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  1. Bricks-on-Rails

    Saxon steamship | Preservation of the Dresden steamship fleet

    Thank you Pdaitabird.
  2. Dear community, Today I would like to advertise a campaign and present a MOC to you, which basically does not belong to my core competence, but which I nevertheless enjoyed developing very much. But now lets start at the beginning... In the middle of June one of my customers from Dresden wrote me a kind e-mail. He informed me that the Saxon paddle steamer fleet, which is the oldest and largest paddle steamer fleet in the world, is currently in economic troubles. Not only because of Covid-19, but also because of the increased low water in the past years. Locals, fans and friends want to support the association "Weiße Flotte Dresden (white fleet dresden)" with various activities. The idea of my customer was to create a construction instruction for a steamship model and to sell it. A major part of the proceeds were to go to the campaign. I wanted to help. I wouldn't call myself a real fan of steam ships, but after some research I was fascinated by these old heavy machinery, like the steamers on the rails. The problem, clearly, I had never built such a model before, but once my interest was caught and after choosing a suitable original, I started working on it. It gave me great pleasure to see the model grow, also the acquisition of new building techniques from the sector ships was exciting. But soon it became clear that a scale model would be about 1.5m long. This is of course way too big to make a instruction for private customers. So I designed a model in reduced size. I paid special attention to the recognition value by the colouring and the proportions. Various details were reproduced in the exterior and on the decks, but also in the interior. For example the steam engine, which can be driven together with the two paddle wheels by a Power-Functions or Powered Up motor. The model is built in minifig size. The individual decks can be removed individually and the interior can be played on. The instructions are available directly on our homepage or in our Ebay-Shop for 14,99€ / $17.99. From each sold steamship instruction, we pass on 11€ / $13. We support the crowdfunding initiative "Preservation of the Dresden Steamship Fleet", which was founded by Michael Hillmann. Further information about the initiative can be found here. Many thanks and best wishes Martin | Inspired by the steamship "Dresden" The lifeboat is also present The roofs can be removed, the bridge offers space for the captain There are several seats at the rear, the lower deck is not equipped. The view of the "steam engine" In the front saloon there is, besides some seating, also a small galley The ship is divided into individual modules The dimensions of the finished model
  3. Bricks-on-Rails

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    The window-panels for the front and the rear are available in blue, so it could be possible, if you switch red to the bottom and blue to the top.{"color":7,"iconly":0}
  4. Bricks-on-Rails

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Hey, ofcourse, here they come.
  5. Bricks-on-Rails

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Hey everyone, A few seconds ago i received a few exclusive pictures, including pictures from the interior, the motorization concept and more. :-) I´m just kidding, after the high-quality pictures were released yesterday, they cought my interest, so i did some reverse engineering. I started with the envelope and went deeper and deeper into the model. At the end i created some assemblies. Obviously i couldn't recreate everything but i think it went out quite well. I was very surprised of how simple some solutions could be. For the things i couldn´t see or recognize on the pictures i found possible solutions. I also created the interior, which could be removed, and also the motorization. The L-motor of the powered up system isn´t included in right now, so i took the PF-motor. Hopefully, that´s a personal goal, i´ve got a match of atleast 70%, what do you think? I will double check this, as soon as the instructions are available at LEGO. I did a colour change into dark-green, this version looks nice too. I also compared this model to mine and there are some details which i like more, like the panthos or the shape of the front window section. To answer your questions a lighting solution in the front isn´t possible without bigger modification, but on some pictures it looks like LEGO installed a cab-lighting. I´m quite sure that the motorization will be installed in the cab, the two noses are not big enough to place a motor and gearing. And the space in the cabin fits perfectly. If you want some detail-pictures of special sections just let me know. And for those who could not longer wait, i can also provide the model as a file, just send me a PM. Remember the model i´ve created is based as much as possible on the pictures, published by LEGO, i do not claim any rights for that. Only for the cars and the SBB Ce 6/8 in the last two pictures. Hope you enjoy. With kind regards Martin
  6. Bricks-on-Rails

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Because only one motor is required, I expect a motorization solution in the cab in the middle. The two noses will probably be identical. The two axles beneath the cabin will be driven are fixed in their direction and cannot steer. The design is like a three wagon solution, which are connected with liftarms or anything else.
  7. Bricks-on-Rails

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Thank you Bartybum, that sounds great. Just to quote Gloria Gaynor "At first I was afraid, I was petrified" ...but in the end "I will survive" unless lego publishes an E94 next year. This one sells similarly well (It was presented here in March by LEGO Train 12 Volts). Some nice passenger cars should be possible but however, unless I am misinformed here, the "crocodile" was mainly used in front of heavy goods trains.
  8. Bricks-on-Rails

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Hello Community, As soon as this model is available, we will probably sell significantly less of one of our most popular instructions. LEGO has a decisive advantage over us, cause they not only create the models and the instructions, but also the bricks. But respect to LEGO, as long as the crocodile really looks like on the actual pictures. I hope that LEGO will publish more pictures soon. With kind regards Martin
  9. Bricks-on-Rails

    BR 194

    Hey LEGO Train 12 Volts, Thank you for publishing the BR 194. I´m so indescribable happy that you really made it in dark-green. I´ve never seen it in reality, in this version. Most of our customers ask for the grey or blue version after they´ve checked the required parts for the dark green one and have stumbled over part 2877. I´ve got a special request. Do you allow me to use your video and some of your pictures on my homepage as a reference? I will ofcourse add a notice that informs everybody that you´re the owner of the pictures. With kind regards Martin
  10. Dear all, I´ve got a major problem with my LDD and i don´t know what happened. Today i launched the software as usual. Right after startup, when the start-screen with the latest six models appears. Some of the previews aren´t shown correctly. There are only red bricks with red exclamation marks. When i try to open one of these files LDD tells me that a bunch of parts, in some case over 200 have been removed. And that´s how the models look like, a bit like a piece of cheese, with many holes and open surfaces. The next error i´ve got is the part-libary on the left, the four last categories do not have a specific picture, they´re all the same and marked with a red question-mark. It also seems to my that the parts in the other categories are mixed and not sorted like they should be. Downloading again and reinstallation did not bring any success. I also tried to get it running with an older backup version on my external hard-drive but that wasn´t working too. What makes me wonder is that the Assets.lif file is different in size. Could the problem be here? Could the part-libary be damaged? Is there any possibility to fix that? With kind regards Martin
  11. Bricks-on-Rails

    Question about PF Remote Control 64227

    Good evening together, Today i have a question to the community. For a new idea i have to collect some further information about the train remote-control 64227. I know there are around 14 steps to control the speed of a train. -7 => +7 (seven reverse and seven forward). But how many degrees will i turn the wheel from -7 to +7? I know it´s endless and in most cases it doesn´t matter, but in this special case i need to know as exact as possible. Does anybody know the degree per step too? With kind regards Martin
  12. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] DB Class V 36

    How cute, i like the design on such a small train-plate. This loco is on my list too, but it will probably be a bit bigger. With kind regards Martin
  13. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] "War-Locomotive" DR BR 52 - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you, far too kind. Thank you very much. It is always difficult to estimate the costs. Regardless of the origin, Bricklink gives me a price of about 230€. With kind regards Martin
  14. Bricks-on-Rails

    [MOC] "War-Locomotive" DR BR 52 - Bricks-on-Rails

    Thank you, just like that.
  15. Good evening, everyone, Today I would like to present you our model of the German "war locomotive DR BR 52" of the "Deutsche Reichsbahn". This is a tender locomotive, of which more than 7000 units have been built since 1942. It is often called a war locomotive, because it was designed and built especially for war conditions and the resulting shortage of raw materials. Even after the war, these locomotives were still in use for a long time, distributed throughout Europe. The retirement of the Deutsche Bahn took place in 1962. The model can be powered by two Power-Functions L-motors. Both engines and the infrared receiver are installed in the boiler. The battery box finds place in the tub tender. The locomotive consists of approx. 1218 components and is approx. 64 studs long. The model has some details, such as the undercarriage, the superstructure on the boiler or the striking tub tender. Various SNOT techniques were used during construction. Have fun watching and many greetings Comments and criticism welcome These and other pictures can be found in our Flickr folder and on our homepage.