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    Custom Cannons

    Good idea, but I think the Brown and Wood detail would make the cannon look like something out of Donkey Kong! (Not that thats wrong, but in a world of Pirates, it would look funny!) If there were black barrels it may work. Some of those cannons in the link Norro provided are very cool... I especially like the silver one that has the wagon.
  2. Sting

    The Pirate ideas in the LEGO Ideas Books

    :oo Norro... Where have you seen this!!! I must see this!!!
  3. Sting

    Batman 2006

    Not totally sure what to think of this line... If its like Spiderman, than besides a few cool pieces, I don't think it will be too good. Although Town/City and these superhero lines are different, I look at them in the same way, and if this line is like the Harry Potter/Spiderman lines, than it just means a few good pieces but generally little else. I am looking forward to the BATMOBILE though, hehehe... I wish the figures would be yellow... but oh well...
  4. Sting

    Someone remind why Imperial Guards aren't sold?

    Oh I long for the day that lego decides to release some Minifig packs... because I am converting my Black Seas Barracuda into an Imperial Galleon, I really need some Imperial Guards... I have a crapload of Imperial Soldiers but I want red guys on this ship... One day...
  5. Sting

    Which Pirate ship is the best?

    Go BSB!! Heheh
  6. Sting


    Languages! Awesome stuff! :oD I love the use of the crab on the shield! Looks good. Very decorative like alot of Gladiator weapons/armor was. What minifig head is on the Gladiator?!
  7. Sting

    Which Pirate ship is the best?

    Does leaving this rudder mechanism out make a major impact on the set at all? Becuase I would rather have the cabin space than the ability to move the rudder...
  8. Sting

    The Pirate ideas in the LEGO Ideas Books

    Wow! Great find... I totally didn't know about these being online. I, still unaware(actually, I was aware... I just didn't really believe it could last) of legos obvious slip after 1996, bought that 1997 idea book and was highly dissapointed. Seeing my friends copies of the 1990 and 1980's ones made me think this would inspire me. The 1997 one sucked. Besides that Town Semi-Truck(which was alright), the rest was very weak. The Islanders boat is ridiculous, and that little Imperial Armada fortress is very crappy and inefficiently built. It doesn't have grace that most other lego idea books have. That is the problem with most of that 1997 one. But the 1990 one! Wow! My friends copy was damaged and didn't have the Pirates stuff! That Imperial Fortress thing is awesome! Alot of people may think its stupid, but I like all the of lego designs more than massive realistic castles/forts. So I think that thing is awesome and I am inspired to go build my own now(isn't that what lego ideas books are supposed to do?? :-D ) I also like the Carribean Clipper and Black Seas Barracuda conversions, although not as much as their base models. And that CASTLE section! (of the 1990 one) WOW!!! I love it! (I remember seeing that) Does lego even make idea books anymore?
  9. Sting

    Third pirate captain

    El Rosalero thats what I say we call him... A mysterious name, for a mysterious pirate. Although throughout the Spanish Mane he was called different names... he changed his identity, but when he finally comes into his own(after losing a leg and finding a Bicorne with a Jolly Roger(and a big nice white plume), he let his true identity out... El Rosalero... Battle Parrot of the Sea...
  10. Sting

    SET REVIEW 6291/6280 Armada Flagship

    Yeah. I don't think that hatch piece works well with the Pirate timeline.
  11. Sting


    I can't wait to see! Hopefully one day a "ANCIENT" Civ line will come out that will have Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans!
  12. Sting

    Which Pirate ship is the best?

    I totally agree! I like those Spanish pirates and the torsos much more than the older ones.
  13. Sting

    Best smaller ship in the Pirate theme

    Imperial Flagship. I like its design more than the Carribean Clipper(still love it though!) and it is bigger than the Renegade Runner. The other two are weak... but I still want them. :-D One day...
  14. Sting

    How similar Vikings to other themes?

    This makes me happy! I hope next time it involves less monsters and more Vikings... well, since I'm sure Lego wont change the line completely(by getting rid of monsters), at least lets have the same amount of Monster, and more vikings! Because thats what the European Market is identifying with more - The Vikings! NOW WHY WONT THEY COME OUT IN WINNIPEG :'(
  15. Sting

    New Plane ??

    I would indeed be able to do that, but I am actually just getting some pictures developed from both of my memory cards, so I currently cannot. But I will when I can... shouldn't be too long.
  16. Sting

    SET REVIEW 6291/6280 Armada Flagship

    Does anyone have a picture of this futuristic hatch? So I can see. (This review is only from pictures I have seen, and reading the instructions (thank god for Lugnet) I like this set from the distance, and I like what this set could have been. A very royal looking ship, as Mr.Phes said, to transport royalty, or do other important business. I think there are too many colors on the ship, and I think at least one more minifigure should be added. The design is pretty weak as well, and without two cannons, this thing is barely a force to be reckoned with! The sails and the hull pieces are great. I am considering buying 2 of these one day and putting them together as a better royal Galleon. And I like that NET! I don't know, but I think the nets on the RBR and this ship are pretty nifty. Pros: The sails, the minifigures, the hull pieces, and yes, the color scheme(it is a BIT too colorful but it does add alot of variety). Cons: Design, one cannon, too few figures, and (in my opinion) unneeded collapsing mast. I Gave it a THREE! w0000t!!! I would(and will :D ) still buy it!
  17. Sting

    Lego Archives

    I wonder if lego has all the instructions and inventory to there sets somewhere so if they choose to release a random set, they can do it with ease... I also wonder if there 'brickmachines' have the molds to all the old pieces they may have discontinued... Does anyone know? I mean, I'm assuming they do but any other info would be nice... Also, I have heard of a room at Lego HQ where they have one of each System set ever created... any truth to this?
  18. Sting

    For the Castle fans...

    Dreaming is allowed... thats what the forum is for! I agree... I totally forgot about the merchant/civilian side of Castle! We definately need more shops! I really hope lego decides to END Knights Kingdom after this... I don't know what else they can send those multi-coloured knights to do! I mean, if the castles and other structures were good, it wouldn't be so bad, but they are mostly pretty weak! (Even that new Vladek fortress is lots of huge pieces and it looks pretty bad at some areas!) I really like your "Merry Old England" idea! It would be very interesting to see that! And the sets would be amazing too! A blacksmith, a baker... a... candlestick maker?! Hahah. Anything! Oh, and maybe a FREEKIN' FARM!!!!! (Or Mill at least!) I believe that would belong in a different thread. I was going to post my ideas for a Roman theme, but I wasn't sure which forum it would be in. This is for castle! For classical Civs, we could start a new topic.
  19. ... a long awaited subject in a flood of Pirate topics! I was wondering what the castle buffs here think on the subject of where Lego could go with new castle lines. Lets say they dump the KK stuff, and make a whole new line? Where do you think it will head? Where do you think it SHOULD head? We have seen Western European, Eastern European and Asian knights. I love the vikings(although I wish they were more Viking/less monster), but I don't dig the Knights Kingdom stuff too much! I would love to see some Middle-Eastern Knights! And since lego would NOT want to focus on the Muslim aspects(Lego seems to mostly always ignore religion in there sets...), they could simply call them "The Desert Knights" or something that would just make them look alot like the middle-eastern knights! (I was playing Age of Empires 2 not too long ago and the idea came to me!) Discuss! Or let this thread die...
  20. Sting

    Vikings 05: Viking Kittens

    That was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen... Its such a good song! Those kitties are MUCH more frightening than REAL Vikings! (Coming Summer 2006: Viking Kittens Lego!)
  21. Sting

    Happy Bday Lost Viking

    How does one recieved these set for there birthday?! The only way my parents/family/most-friends(the exceptions being my Lego-obsessed friend hahah) would be able to choose out lego sets like that is by asking me to tell them exactly which sets I want, and then referring them to a website like Bricklink or telling them to go on eBay! THose great sets must have cost whoever bought them for you alot of freekin' money. Enjoy it... (oh, and happy birthday!)
  22. Sting

    Third pirate captain

    Very cool! He seems to be a veteran and pretty important(or just stupid and lucky!). You could be on to something here!
  23. Sting

    Custom Spanish army

    What is the black torso you use for one of the high commander guys? The one in the picture with the female? I can't tell from the picture.
  24. Sting

    New Plane ??

    Hey! It came in yesterday! Its a pretty cool little plane... has a wierd wing/pontoon design that involves an elastic band... very strange. Besides the propellors that can rotate up and down(much like those VTOL Prop planes), its a very cool plane. Has a neat little storage area in the back, and an ultra-rare Navy Blue Pilot Minifig. No one cares, but meh.
  25. Sting

    Lego Archives

    ... and by enjoyable do you mean "painful and agonizing"? :'( Because seeing so many amazing sets... in MISB... and perfect condition... makes me... want to... die... (or go back in time!)(or become really rich.) Seeing a few of the castle minifig packs up close, open, showing the sealed bags with brand new fresh pieces in them... that nearly killed me... Do they let people just walk around and touch them?