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  1. Awesome:-) rebuild my version , curved on top and added 2 lights:-) Thx, i go on search for the programs:-)
  2. Nice build, those renders, what program is used and can i also use it?
  3. It is indeed just to speed up the engine, and both pairs need to be replaced:-) Hey, nice work you did there:-) i tried to rebiuld the steering to the steering wheel, and it worked, but then came the moment that i ambraced the v8 instead of v6. Its just the same as the v6, but without the engine mount bracket things. Steering wheel adaptation to inner vehicle is not possible anymore now. But why ? You cant use the wheel, so in my honest opinion not a must:-) I see some of you ask me to provide instructions of my mods? If you want more pictures to build it please ask, and i will make photos. Not planning to make ' instructions' because i wouldnt know how:-(
  4. Did some work on the defender:-) first, replaced the v6 with a v8, without modifications to the frame. Then got rid of the annoying and wrong gearbox, with its enormous friction. Rebuild the rear shock mounts so the floor could be lowered. Rear seat also made higher and longer, to match scale. It now has a 2 speed gear box through the shifters on the center console.
  5. Hey all! I made 2 small mods today, lockable doors and a bar to keep the bonnet open:-)
  6. This is how it looks now, as you see there is surely an option for the steering wheel. This was the easy way🤣
  7. No, not much modification needed. The gearing towards the steering wheel is deleted, possible to modify it , but for now its temporally gone. For the rest it almost just slides in:-) I will make a rework for the inner steering wheel, maybe tomorrow.
  8. So i kept myself busy for another evening, and decided to lenghten the defender to a 110 wheelbase, thus keeping the 3 door design. A 110 3 door version is probably not gonna come out irl, but the lack of possibillities partswise is olive green let me keep it 3 door for now. As you may see i filled up with black for the same reason, the slope tiles will asap be ordered when available. My thoughts? Its more correct proportionwise.
  9. Thx buds! Tonight i will try other mods:-)
  10. Not gonna argue further, i work at jlr, they will be v6 petrol, 4l petrol or 4l diesel:-)
  11. Off course it will be available with v6, the petrol 300 and hybrid 400hp engines. Saw one irl, there is no place for a 6inline:-)
  12. Thx, it fits without major rebuilding, a v8 would require more rebuilding, like the disposal of the winch for example.