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  1. Dear all, I´ve got a major problem with my LDD and i don´t know what happened. Today i launched the software as usual. Right after startup, when the start-screen with the latest six models appears. Some of the previews aren´t shown correctly. There are only red bricks with red exclamation marks. When i try to open one of these files LDD tells me that a bunch of parts, in some case over 200 have been removed. And that´s how the models look like, a bit like a piece of cheese, with many holes and open surfaces. The next error i´ve got is the part-libary on the left, the four last categories do not have a specific picture, they´re all the same and marked with a red question-mark. It also seems to my that the parts in the other categories are mixed and not sorted like they should be. Downloading again and reinstallation did not bring any success. I also tried to get it running with an older backup version on my external hard-drive but that wasn´t working too. What makes me wonder is that the Assets.lif file is different in size. Could the problem be here? Could the part-libary be damaged? Is there any possibility to fix that? With kind regards Martin
  2. Bricks-on-Rails

    Question about PF Remote Control 64227

    Good evening together, Today i have a question to the community. For a new idea i have to collect some further information about the train remote-control 64227. I know there are around 14 steps to control the speed of a train. -7 => +7 (seven reverse and seven forward). But how many degrees will i turn the wheel from -7 to +7? I know it´s endless and in most cases it doesn´t matter, but in this special case i need to know as exact as possible. Does anybody know the degree per step too? With kind regards Martin
  3. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] DB Class V 36

    How cute, i like the design on such a small train-plate. This loco is on my list too, but it will probably be a bit bigger. With kind regards Martin
  4. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] "War-Locomotive" DR BR 52 - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you, far too kind. Thank you very much. It is always difficult to estimate the costs. Regardless of the origin, Bricklink gives me a price of about 230€. With kind regards Martin
  5. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] "War-Locomotive" DR BR 52 - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you, just like that.
  6. Good evening, everyone, Today I would like to present you our model of the German "war locomotive DR BR 52" of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". This is a tender locomotive, of which more than 7000 units have been built since 1942. It is often called a war locomotive, because it was designed and built especially for war conditions and the resulting shortage of raw materials. Even after the war, these locomotives were still in use for a long time, distributed throughout Europe. The retirement of the Deutsche Bahn took place in 1962. The model can be powered by two Power-Functions L-motors. Both engines and the infrared receiver are installed in the boiler. The battery box finds place in the tub tender. The locomotive consists of approx. 1218 components and is approx. 64 studs long. The model has some details, such as the undercarriage, the superstructure on the boiler or the striking tub tender. Various SNOT techniques were used during construction. Have fun watching and many greetings Comments and criticism welcome These and other pictures can be found in our Flickr folder and on our homepage.
  7. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] GWR "Hall-Class 4900" / Hogwarts Express - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you Randolph, see you soon.
  8. Thank you all for your kind replies.
  9. Interesting article. I have sold a large part of my LEGO collection and will probably have to upgrade here again. I also don't know if it will be this locomotive or another one. With kind regards Martin
  10. Good evening everyone, Today I would like to present another "international" model. This is the "NSB Type 49 - Dovregubben" of the Norwegian State Railway. It was built between 1935 and 1941 and was mainly used on the "Dovre-Railway", that´s the reason why the locomotive is also called "Dovregubben". The model consists of approx. 1020 individual parts, is 58 studs long and approx. 10 studs wide. It can be driven by two M-engines, one above the other in the boiler. The IR receiver is located in the cab and the battery box in the Vanderbilt tender. This model was developed from a former customer request and was a special challenge, since there are unfortunately only very few meaningful photographs or pictures in the Internet to find. Usually only black and white. Therefore we mainly used photos of a H0 model. Praise and criticism are very welcome. Kind regards Martin Further pictures in the flickr-folder or on our homepage
  11. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] GWR "Hall-Class 4900" / Hogwarts Express - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you Richard, I started with the standard LEGO steam drivers too, but had problems to find the correct scale and wasn´t happy about the dimensions. But luckily I found out that you can also use Big Ben Bricks wheels in I am curious about your 7-wide solution cause in my opinion it´s a very exciting width too. With kind regards Martin
  12. Good evening, everyone, Since I promised you in the last topic to design more international models besides german models, today I would like to present you the model of the "Hall-Class 4900" of the "Great Western Railway" from Great Britain. The "Hall class 4900" were tender locomotives, which were built between 1924 and 1943. A total of 259 units were built and the locomotives were used for passenger and freight traffic. The locomotive with the railway number 5972 "Olton Hall" achieved special fame. It is the locomotive shown in the Harry Potter movies, which was specially repainted for this in the well-known red coloring. The model consists of approx. 1090 parts, is approx. 66 studs long and about 10 studs wide. A Power-Functions L-motor can be installed in the boiler. The IR-receiver and the battery box find comfortably place in the large tender. Most of the decals or printed components correspond to the original LEGO parts. Furthermore, the model is equipped with numerous striking details, such as the piping, the chassis or the detailed cabin. This model is also a little bit of a premiere, because for the first time not only LEGO standard components are used, but also railway wheels in XL and M by Big Ben Bricks. I also tried the Bricklink Part-Designer for the first time. Currently the manual is available in two different versions. One as GWR "Hall-Class 4900" in dark green and one as "Hogwarts Express" in known red. I hope that you like this version in particular, because there are already some versions, even directly from LEGO. Praise and criticism are very welcome. Kind regards Martin Further pictures in the flickr-folder or on our homepage
  13. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] small Steam-Locomotive DR BR 24 - Bricks-on-Rails

    Hello Carsten, Thank you very much for your praise. With joy I looked at your models. They remind me of the past and I think it's amazing how easy we have it these days, as the range of parts today is many times greater than in 96. Hello zephyr1934, That wasn't my intention and i´m sorry. I uploaded these pictures via my Google created homepage and embedded them here, but it seems that the links changed. I edited the original post again and embedded the pictures again, hopefully it works now. Thank you we are happy about every visiter. With kind regards As I already wrote regarding zephyr1934, thanks to the many different components, we have it easier than ever to create detailed models, thank you for your praise.
  14. Good evening Community, Today i want to present a small German Steam-locomotive. The DR BR 24 was a passenger locomotive for main use on secondary lines. It was built in the late 20s to 1940. An interesting fact about this locomotive is that many components, such as the boiler, the engine or the cylinders, were identical in construction to those of the DR BR 64. A total of 95 units were built by manufacturers such as Borsig or Krupp. The LEGO model consists of approx. 775 individual parts, it is 48 studs long, 9 studs wide and 12 studs high. It is very easy to motorize with a Power Functions M-Motor, which can be placed under the boiler. The IR receiver is installed in the cabin and the battery box in the tender. There were a lot of different variants, like different smoke deflectors or different tenders. We have decided for the most widely leaded ones with large Wagner wind deflectors and the three-axle tender. The middle axis of the tender can be shifted sideways to allow cornering. Just like the DR E 94 we had exactly this variant on our H0 system at that time. And now have fun looking at the pictures. Criticism welcome. The example (Source: PDF-Instructions available on our Homepage: With kind regards Martin | Bricks-on-Rails
  15. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] Railcar SBB De 4/4 - News of Bricks-on-Rails

    It seems like i did something wrong with the pictures. Here they are again. I´m sorry and with kind regards Martin