of the Caribbean II being one of the highest grossing movies in History that Lego would have obviously caught onto this (maybe they have decided to have a Pirate line come out by the time the 3rd one hits theatres... but I doubt it). Every competitor has Pirate lines. Megablocks had its own "Pyrates" line (think SYSTEM), and now the POTC Line (Think LISCENCE). We would kill to get a new SYSTEM Pirates line and than a Pirate of the Caribbean line. I would just think that if there was a guaranteed market for Lego beyond AFOLs (I don't think we have as much buying power as we think (I am not sure about this. It seems that there are quite alot of AFOLs willing to spend alot...) Lego would have for sure tried tapping it. Does anyone know how well Megablocks is doing? I imagine it is X-mas. AFOLs going a little nuts perhaps, buying as much as they can. We will have to wait till after the Holidays to find out for sure.