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  1. Tachyon

    The Second Crash - Day 1

    Then do you want me to continue the bandwagon on you ? It doesn't bother me in the slightest on whether you die or not. If your'e scum that's bonus. If your not, then I treat it as a day 1 mislynch. Even if I get lynched today, the town doesn't lose anyone important.
  2. Tachyon

    The Second Crash - Day 1

    Oh Geez...........It's really hard to pick Day 1 without being accused of bandwagoning. Without any conclusive evidence, there's no reason for me to cast a vote on the highest voted candidate, Anthony although this move could possibly lead me to easily be accused of doing something suspicious and will make me liable for a lynch in the coming days. As I seem to be forced to vote I'll Vote:Doctor Wynn (Tariq j) for the sake of voting. Oh Geez.......
  3. Oh Geez......This isn't good.........Perce Triggs right here....Oh Geez.........
  4. Tachyon

    The Second Crash - Sign Ups

    1.) Have you played in a Mafia game before? If not, do you get how it works? Played Mafia a long time back. Am terrible at it. 2.) Will you be pretty free to play for however long this plays out (excluding the week of the 22nd, of course)? Should be free bar any serious accidents or events/ 3.) Rate, from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, how upset will you be with me if I don't get these pictures and days out on a totally prompt schedule (these pictures take a long time to edit)? Anywhere between 1-5 depending on the moment. 4.) If, in case you get angry, take it out on Danny, yea? It'll depend on how I feel on the moment. 5.) If you were in a plane crash, what magical destination (like in Lost) would you prefer it crash on? Some steampunk version of Victorian London. 6.) Is Scotland, or is it not, the most peaceful and beautiful place in the entire world? Peaceful ? Maybe. Beautiful ? Definitely Not.
  5. Hindrance to People's Lives

  6. Mizuki tosses over her magnifying glass to Hoke
  7. "You think that trying to look at them closer with a magnifying glass might help ?"
  8. "This feels like a trap." Mizuki said cautiously as she drunk a Nostrum.
  9. "Strong stuff, ain't it ?" Mizuki remarks as she sees Erik snort the Vampire Dust. "Wonder if there'll be anymore Bonapartes like this."
  10. Mizuki Repeats
  11. Mizuki repeats
  12. "You have got to be kidding me........" Mizuki muttered as she saw no difference among the Bonapartes after the vampire was taken down. Mizuki Repeats.
  13. Mizuki repeats. "Uggh, if we get hit by the special bombs, its going to be troubling."
  14. "You think he's been meddling with the dark magic that the guy used on the pier ? "
  15. "What do you think.......mutiny ?"