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    POTC - Black Pearl!

    Yes, I need to buy some of the longer black arches...but buying two Pearls gives you lots of little ones. I am a noob as well, I should have put the extra hull pieces on bricklink instead of evilbay. One thing I struggled with was the lower front deck presentation on a Pearl this small. Late last night I modded it to this which is a decent enough homage to me: Untitled by robertseargeant, on Flickr
  2. Sarge

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    They are in a lot of sets. Imperial Flagship, 4504 Millennium Falcon, and Battle of Endor are some.
  3. Sarge

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    As you know I have posted my Pearl before...then I was not happy with it so tore it down to the piece and started over. The goal was to make something that was in scale with the IFS and QAR, but still be identifiable as the Pearl. Oh, and I wanted a full lower deck too. As always no directions, I change items far too much for that during the building. Untitled by robertseargeant, on Flickr Untitled by robertseargeant, on Flickr Untitled by robertseargeant, on Flickr Untitled by robertseargeant, on Flickr Untitled by robertseargeant, on Flickr
  4. Sarge

    Black Pearl vs Queen Anne's Revenge

    For those who said QAR without the bones I will cope my post from another board: I did not think this qualified as MOC so didn't stick it in that forum. I thought the bones all over the ship were not accurate and a distraction. I also straightened the bow line color patterns. Built more of a top deck, and changed a lot of other stuff too. I think it turned out to be the best offset for the Imperial Flagship I have.
  5. Sarge

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    She was still missing the iconic look to me so today I raised the entire cabin end up a brick and now I think it captures it. I guess in the end I could have done it out of spare parts but I needed the second 4184 for the additional hull section and the second small sail was vital for the real look too.
  6. Sarge

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    Afraid I have no list. Was a lot of train and error building.
  7. Sarge

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    I couldn't deal with the Pearl being smaller than the Queen Anne's Revenge so I bought two and went to work. She is now identical in length to the QAR to the stud. The two front mast positions are the same as QAR. I moved the the stairs forward two studs to run a fourth cannon under them. Widened the walkways and added pull out grating. Also had to have the windows in sets of three...that is too much of an identity point for me. It obviously is not as grand as the LDD versions but I am much happier.