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  1. How about some credit! I said the above quote in the "Best Adventurers Boat" Thread, so I hope you had this idea Brickster, BEFORE that or I will be angered my idea was not given proper credit!!! X-D King Kong would be amazing. We will base this on the 2005 movie, as Lego would love to jump on that franchise. As pointed out, there could be a Large Cargo Ship/Expedition Crew (The 2nd largest set) with a King Kong to restrain... An Empire State Building w/ Fighter Plane and King Kong (This would be the biggest set and would probably only be able to have the TIP of the Empire State building). There could be a King Kong vs. T-Rex Set, with a few of the explorer onlookers... and then there would be the small Native Village with a place for the sacrifice, and than a smaller set or two... it wouldn't include too many vehicles unless they wanted alot of the focus in New York (1930s style buildings would be incredible), or if they gave us a neat jeep with the Large Cargo Ship. Unfortunately, your other 3 ideas are all too similar to the Egyptian Theme. I know we could see the difference, but many kids would not. They would just see more desert sets. For some kids, this is still very cool, but for others, it would just look too similar to the Egyptian Desert. Here are my ideas... with pros and cons. 1. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers in the ANTARCTIC! Glaciers, snow fields and the secrets of a long lost civilization. PROS: Adventurers snowsuits/torsos, Bombadeers, Arctic Ship, Cool ideas for a lost civilization in the snow. Plus, The Antarctic was truely one of the last places explored extensively. CONS: Could be considered too similar to the Orient Expedition Himilayan Mountain theme. Although that was more snow and mountains, and this will be more ice and glaciers. It still could be too close. 2. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers in the LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS The secret passage has been discovered! The Adventurers are going to learn, but there are always profits to be made. Watch out for the Baron! Atlantic could either be based on older legends or newer ideas like the Disney Atlantis movie. It could either be totally under water, or preferably in a large cave/airpocket that Atlantis lies in, so most of the action could take place without huge 30's style scuba suits. PROS: Cool 1930's submarines. (One of the larger sets could be a huge submarine), Roman/Greek Architecture for the City of Atlantis (The largest set which would include some smaller buildings and a larger temple and many Atlantians), other smaller sets. CONS: I can't think of many. May stretch the idea of Adventurers into pure fantasy. Little room for airplanes or ground vehicles - although submarines and Atlantian Vehicles (if there were some) would easily make up for it. Maybe be considered too similar to the Aquazone theme. 3. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers in the JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH Caves, mines, and excavators. It may be underground ruins or a strange world like in the book with a lost civilization. PROS: Adventurers digging gear, cool 1930's style digging machines, mine shafts. Possible cool "lost civilization" or "lost world" CONS: May Stretch theme into too much fantasy. May be considered too similar to the Rockraiders. 4. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers in OLDE EUROPE Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers head to Europe to look through mysterious castles and towers and find important artifacts. PROS: Castles! Suits of Armor! Dragons... all sorts of European legends and myths and places could be explored. Plus this is on land so some cool vehicles could be added. CONS: I do not know enough about European myths, but it may be too similar to Castle and may have alot of the exact same things as the last ADventurers sets. A large Castle(Every theme has a large temple of some sort, minus Dino Island) 5. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers in the JOURNEY THROUGH TIME The world is changing drastically and only the ADventurers figure out why before its too late - Sam Sinister(i hope thats his name...) has gone back in time to alter things so he will be Ruler of the World. The ADventurers must go back in time to make everything normal again so the future will not change. PROS : discussed in another thread, but their would be Caveman, Roman, Castle, Pirate, Wildwest and contemporary (the time Machine!) sets! And what happens if they go too far in time - what if Sam Sinister has went into the far future to steal powerful weapons and the ADventurers stop him - they may have to bring weapons back to the future... creating some new cool space/ high tech adventurers. CONS: May be hard for Lego to make pieces in all of these themes. May seem a little unfocussed. And a little(a lot) unrealstic. 6. Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers in SPACE Johnny Thunder and his team have been asked by NASA (or made up Space Program) to be the astronauts in one of the first missions to the Moon/Mars/Madeupplanet. They will have to go there and get some artifacts/rock samples. PROS: Retrostyle Rocketships, Spacesuits, Launch Pad. Would allow for some cool lunar vehicles. We could meet an Alien race, or just interesting remains from lost civilizations. CONS: The Adventurers takes places in the 30s and has used real life locations, meaning that stretching history by 20 years (in the case of space travel), 30 (in the case of the moon), and going on 80 (for Mars) is a little ridiculous. It could work if its a secret mission or if it is clear the Adventurers are not 100% based on History. Those are just my ideas... I thought there was a website that was dedicated to the Adventurers where I got some of the ideas from... but I am not sure. I unfortunately agree with this entire statement. I jsut dont think it will come back and we are VERY lucky to have it is aslong as we did. One day maybe some legends will be released, or when lego pulls their heads out of their jun1orized legoblocks... but for now we will have to wait and WRITE RIDICULOUS LONG POSTS ABOUT OUR OWN IDEAS!!!
  2. Thanks... do we know when the Vikings, Avatar, and new Knights Kingdom sets are coming out yet?
  3. Sting

    Emperor's Ship Pic Review

    Wow, I really didn't think the set was that good. I'm not going to lie, I'm going to have to go see how much the set costs on Bricklink/eBay now... I never knew about the cargo hold. That alone is something reminiscent of older higher-quality lego sets (not that the Adventurer theme was ever juni0rized as bad as most themes). I didn't realize how cool the back area was either. Those lanterns are great! My only beef is it seems the sail gets in the way of the main deck... but it looks like it can rotate pretty good out of the way for placement and unloading of the secret compartment. And THREE minifigures including TWO "Generic Soldiers" in a 20 dollar set - thats awesome. I agree with Phes that the Pirates definately needed some ships like this. Small merchant ships or even small pirate ships like this would be a welcome change. A small demolitions ships with some crazy one eyed, one legged, and one-handed pirates would be pretty neat. But I won't go off topic. THis is a much better set than I thought.
  4. Sting


    Its a shame Lego doesn't take advantage of this! Skull Island is a very good set(not as good as some of the earlier bases, but still very cool) and I would love to get my hands on some REAL lego copies of it. Good for the heads up Ickelpete. You don't know how many times I've seen the picture and clicked on this and realized it was the cheap brick crap. I hate how e-bay allows people to enter "LEGO-like" as descriptions but I guess thats one of the flaws about the ebay system. Its a good thing I can detect an inferior product from miles away now...
  5. Thanks Sir Dillon. I agree whole heartedly with the Lattice Windows. I definately got to use less, or place them better. Colours were also an issue (I think if I kept them all one color on this particular building it would blend in better and just look like nice lattice). The black is ugly, I only used it so I could build. I ordered white castle walls but by the time I saved up and ordered some, the creation fell off of its Bass Amp home and onto the floor. I only used the black as substitution pieces because I couldn't wait to start building up. Thats the same with alot of the grey pieces (minus the floors/roofs) which are supposed to be grey).
  6. Sting

    Favorite Adventure Boat

    The T-Rex Transport Ship would be amazing if it had more detail and was like the big Nautical Town Sea Port sets... except retrofitted to the 1930s style and with a huge dinosaur. This idea made me think a KING KONG Lego Theme would be INCREDIBLY cool - think about it, we would have dinosaurs, 1930's vehicles, perhaps the bi-planes and if lego found a way to pull it off - an Empire State Building to minifig scale (lol, impossible, but even if they did just the top portion of it - now that would be cool!). I disagree about the Dino Island sets. Some were crap (the glider, the big base), but I thought the 5935 Island Hopper(I have 2!), 5920 Island Racer(great 30's style racecar), 5934 Trackmaster (cool looking tank-kind of thing, at least from pictures... i don't own it :(), and 5975 T-Rex Transport(the boat at least) were all pretty cool sets! You also mentioned you liked Mike's Swamp boat. It had alot of potential and could have been better, but it still isn't bad! The Dino Research Compound and the All-Terrain Trapper sets were garbage, but 2 bad sets out of 15 sets(2 for 7 if you don't count promotional sets) is actually a good number! yes Brickster! You definately should. I would love to see these reviewed... as I long for both of them...
  7. Sting

    Favorite Adventure Boat

    Great subject by the way! You'll have to do a plane one in a few weeks! Holy hard choice! I am stuck between 3 of them... My initial choice would be 5976 The River Expedition. Its big and has a cool deck. But I love the idea of a huge Cargo Ship, something like in King Kong, like in 5975 T-Rex Transport... although it could have been made better in my opinion. Definately should have been more like 6542 Launch & Load Seaport's cargo ship... it needed a better bridge. But 7410 is VERY well done for the tiny size. I would have liked it to be a little bigger actually... a small little steam boat with a little more room for Johnny to Move around. My vote will go to the River Expedition. I also really like the mast on it. The Emperors ship is also very cool, but I am voting for my favourite ADVENTURER vote... and the Emperors ship definately feels more Castle/Pirate too me!.
  8. Thanks Brickster. I should have themed it more around Eldorado Fortess when I think about it... because that would be a cool concept. And It would make me be able to make it a bit smaller. The red brick sections are actually PRINTED pieces much like the "rock section" castle pieces. They were with a few pirate sets like 6277 Imperial Trading Post, 6265 Sabre Island and the aforementioned 6276 Eldorado Fortress. I think thats it. I will complete it soon... but I have started a new MOC... it is going to be an Imperial Fort in the NORTH... so something that we would find along the St.Lawrence River in Canada or along the Eastern Coast... somewhere where its cold... I dont think I've seen anyone do a Northern Imperial Fort... so I am working on this one. A Rank! In the Stockade! I am honoured. You guys know I'm a huge pirate fan. My favourite theme.
  9. Thanks tole_11. Unfortunately I will not be revisiting this. if I do it will be a little smaller. But talking about it makes me want to redo it and actually finish it this time!
  10. Thanks Phes! I am not 100% sure. I definately want to build something like this, with the same influences... but I do not think it will be alot like this. It will have the same idea, possibly the same 'types' of structures (2 large buildings and few smaller ones), but they may be rearranged and look very different. I definately would want to make the design better by using less pieces, as I notice using too many pieces sometimes looks sloppy and takes away alot.
  11. Are we 100% sure Lego is going to STICK with the new Grey and new Brown? This is coming from a guy who has only a small (probably a standard drawer-size) full of Old grey and maybe 2 handfulls of old Brown... I want to make sure before I start investing in New-Grey/New-Brown heavy sets if I am going to pretty safe in the future and not suffer a very annoying colour switch.... I know nothings for sure... but I know some people have good insight into this.
  12. Sting

    Possibly a dumb question?

    Good call. On the issue of that awesome part, yes I know it has yet to be used. I never thought of the fact that lego has been using their new "one wall piece" (the one with the black lattice window thing) alot... I would hope that that ugly piece doesnt replace the old one... but it may very well be true. I guess I am being a one track mind here and just thinking about Pirate and Castle... I never thought about all the other themes that are missing pieces in the old colours... Like you said. All their is to do is hope that Lego will see how good alot of their old parts are and just make them in the new colors. It would save them $ (less molds)... but it may also risk them saying "well we only need one large wall piece... lets just use the new one!" (which means the piece you had pictured will not be used again). This is why I hope for more lego legends released in Bley. They did it with the airport and it has all of the same pieces... which means reproducing some in the new color. I think Lego Legends in Bley is a good idea... because the only other thing lego will do is just not release anymore period. Its better to have them released in bley than not released at all. Even if you are someone who will never use Bley... you will get all the good NON-BLEY parts out of these sets (although with castle the colour grey was used quite frequently). All we can do is hope.
  13. Sting

    KK2v3 Accessories *Sings "Oh happy day"* Oh, and thanks to Tilius for the pic. ;-) About a golden helmet- yes, I would like to see one, but of what I know, there doesnt seem to be any. We are getting a dark green, dark red and red motorcycle/base helmet, it seems. Wow!!! That wall part looks incredlbe! Do we get everything included in that picture - which means a very long wall that almost looks pretty dang good... looks like it comes with lots of weapons and lots of quarter turret pieces! I must say I am pretty impressed by this!!! Thanks for the pic!
  14. Sting

    KK2v3 Accessories

    Battle of the Pass comes with some, I think one or two. Its obvious from the Toyfair pics. Link me to pictures?? Please.
  15. Sting

    Possibly a dumb question?

    blueandwhite brings up lots of good points. I always thought that the colour change just meant "well, its just a hording battle now for the old grey". i never thought that any new pieces that would look really good for castles will never be available in classicgrey. I have to disagree with the fact some pieces will never be made for new Bley. I think almost every piece will eventually be made for Bley, except for some minifigures, some weapons(i dont know if we'll see the return of old swords) and some very specialized pieces. We are already seeing the return of old helmets in new grey (the grilled helms are making a return), and in one of the new KK sets it has some of the classic 1/4 Turret wall pieces. And as for older pieces, if lego ever continues making Lego Legends, this means even more pieces will be brought into new grey. I have no problem with this being discussed. I like hearing the views of all of this. I would say it isn't whining it is merely discussing. Most of the points the classicgrey defenders are using are very true and they even say lego was probably better off doing the color change (something to do with the color palette they were using?).
  16. Sting

    Possibly a dumb question?

    Won't this only go up in cost as the people with ridiculously large collections of Oldgrey start freaking out and buying large amounts of oldgrey to keep their collection at a mighty size? But than again, people like me may consider selling their old grey once more pieces are released in Bley (particularily castle walls and weapons). I actually like Bley quite a bit... although it looks kinda bad with green... maybe I just have to get used to it...
  17. Sting

    Mint in Sealed Box MADNESS!

    Pretty good deal... pretty good sets... alas... I do not have enough money... and I already have other sets I need to buy!
  18. Sting

    KK2v3 Accessories

    Roman Army you say Mr Sting? To depict Legionnaire that looked like this? Yes, I know its not a perfect match but it could work okay!
  19. Sting


    Yeah this guy is an idiot. He has been posting nonsense on many posts... and that Barbie Avatar freaks me out just a little bit...
  20. Sting

    Possibly a dumb question?

    I am definately going to pick up one or two of these... and I love the big angel of death above Tom Riddle's grave! Any other suggestions? GYLMan - I think I may agree with you. But because I have so little OLDbrown it would be foolish of me to start stock piling it... I guess I'll just have to go for the new stuff - VIKING FORTRESS, HERE I COME!
  21. Sting

    Adventure Car MOC

    I think Adventruers were all about the vehicles. I'm trying to think and I didn't like ANY of the Adventurer's buildings really... I liked the Dragon Fortress (who didn't! :'-) ) and thats about it... however, alot of the vehicles were really cool. I think that although more nice vehicles would be cool (most of the Adventurers places needed more rugged looking vehicles since they were in rugged terrain), the Adventurers sets really needed better buildings! Egyptian should have had a huge Pyramid - same size as the Dragon Fortress... the Jungle should have had an Aztek Temple, Dino Island should have just not had buildings period (it should have had a large cargo ship (bigger than the one they already had) that Sinister Sam was using to trap all the dinosaurs and bring them to a park in the city - not exactly a building but I can imagine some of the cool little rooms it could have. And the Orient Expedition already had a good one, but each area could have used somethign - The Indian Palace definately could have been better) But this is leading off the subject - which is a pretty good Adventurers Car.
  22. Sting

    Favorite Egyptian Desert Set

    Now Brickster if they had made a 1920's/1930's Egyptian Town with those buildings (A hotel in particular seems incredibly cool) that would have DEFINATELY made the buildings better. I just think the Pharoahs Temple was kind of dumb for an Egyptian set... the Sphynx was pretty cool... but the rest seemed just TOO open to be tombs... I would love a 1930's Egyptian Townbuilding... that would be incredible!
  23. Sting


    My main problem is getting good quality. It took me about 50 pictures to get my avatar right... and even than it is slightly blurry. I have patience for quality Mister Phes. So I shall wait.
  24. Sting

    Possibly a dumb question?

    No. I know all new sets will have the new colors. I know this. i want to know if Lego is planning on changing any of these, or other colors. Like how sure are we that lego won't just switch the greys to another grey in 5 years... Like I said... are any other colors going to change and more importantly how permanent do we expect these color changes to last? I dont want to go out and get lots of Bley and than be told that an even newer grey is coming in! Do you guys think lego will change any other colors? - EDIT - oops. Didnt let you finish your post! 20-30 years is a fair timeline I guess LOL.
  25. Sting

    KK2v3 Accessories

    Does anyone else think the new Red Armour could be used to make some nice Roman Army MOC's... It could have potential.