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  1. they look as realistic as possible, and the 6 kg of crane is stability enough. its all about counterweight.
  2. My mobile crane weighs about 6 kg, and lift itself wit the outriggers, but it is absolutely impossible when they are extended. :)
  3. Currently i am just waiting for the release of ev3, then i am going to build one with one ev3 in the crane, and the other as remote control. the looks and fnctions will be about the same, but the control will be more realistic.
  4. yep servo for steering XL for drive 2 L for the mast.
  5. Now it's time to present my latest MOC: Heden 5440 forklift. Fully remote control, and lifts 0,75 kg. it does not lift that high, but a four part mast would be too big. also i did not make RC sideshift on the forks, since that would be too big too. more pics here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=527934
  6. matias bendtsen

    Volvo BM

    I made one too:
  7. matias bendtsen

    Effe's MOC Corner

    great car, maybe i should build it. Make it in military colors, and the danish army would buy it, they have millions of them
  8. Bilka also has price guaratee (?) on all their LEGO sets, so they are the cheapest in Denmark.
  9. This is just awesome
  10. please find an example then, because i have never seen one before.
  11. matias bendtsen

    Bendtsen's brick's

    maybe im just wierd (i have 10 of them) i think they are great, and use them where i can (almost everytime for driving and compressors) but in this case tipping of the bucket would also have to use the speed remote, and that is not good so i chose this solution (gearing is not possible, not enough room) in two months i there is an exhibition where i will use a speed remote, just to make sure it doesnt go off the table.
  12. matias bendtsen

    Bendtsen's brick's

    i know, but there is not enough room to gear it down a speed controller would fix it, ut then one of the boom fnctions need to use the speed remote too.
  13. matias bendtsen

    Bendtsen's brick's

    Scania g400 with crane and tipper: this time there is no remote control, so all the functions are controlled from here: crane by Efferman. i also had time to make a small loader: Volvo L70: with remote control. video of both: (never mind the dog ) more pictures of both here. I have also taken some pictures of the multijob, and a video will follow soon.
  14. i do have a few, thoug they are not that old: trucks with tree axles in the back are getting quite popular in Denmark over the past year, thoug not as longnose trucks. so they are all futuristic, and apparantly possible.