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  1. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC : The Cave Bear

    Wow!!Great building!!I like colours of bricks in MOC,I like this Minifigure and bear.And I like this bricks and all work. Thanks!
  2. Mark FraaKlin

    Mountain Road

    Ok,now I am starting share my LDD works and I starting a new LDD Historic project.This is my fist work-"Historic Mountain Mini-Road" Thanks for your viewing! Write your comments,please.
  3. Mark FraaKlin

    New Stop Motion: A Soldier's Battle

    I agree with you, animations and special effects looks very good in this "Battle".I know, you work with this video very hard but you make Excellent work!!!
  4. Mark FraaKlin

    The Flamboyant Baron Maude La Flaga

    It`s a great Minifigure!!It`s a real Amazing work!! It is a good idea with long legs and hands and colour of minifigure!!!Thanks!!!
  5. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC - Hogwarts Happy Church

    Ohhh it`s Amazing work.It`s a good idea to build hogwarts HAPPY church!! Can you make photo where Jinny was marry with Harry?Please!!And about details in this church:I like when MOC have many flowers,rare details,animals and famous Minifigures!! Thanks!!! P.S You have good scene!!!! Best Wishes, Mark
  6. Mark FraaKlin

    [MOC] A Tribute to the Legendary Master

    I real like white and grey details.You build nice scene with famous for me minifigures. Last scene is beatiful and fun too! P.S Congratulation for your first post.
  7. Mark FraaKlin

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Wow!!!Very good video,big Castle army.Thanks! I wait your next Video and Army...
  8. Mark FraaKlin

    MOD: BNSF GP-38

    I real like them!It was a good idea publish LDD pictures with your MOC.Thanks! Can you make a video where you use this Train in rail?Please!
  9. Mark FraaKlin

    Lady Guinevere

    I like all your creative works!And now I would ask you question:Where you take time to build this ships,houses and many beatiful things??You is great builder and each of your building is Amazing!!!!! :pir-oh3: Thank you very much!!!
  10. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC: Karaoke Bar

    You have a Great MOC!!!!I real like them.All details in this building are very Hard work.I wait your new LDD works! Thanks!
  11. Mark FraaKlin

    Ice planet base

    Cecilie When I was child a liked white colour and when I learn all about Lego production,I liked Ice planet,too!It was a cooool serie six-seven years ago. Your Ice planet base is a cool work too!Thank you very much!
  12. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC: Water Tower

    You is very good builder!I like this little house and water tower.So it`s awesome work Thanks!
  13. Mark FraaKlin

    Ye Old Forge

    Wow!!!!! I don`t can say you about your work... *oh2* I can say you four words:It`s really AMAZING work!!! Where you can take time to work with this Old Wood house???
  14. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC: Against the Odds!

    You can build nice things,you have some beatiful minifigures, details and photo`s but you must add to this works some minifigures and details to have a real Awesome work.But I would say you:You Have little nice MOC`s!Thanks!
  15. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC: Crown Knights

    I agree with you,I like rockwork,too!I like build this castles and I know that it`s a hard work!You build nice castle with beatiful Minifigures and i would say to you:It is Awesome Work!!!!Bravo!!!
  16. "Half Blood" Designer

  17. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC: Day at the Docks

    Thanks for your MOC!Photo`s are very good and the last photo is the best in this Little build.So you have little nice build! Thanks for your work.
  18. Mark FraaKlin

    New Mannum Industrial Estate

    Thanks for your new photos lightningtiger!It`s Beatiful industrial estate. Ohhh Last photo is very beatiful,too!!!!
  19. Mark FraaKlin

    [MOC] The Dark Knight (Moodland Scale)

    WOW!!!!!Great figure of Batman!!!You real can to build beatiful works! I real like them! P.S I will wait your SpiderMan figure!!
  20. Mark FraaKlin

    Red Mage

    I agree with you,I real like this minifigure too! This is one of the best minifigure!!!!
  21. Mark FraaKlin

    Grey castle in WeeGee

    Awesome work!Little castle with Great tower. I like them and I think that Tower and Gate are one of the best sights in this castle !
  22. Mark FraaKlin

    Hello guys!

    Greetings, Lego fans and forum members. I'm Mark from Ukraine, and I real like Lego and I just starting LDD building! I like many things but Lego-is my life!Now I am member of this great site and forum!And in next time I will publish my beatiful LDD buildings. Thanks for your reading!
  23. Mark FraaKlin

    Hello guys!

    Thanks for all people Who write me in this topic! I will try to do many Lego LDD things.Thanks!
  24. Mark FraaKlin

    MOC: Station Interior

    It`s a detail Railway station!Congratulations for you! But I thik that photo`s isn`t good but it`s Awesome building!Thanks,
  25. Mark FraaKlin

    Mini Black Pearl sails into America...

    Mini Black Pearl with DVD-Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides it`s a good idea! Thanks for you.