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  1. Bricks-on-Rails

    BMW M3 (E30)

    Far too few comments. The model looks simply great. A super model for a dream car.
  2. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] Alfa Pendular CP4000

    That train is awesome. I really like the shape and especially the linings in lime, that fit inside perfectly. Will a real built be possible?
  3. Bricks-on-Rails

    The Red Barn Woodshop

    WOW, that´s really awesome. Brilliant work especially the tools, like the bandsaw or the planer, super recognition value.
  4. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] McDonnell-Douglas F-4J Phantom II

    Awesome, absolutely not my category (need rails for some fun) but this built cought my attention. Thank you for sharing. With kind regards Martin
  5. Bricks-on-Rails

    Valve gear on small lego wheels?

    Well an interressting prototype, I like those small locos. In our shop we offer exactly what you need. We have a variety of different S-wheels, blind and flanged, flywheels and also wheels with a pin attached, to fix rods. And btw. wwe also offer 3D-printed rods.öße+S&Collection=Wheel+size+S
  6. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] small Steam-Locomotive DR BR 24 - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you Ron. That´s very kind and an interesting goal. ;-) I haven´t posted any real-life pictures of the model. Here they are. With kind regards Martin
  7. Bricks-on-Rails

    [WIP] LEGO Train Layout: Old Bukit Timah Railway Station

    Hi Farouq, A very promising project. I love those tiny layouts, full of little details. A layout with a bridge slightly increased, over a small river, or a valley will add an interesting depth to the scenery. Maybe there will be enough space to add and hide a turnaround in the forrest. With kind regards Martin
  8. Bricks-on-Rails

    LEGO SSN 01 1075.

    Thank you very much Enrico, I am glad to hear that. It was a pleasure for me.
  9. Bricks-on-Rails

    LEGO SSN 01 1075.

    When I saw the first pictures on Flickr I knew the final creation would be good. But the sound and the lighting make it a superb model.
  10. Bricks-on-Rails

    Diesel Train Filling Station

    Hi, nice build, i like the compactness and the amount of details. It would fit inside alot of layouts.
  11. Bricks-on-Rails

    Steam-locomotive DR BR 38.2-3 XII H2 and custom 3D-printed rods

    Good evening, Thank you all for your feedback again. Now i can also provide some real-life pictures and a short video with a test ride. I hope you like it. By the way the custom rods are already available on our website, the wheels are currently prototypes but will be available soon. DR BR 38.2-3 on Youtube I wasn´t able to implement the video right here. So i hope that´s fine too Flickr-Folder with more pictures With kind regards Martin
  12. Bricks-on-Rails

    Steam-locomotive DR BR 38.2-3 XII H2 and custom 3D-printed rods

    Just as simple as good looking. Thank you very much, i will integrate that soon.
  13. Bricks-on-Rails

    Steam-locomotive DR BR 38.2-3 XII H2 and custom 3D-printed rods

    Thank you all, for your praise and the kind words. And a special thanks to ReplicaOfLife for this explanation i could nothing more add to. @ SteamSewnEmpire: To be honest I don´t like the smoke stack too. The example has this edge i tried to replicate but the cone is to much formed. Do you know a different solution?
  14. Good evening community, Today i want to present our latest realized model. The XII H2 was especially designed for the hilly terrain of saxony. It has been built in Chemnitz between 1910 and 1927. The model consists of approx 1121 parts and it´s about 58 studs long. The model is a customer-wish and it´s designed for a motorization with power-functions as well as powered-up and for sure with the old 9V train-motor. All the electronics like motor, battery-box and IR-reciever take place in the large coal-tender. All the wheels are from Big Ben Bricks. The main wheels are XL-drivers, the wheels on the front-bogie are medium and at the tender are small train wheels. To make this locomotive with the low hanging cylinders suitable for curves, i separated the cylinders horizontally. The upper part is fixed to the main frame and the lower part is connected to the bogie and could swivel left and right. Special attention was paid to the boiler with the golden rings and the golden accents like in the example. The technic to create the boiler rings was taken over from the DR BR 01 of Simon Jakobi (Dr.Snotson). The instruction of the DR BR 38.2-3 is no available on our website. As a speciality i also want to use this opportunity to present our latest news. Since November the 1st we offer different 3D-printed components in our shop too. We offer different rod-designs in various dimensions, as well as rod sets or special components like blind-wheels or customer solutions. This offer is probably most interresting for customers in europe because we´re located in Germany but we ship worldwide too. And here with custom 3D printed parts.
  15. Bricks-on-Rails

    Saxon steamship | Preservation of the Dresden steamship fleet

    Thank you Pdaitabird.