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    Creating the perfect Admiral...

    The Vampire Torso is great. I was going to get that for one of my Captains(as the crew wears black) but I may try it as a Imperial Admiral too... gonna try it out...
  2. Sting

    Modern Pirate Attack!

    !!!Check This Link!!! News Story about a Modern Pirate attack off the coast of Somalia. Hahah, looks like the modern day pirates have a different appearance but are no less daring! Good to see no one was hurt though! Yarrr... maybe Lego will make a Modern Pirates Lego Theme(Hey... original would be better but at least there'd be some sense of Pirates lol)..
  3. Sting

    Castle/Fortress Builders Needed!

    Could you give me an example of this?
  4. Sting

    Castle/Fortress Builders Needed!

    What a great find! Thanks! And Yes Phes, it is actually a bluecoat Fortress.
  5. Sting

    Castle/Fortress Builders Needed!

    This is an idea I am considering and may work very well with the design. You know... maybe I'll take some pictures of it... although it may be slightly(okay...very) stupid looking because it has lots of miscolored pieces because I am missing pieces in White and Yellow... so I am using black/grey pieces for now to see what I WILL need... and then I make a big order off Bricklink :-D . Any other ideas?
  6. Sting

    Custom Spanish army

    Can anyone give me the part # for that head? It is perfect...
  7. Sting

    Modern Pirate Attack!

    Not even close. But its just an idea!
  8. Sting

    7075 Captain Redbeard's Pirate Ship

    Trash. I looked in the inventory and saw very very few decent pieces. only thing good is that hull and even than the colors make it hard to make something good. (That guy from Port Brique made that beautiful MOC... but thats about the only thing that could be done). No colors besides Black, Red, and Grey could be used because chances are it would look kind of silly(this isnt for sure... but just from my knowledge(which is pictures and boxes). Terrible thing. I Dont care if its for juniors. This is unacceptable. Booooooo! (Not the halloween sort either!)
  9. Sting

    Imperial Ship MOC: SMS Liberty

    This mans ships will forever make me jealous... Very, very good.
  10. Sting

    Licencing in Reverse

    I remember people freaking out about the change to Bley a year ago... and I didn't get it... I have tried to mix the two recently(by accident). I am an official hater of Bley. How terrible... and why did they even HAVE to change it!? Can someone bring me up to date with lego's reason for making a stupid unnessecary colour change??
  11. Sting

    Worst building TLC's techniques

    Technic? Not too bad. BIONACLE PIECES >:( Although they are usually for look/addons... so are stickers so this fits...
  12. Sting

    A missed license

    This MEGABLOCKSing sucks... I really freekin' hope Lego gets back into making Pirates... or even decent Castle... something for me to buy. The viking sets are alright but I hate the Monsters... I don't need monsters to take up half the pieces. Yes, they are cool... but... Frustration is taking a hold of me! >:(
  13. Sting

    Are you American or Canadian?

    Name: K Tennant Age: 18 Winnipeg, MB, Canada
  14. Sting

    Who is the most sinister rouge?

    I like Wolfpack Renegades most because first of all it comes with 2 Wolfpack Troops, and second of all, the main idea of the Wolfpacks were as a bunch of raiding bandits... the point of Raiding bandits having a large river/bridge fort is kind of wierd(they should have more of a tavern/hideout instead of an all out fort. Although I still like the tower, i think the Renegade Wagon, which has a cool design(with a little treasurehold/hiding place if I recall) is a little more Wolfpack... And the ghost one is just silly... how many soldiers in the Castle World encounter ghosts! According to lego almost everyone did!
  15. Sting

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    Seeing this friendly debate makes me wish even more that the Pirates theme was extended to a time piece, like castle, and thus had all sorts of sets featuring ideas from the 1600s-1800s. I said it already, Napoleonics, North and South American Colonies(not just Carribean), and just generally other ideas(as there could be MANY). Taking architechture and minifig design from different world powers would be amazing. Just look at the result when they started doing Spanish ones! Imagine if they had kept going! French(if the bluecoats were not intended to be French), English(they'd probably rerelease a revamped version at sometime) and than other non-historically accurate but historically influenced groups(they could for example have a group of Chinese-ish pirates(or just take it to a whole new area and do the Far Eastern Pirate idea as a whole theme.) Napoleonics would bring in almost all of Russia... (and we could maybe get some highlander musketeers :D) These are my 2 favorite themes, but I really really like Pirates and I really wish we could have seen lego present us with more ideas.
  16. Sting

    Favourite Imperial Faction!

    A quality debate is always worth having again ;) and if this is the 1st time, all the better :-D I have to go with the Blues, classic and the originals. They are always the good guys in my stories with the Reds as another evil force. God Bless, Nathan I've never seen it from this point of biew before... but now that you bring it up it makes sense. I can totally see how you could make that work. I still can't believe no one has voted for the Imperial Guards... those redcoats do look nice!
  17. Sting

    LEGO Pirates - fictional or realistic?

    This is a strange debate. On one hand, I wouldn't mind seeing some fantasy elements like Merpeople or something, and make them like another sub-theme... they'd have a few sets, maybe some islands that are very mystical looking... I don't really like the idea of having "Underwater" sets because the Pirates could not partake... they would only partake from the sea above(this is because most humans can't hold there breath too long to make it even plausible!)... But I really hate the Viking Sets how most of the piece count is for Bionacle-ish Monsters... I want the monsters to be either made of all/mostly lego... or not have them at all. You know, I'd actually rather just have the pirate theme deal with humans, but there can be fictional factions... like 2 groups of Pirates that look different and are enemies... and there is tonnes of ideas that could come from this without including fictional elements. I'm just not sure... I'll save my vote for later... right now I am leaning towards more realistic(but not ultra-realistic...)
  18. Sting

    6493 - the most pirate of non-pirate sets

    Two of everything eh! I guess most of it must cost alot going to Tasmania... most Lego I see comes from Europe or USA... I have seen a bit from Australia but it is not too much! I asked a person in Switzerland how much it would cost to ship me an Eldorado Fortress... $30.25 AMERICAN!! Already on top of the large amount i'm paying for the set itself! It must be even more to Tasmania... And yes, 6493 is the only set to have those hulls.
  19. Sting

    What an interesting base plate!

    Yes, but on Bricklink I can be a customer and heckle people about the quality of sets. Ever since I got a yellowed all to hell Cannon Cove from eBay I have been wary of it... I always ask many questions before I place a bid... if I get even a HINT that the set is in miserable shape, I don't even think twice about it... I hope you never had to recieve lego in such bad condition - look out for blurry pictures - thats what got me! I like that baseplate, but I'd rather use the large one from the Mayan Ruins Adventurers sets... I love how it is bigger and has the river flowing through it... not to mention easier to build on... maybe I will look into getting one... (P.S. I actually built a decent MOC on the Baseplate in question, except with the pattern from the ISLANDERS FORBIDDEN ISLAND set... the much more jungle-ish one... it was pretty good... maybe I can find pictures!)
  20. Sting

    6493 - the most pirate of non-pirate sets

    When I said "This Set" i meant the Crazy Time Cruisers ship... as I like those dark hulls! But I would really like a freekin' Imperial Trade Post... and I really like that little merchant ship... how come we haven't seen many(any?) MOC's of boats like that? Wow I'm going off topic alot lately. I cannot afford a slave yet. The money I used to buy a slave I'd rather buy more lego!
  21. Sting

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    I have went to the ClassicCastle Message board briefly... WOW, some of their MOC's, paticularily those Knight figs look really, really good! Castle almost definately has more options as far as minifigs go... I'm trying to change that with my slowly growing MOC's... but it requires ordering torso's to see if they will work well with what I am doing... the Black Sam Sinister one from Orient Expedition is excellent so far... I have many others to try out...
  22. Sting

    Custom LEGO Mermaids

    Awesome Mermaid/men! All of them are done pretty good... although the Naga I think are based on Warcraft... which are almost Mermaids... but more like humanoid serpants...
  23. Sting

    6493 - the most pirate of non-pirate sets

    There are a few other Piratey sets... I could of had that set AND an Imperial Trading Post(in near-mint) for around $100.00... but I was in a dark age... and in fact, rebuilding those 2 sets brought me back... Damn I wish I had that Trading Post... and this set... for its neat Hull and decent parts... when I am not lazy I will find other sets that are pirate-ey (or someone will do it before me!)
  24. Sting

    The Royal Visit - Lady Bird Book

    Well couldn't we just do a general Product Inquiry? Say we picked up some lego from a friend and we are wondering whats the point of having Blue and Red guys... just ask which nations they are supposed to represent... There must be someone working there who was with Lego in the 1980's/1990's
  25. Sting

    I thought...

    Hello, I am Sting, my real name is Krys. I live in a cold city in the middle of North America called Winnipeg. I guess we are a pretty big city(around 700,000) but since this is EUROforums I wouldn't expect everyone to know this place. I'd rather live somewhere else, anyway ahhaha. I love music, and travelling, and lego. I really really dig lego... mostly Castle, Pirates, Wild West, Adventurers, and Town. I'm digging those viking sets too... but I need them to be released in Canada first. Anyway, here is my official greeting! Greetings Eurobricks!