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    Third pirate captain

    Did he have that big important looking white Plume in every set?
  2. Sting

    Ideas for future Pirate LEGO Sets

    Great Topic Metallifreak Merchant Ship Size: Same size as the Crossbone Clipper/Renegade Runner Minifigs: Three (The captain/merchant, and 2 swabbies) Details: It would have a neutral looking sail, like the one from the little trading boat in the Imperail Trading Post. It would have a bunch of barrels and crates, and under the bridge in that little area there would be an area for alot of the barrels and other cargo. It wouldn't have any weapons except maybe a musket, sabre, or pistole lying around.
  3. Sting

    Making Custom sails...

    I wish I knew what Material Lego made theres out of... okay... I wish I knew how to make it the exact same as lego makes it... I mean obviously without the color but I wouldn't mind just having white sails. But yes, that is a pretty good MOC...
  4. Sting

    Butterfly effect

    I saw it. And despite the absolutely brutal reviews it got over here, I really liked it.
  5. Sting

    LotR tabletop figs

    Very Very Good! I like!
  6. Sting

    6296 Shipwrecked

    I don't think any of us knew lego would nosedive Norro... I know I didn't... :'(
  7. Sting

    The Pirate Theme ended...

    Too bad... its a shame... So many good ideas that the Pirate theme never visited... Even back in 1996 and 1997 I was waiting for a huge Skulls Eye Schooner-sized Spanish Galleon... just imagine it... it would have been beautiful... white and gold. And a good (at least 7!) crew of Spaniards to crew it... If you think about it... Pirate didn't even last 10 years(1989-1997 if i'm correct) ... whereas a theme like Castle is well over 20 years now. Why didn't Pirate get as experimental as Castle did(Castle went from its generic early days to European Knights, to Robin Hood-esque Forestmen, to the thievish Wolfpack, to the Magical DragonKnights, to the very "Elegant" Royal Knights, to the dark and gothic Fright Knights, to the Orient Ninja line, and then back to generic 'royal-ish" Knights and now to the gutter that is Knights Kingdom) Why Didn't Pirates get this chance? Sure, some of the Castle lines sucked, but there was a few good ones along the way (obviously everything to 1996 was good, but at least Ninja kicked megablocks), and even though Knights Kingdom is pretty weak, it certainly isn't as bad as ONLY having a 4+ Pirates and 2nd hand pirates...
  8. and Firefighters. haaha I voted for Pirate... although Castle and Town are close seconds... but I think because Pirates always get me back into it that I had to vote for em... I say Vikings are closer to castle because of the Time Period, but with the mythical beasts I guess its safe to call them their own theme.
  9. Sting

    The barque Dodelijk Klompschoen

    Perhaps? I can't think of much worse!
  10. Sting

    The Pirate Theme ended...

    I have been convinced that the Blue Soldiers are supposed to be British Navy... but I think the color contrast is too much and I have trouble putting Blue Soldiers and Red Soldiers side by side and saying they are the same force... but I must.. as... there is not enough imperial forces to go around and without many Armada soldiers(obviously Spanish!), they are expensive and hard to get! I, for one, would freekin' love to see more Spanish sets Phes... they looked very cool and added a whole new style to the theme... I would love to start a spanish navy but due to there few numbers I think Im only going to be able to afford a few! Its incredibly dissapointing Pirate ended... it would have been very interesting to see where it went after... even if we saw it plummit (although it cant get much worse than the 4+ Pirates)....
  11. Sting

    6296 Shipwrecked

    For how much?
  12. Sting

    Which Pirate ship is the best?

    Getting free Black Seas Barracuda's is something that would never get old...
  13. Sting

    Lego Archives

    Oh dear jesus... I would love to go to that room and be able to grab one of each set... :oD Im not one of those people that wants all the old lego to come back... I would love to see a totally new Pirates/Castle/Town Line with the same quality and piece-counts as the old ones... thats the most important thing...
  14. Sting

    Lego Archives

    I want to visit this place... So does this mean that if lego ever gets its senses back, they can easily start crankin out some old sets again?
  15. Sting


    I drove to three stores today looking for them because I was too lazy to call. Don't ask me how that works. None had them... in fact, they had all just recieved the new Harry Potter sets... but sorry this is off topic! I think its funny how so far there is more NON-Europeans than Europeans... it could be time zone issues though...
  16. Sting


    Toronto eh... I love that city... many great lego and other memories when I used to go there when I was younger... So you say they have Viking Lego in the Toys R' Us there... why do they not have them in Winnipeg and when I call they say "We are expecting them to be in November".?
  17. Sting


    representin' the big CA... (not California...)
  18. Sting

    Creating the perfect Admiral...

    The medics jacket works pretty well! And that Sam Sinister torso is great. I'm using it for some of my pirates.
  19. Sting

    Which Pirate ship is the best?

    Yes! You did! My friend owns a Red Beard Runner and despite the skull design on the back which makes it very unrealistic(I don't really care TOO much about realism with pirate lego anyway) and even harder to convert, it is still very cool. It also comes with alot of those cool Spanish pirates, which I like more than the older ones. And also, on Monday I got myself a used(but in pretty good shape) Black Seas Barracuda for free (almost). I chose to get myself a few Imperial Soldiers instead of the Pirates though, because I am converting to a Imperial Galleon anyway(not doing too much work... as most of my lego is away at the moment). I had to order a few pieces on Bricklink, totalling about $10.00(including shipping). So I got a Black Seas Barracuda for $10.00! Sweet! OHHhhh, and as for my favorite ship. I used to think the Skulls Eye Schooner, but I really do like the Black Seas Barracuda and I wished I had voted for it instead... Oh well... both kick megablocks. And the Renegade Runner was my FIRST Pirate Ship and it is VERY cool. You can add a small deck in it so you can have 2 rotating cannons! I have converted mine to an awesome "Demolitions Ship", which I loaded full of Barrels and Dynamite and hookhand, pegleg, and eyepatched Pirates. It isn't a suicide ship, rather a quick ship that gets close to Imperial ships and unloads some explosives. (Very unrealistic, but who cares!)
  20. Sting

    Old News

    Yeah... its at my local "We still don't have Vikings yet!" Toys R Us... I am slightly interested in buying it...
  21. Sting

    6296 Shipwrecked

    Not a bad set! There really was NOT enough of those Spanish Armada figures! I still don't own one... but one day... one day soon...
  22. Sting

    Holiday Village...

    (Sorry if this has been discussed before!!) If you go to Lugnet and look up set #6500, you will find a VERY cool set called 'Holiday Village". It reminds me alot of the 80's town sets in the way that it has a few road road plates and several little cool buildings. And a decent amount of figs! (Not to mention its very unique!) I would have loved to see this set in stores. But I want to know if anyone knows if it ever did get released, and it wasn't, why? I think this is a pretty good town set... its a shame it may not have ever been released.
  23. Sting

    A worrying trend

    Here in (Winnipeg) Canada I have seen some boxes that look like there was an attempt to get to the figures, but it is unsuccesful. BUT with the TIE FIghter I have seen quite a few Darth Vaders missing... So its not just there.
  24. Sting

    The barque Dodelijk Klompschoen

    I saw this yesterday and was incredibly impressed. The colors are kind of wierd, but I don't mind them that much. The rest of it makes up for it! It inspires me alot. That 4+ Hull doesn't seem too bad after seeing this. Well, yes it does, but at least SOMETHING good can be done with it.
  25. Sting

    Holiday Village...

    It was from 1996, and that was the last year lego did quality stuff, so I would trust it. The sets are spaced because it is a little holiday village, not everything is all tightly packed... i love the little pizzeria/restaurant thing!