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  1. twoofive

    twoofive's mods and mocs

    lots of the big sets are indeed at least double, and that means that i try tto keep one partly original, but still modded, and others seriously modified;-) in case of the 42029 about only the front doors and hood are original;-) i build a new chassis and totally modded the rest ;-)
  2. Double wheels and widened cabin;-) Total mod into pickup;-)
  3. twoofive

    twoofive's mods and mocs

    thanks all! i have waited a whole time to show these, dont ask me why;-) some of the mods are based on things i find on the net, others, like the 42029 pickup are self made;-) whatever i do, i try to give it a personal touch ietherway,-)
  4. hello all, last week i decided to update my collection of technic by photographing them all and make a sort of 'inventarisation' of my collection now. What i mostly do is mod the technic sets until they are what i want them to be. I made about 220 pics of them, and i will not post them all here, but i will put a link to my flickr page, where they all have seperate maps;-) I would say watch and enjoy, and if any questions or extra pics are needed, let me know;-)
  5. twoofive

    my 42039 b mod

    Thanks, it will probably change again, but here is an other mod, ths time from 42029. It is not fully ready yet, the interior needs some more work but i tried to add a set of doors and shortened the bed. I tried to change the topic title, but i didnt found how to. This is the link for 42029,
  6. Hello, i want to show my slightly modded version of the fantastic set 42039 b . I changed the wheels, front bumper, roof I also added a seat and replaced them with seats of the crawler. The hood is totally changed using the four remaining fender pieces and i gave it a realistic angle. Then i added leds in the four light clusters. Here are the pics, enjoy and share opinions:-) https://www.dropbox....HCh9OnJQrg4I_ga
  7. hello, it is yet time for another small update here, a few mods and mocs have been made;-) at first, an 8052 with trailer, like the Han's one, but this one is not ready yet. then i had an idea, since i made multiple mods from a 8081, to make a 5door model, and it worked out pretty well;-) an 42029 was also modded to awd, that asked some modifications;-) and an 8258 crane became an tractor, maybe i will add an third axle to it;-) the 8285 got rebuild to an tractor, and he got an trailer suitable for most building machines, like the volvo dozer, the excavators, ... and at least i found an idea for the tracks form the excavator have more grip;-) because my daughter has this hobby of loom bands, i used them for the tracks, its a simple solution, and works fine;-) here is the link to my new flickr page, there are all the pics for today;-) greets!
  8. twoofive

    [HELP] Number of Axles

    i recently rebuilt my 8285 tractor form original single drive axle to dual rear axle , also lenghtened another 8285 to triple dual wheel axle in the rear. my crane is also rebuilt from 5 axle to 7 axle from what i noticed is that the more axles are powered/driven, the less crunching of gears and fiffs occours;-)
  9. twoofive

    42029 my version

    Those connectors should have been red indeed, but i made a sort of bull bar and costom grille as an update. I also gave the pickup a dual shock absorber per wheel because i found it to soft. It has now 8 yellow shocks;-)
  10. Until now i have bought the plane, the small dozer and the pickup. In a later stage i Will buy the volvo.
  11. twoofive

    42029 my version

    thanks! next on the list is the lenghtening of the cabin and reinforcing the frame, there is waay to much flex in the frame
  12. hello, since a bit of time i decided to rebuilt some lego's, but i do not wanted to scrap my other rides;-) so i bought a 42029, because i think it is a fantastic truck to begin with:-) started from a stock 42029, i changed the length of the bed, put in a proper v8, rebuild front and rear fenders, put big 8110 wheels on it, make it rc. other things like a exhaust in the rear, the top ones still standing, it is powered by 2 l motors and the servo motor. next is the lenghtening of the cabin;-) here are some pics enjoy and comment;-)
  13. twoofive

    42007 Overhauled

    that looks a lot better! although i dont have this set for now;-)