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    fantasy; books, rpg, history; whole world, mostly Europeans countries - interesting in forgotten culture of Crete, music; symphonical metal, gothic metal, rock, classical music,


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  1. Tancred_de_Beauville

    Video Review - 6251 Pirate Mini Figures

    Great review, I had this set still in my collection :) .
  2. Tancred_de_Beauville

    Rock Island Fortress

    Great MOC - when I look on it I don't know why Pirates series aren't in any catalogue . Wish that one day they will re-edit old stuff from times when Blue Coats fought with pirates (dreamer).
  3. Tancred_de_Beauville

    [Brickshelf Find] Lighthouse

    Nice, small lighthouse - indeed civilians buildings aren't popular in old Pirates theme I liked (Blue coats don't have any). Great building .
  4. Tancred_de_Beauville

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    My small collection from time of childhood.
  5. Tancred_de_Beauville

    House of Joy

    Great building, I really like pool on the roof and room with Hawaian minifig - with legs from old Pirates Sets (my favourite model). Wooden stairs and floors looks really nice, also rooms look interesting (those different style in everyone, Egypt, Japanes, Pirates details).
  6. Hi Brain! Thank you, I would like to do some more reviews. I have some plans what I review next. You have impressive Lego collection. Greetings, Mirosław

  7. Great classic reviews 'T_d_B'. You should look into joining the Reviewers Academy to hone your interest : )

  8. Tancred_de_Beauville

    The "classic" LEGO Town house

    Modular houses I saw are great buildings, but as I think for a childrens more important is to have more smaller buildings to populate town - and have fun in using them. Both modular and Creator building are really nice models (I agree, modulars have price which are out of range for many people).
  9. Tancred_de_Beauville

    The "classic" LEGO Town house

    Great article . I think Lego miss such buildings today - as such now city looks like there are police and thiefs, fire fighters, airport, spaceport and few others. I see houses only in Lego constructor - nice ones, but still they are not the same as ones from old catalogues. There are few of course that looks great like City Corner or Marina (they two I think can be ideal combination of city beach - great for both genders to play). Some houses based on classical one should be added to them (maybe small post office, small houses to bring some life to Lego Town). Thank you for great article.
  10. "Over The Misty Mountains and Mirkwood Forest."

  11. Tancred_de_Beauville

    MOC - Motorcycle Paramedic

    Great work, look really nice - great addition to any town (hope he find work in good hospital).
  12. Tancred_de_Beauville

    REVIEW: 6659 TV Camera Crew

    Nice review. Car really useful in Lego City - to catch all things which happen there - racers, all competition, car accidents.
  13. Tancred_de_Beauville

    Review: 6388 (1472) Vacation House

    Thanks Kristian, I read your pdf. with buildings some time ago - but don't own account here. Great article for me - it rememorized me some part of my childhood (although I don't own many classic houses). Box - this one happily survived because I must hide somewhere Lego many years ago, survived along few others large boxes and few medium. Those boxes where great with all those ideas to inspire builder. This strange, whole set was cleaned with hot water and washing liquid - still without desired succes for some parts (roof still look unclean btw). Hope to add some others reviews in a time (I saw some great sets I own don't have them). Thanks
  14. Tancred_de_Beauville

    Review: 6388 (1472) Vacation House

    I think that with some new elements, new small cabriolet and camper this set should be at time in modern time. I thinked about writing this review about a week and still I would put some pictures of camper (I hope to do it soon). I usually added a wall in space beetwen kitchen and grill. Thanks too, I try to do the best . Camper is really cool, still it lack something lack place to sleep - its more likely to be used as transporter for minifigs.
  15. Tancred_de_Beauville

    Skate Shop and Butchers Modulars

    Fantastic buildings, many great minifigures there . Store with comics, storm trooper helmet and small goblins figs look really nice.