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  1. PhoenixAustria

    The Rise of a New Lego City Layout - Wild City

    Hello Lego fans, our last update here on Eurobricks was back in April. Today, much of our Lego City looks totally different and many things have changed. Rita and I have placed thousands of new Lego parts and hundreds of minifigures into the layout. Just yesterday, we expanded the beach and sea area and posted a video on YouTube. Please feel free to comment your thoughts here or in the YT comments section. Our videos do have English subtitles, but most of them are AI-generated, so we sincerely apologize... ;) Have fun watching! Christof
  2. PhoenixAustria

    The Rise of a New Lego City Layout - Wild City

    Dear Lego fans, Thanks for all of your feedback! Rita and I have been expanding several districts of the city over the last couple of weeks. Primarily, she focused on the amusement park that now features paths to connect the different attractions. I spent a lot of time building a snow mountain that separates the winter village from the rest of the layout in a more sophisticated way than just a regular fence. Two train lines run through the mountain range and the mine is now also placed there. Unfortunately, we ran out of pieces, but more BL orders are on the way. Next: I will work on the train depot and Rita will expand the beach area. However, for both, we need more chipboard to extend the layout a bit. You can see the progress here in this video. We uploaded a couple of other videos on the city layout as well, just in case you are interested ;) Kind regards, Christof
  3. PhoenixAustria

    The Rise of a New Lego City Layout - Wild City

    Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Yes Huaojozu, dust is an issue, but I use these Swiffer dusters that turned out to be really convenient as they usually do not destroy anything :D We are still in the process of arranging everything and trying to find out where to put what, but some places see a bit of personality already! Over the last couple of days, we have made some updates to the layout - mainly to the city square. Please watch the new video if you are interested in the progress that has been made! Christof
  4. PhoenixAustria

    The Rise of a New Lego City Layout - Wild City

    Yes, the plan is to tile the entire square in grey and place trees, flower beds and a fountain in the center. I am waiting for the Bricklink orders to arrive ;)
  5. Hello dear Lego fans, After having signed up here in the Eurobricks forums in 2011, I posted a new thread in the "Hello my name is..." section about my plans to create my own Lego City layout. Now almost 9 years later, I can finally show you some of the progress that has been made just at the beginning of the new decade :) Good things come to those who wait. Renovations on the attic are finally complete (apart from the lighting) and we now have around 110 m² to unleash our imagination. The current plans of the Lego city layout add up to around 60m² in size and they are, as you can see in the video, far from finished. However, I thought you might be interested in some of the things that my girlfriend and me were designing in the last couple of days. The name of the city is still unknown, but the overall design has started to take shape with a downtown area, which includes all the modulars, and shops, a residential area, an amusement park, a winter village, a train yard and a harbor/beach area. I would also like to add an airport to the city and some of the classic monorail tracks have been placed already. We are also getting into MOC a little bit and we will add our own creations to the layout as soon as they look nice! The commentary of the video is in German, but I am trying to add English subtitles into the system. Please let us know what you think here in the forums or in the comments section of YouTube. I will keep you posted on future updates if you like :) Note: All of the parts used in this layout are original Lego parts, except for some of the baseplates. I thought that lime green in the Hogwarts castle area might look cool, but I will probably exchange it for regular grass green baseplates in the near future. Thank you so much for taking a look! :) Christof
  6. PhoenixAustria

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Hi again! After a couple of orders on BL and BnP, I am reaching the end of my brick-search-frenzy. However, I am still missing some of the more expensive parts: amongst others - windows. Can anyone of you give me advice on how to cut down the costs a little bit? So far, I have replaced: 4035 Window 1 x 2 x 3 Train ---WITH--- 60593 Window 1 x 2 x 3 Flat Front My other plans would be: 4033 Window 1 x 4 x 3 Train with All Studs Hollow ---INSTEAD OF--- 6556 Window 1 x 4 x 3 Train with Shutter Holes and Solid Studs on Ends 60598 Window 2 x 4 x 3 Frame - Hollow Studs ---INSTEAD OF--- 4132 Window 2 x 4 x 3 Frame Regards, Christof
  7. PhoenixAustria

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    OK, thanks for the info! I've done the same now with the 2 Wanted Lists and it works pretty well :)
  8. PhoenixAustria

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Hi Guys, I have dreamed of building the older modulars ever since and when I found this thread a few days ago, I could not resist any more :D One question concerning BrickLink: I have GG, MS & CC in MyWantedList and placed 1 order with 1800 pieces (246 lots) just today. However, what is the best way to proceed now? The MyWantedList still shows me all lots (also the ones I have ordered already), when I click on the ByShop button and I do not know how to figure out how to fix this...
  9. PhoenixAustria

    Latest updates on LEGO set sales

    The Austrian chain INTERSPAR is selling old Minifigure Series for just €1,00 per piece! They had Series 3 thru 5 in my store near Linz, 6-7 were priced regularly (€2,49)
  10. PhoenixAustria

    TC-14 Lego Promo

    I have also placed my orders on the 4th of May, but Lego S@H still says "In Progress" I ordered the Fire Brigade and the Grand Emporium with free shipping to Austria. Lego seems to have difficulties with those TC-14s... :-/ hope, I'll get my order soon
  11. PhoenixAustria

    May 4th Free Shipping

    Same problem here (Country: Austria) You cannot even put the quantity of those free gifts to zero... We're trapped How did you get this done, Graysmith?
  12. PhoenixAustria

    My city 2012 version

    Great job, Cunctator! This really IS another blow away city layout, wow, i'm impressed!! I love the way you built up the lively cityscape by using official LEGO sets and your own creations, which are by the way gorgeous! :) Keep up the good work!
  13. PhoenixAustria

    Hello from Austria

    Hi Lego-Friends, my name is Christof, I'm 21 and live in Linz, Austria. I have been collecting Lego sets for my entire life, especially the Lego (World) City theme. Right now, I'm designing a whole new layout for my Lego City on my grandparents' attic, where there's more space ;) I'll provide you with pictures as soon as it's starting to take shape. I haven't seen all of your City-theme based layouts, but I think mine might appeal to you as I own nearly ALL of the 9V trains together with so many railroad-pieces and approximately 30 railroad-crossings. Next purchases will be: 10027 Train Engine Shed 10128 Railroad Crossing even though very hard to find... Best, PhoenixAustria