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    Flying Dutchman WIP

    Incredible! My mind is blown.
  2. MikeHaggarKJ

    Liberty Inn

    That's amazing! Very impressive! Somewhat unrelated to this topic: I'm currently building a 16/17th century city to go along with my pirates, and so far I have only built a small inn and a church. The sets I've bought for the city are the Medievil market village, Imperial trading post (port for the city) and Mill village raid. What are other official sets that would go along well with a city from this time period? I don't mind them being from City or Creator series (or any other series) as long as you can modify them somewhat easily to make them look like theyre from the 16th/17th century. I plan on buying the lighthouse from the creator series. but off course I would prefer something from the Castle or Pirates series, but so far I haven't found many sets that are civilian houses. Also, are there any guides or the likes for building houses like these? I'm not very good at MOCing so far lol.
  3. MikeHaggarKJ

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I'm actually happy the POTC series is most likely ending. Bigger chance "real" lego pirates start appearing
  4. MikeHaggarKJ

    My CGI Pirate Scene Flythrough Animation

    Amazing... O.O
  5. MikeHaggarKJ

    Lady Guinevere

    Jesus christ.... that is so beautiful. Amazing work. O.O
  6. MikeHaggarKJ

    Non-Pirate Mini-Figures Useful for Pirate MOCing?

    Wow, that sounds like an awesome idea! I've been wanting to use the POTC torsos for my yellow figs but I have been unable to do so due to the fleshy skin showing. What kind of marker do you use? =P
  7. MikeHaggarKJ

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    Yhea, I think it's strange to expect an AFOL targeted set from a licensed series like this. Still picking it up though, once I've picked this and the SES up my ship collection is complete! Personally I'm hoping they will drop the POTC series and continue with the "real" pirates series, and having some sets be more AFOL oriented and others purely kids oriented (kind of like they have done with Castle/Kingdoms).
  8. MikeHaggarKJ

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Anyone know when this will be available in Sweden/Scandinavia? Looked around in most of the major stores in gothenburg today without luck. EDIT: This is about the black pearl
  9. MikeHaggarKJ

    REVIEW: 4184 Black Pearl

    Yhea I can see that logic, but IMO they shouldn't build an entire set around 1 scene. This is a problem that I have with all the licensed lego sets however. Even as a kid I thought that a set built around a single scene from some movie with less room for creativity/own play is far more boring. They should've included all the characters that are more intimately related to the Black Pearl in this set, Barbossa being one of them, and some of the more iconic pirates of Barbossa's/Sparrow's crew. But that's just my opinion.
  10. MikeHaggarKJ

    REVIEW: 4184 Black Pearl

    Deffinetly agree about the crew/minfigs, why is Davey Jones and his crew in this set? Make some small battle pack style set if theyre that important. I was planning to buy this set to set up the scene before the movies when Barbossa takes the ship and forces Jack Sparrow to walk the plank. Any ideas on what minifigs to use as his crew? I want the same skin color as the rest of the crew.
  11. MikeHaggarKJ

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    Could you upload pictures of your modified QAR?
  12. MikeHaggarKJ

    Black Pearl vs Queen Anne's Revenge

    I'd say the QAR if you remove all the silly bones (anyone got any ideas on what to use as rails instead of the bones, on the side of the ship? Im rebuilding it right now). But I need to get both first to be sure. Still throwing my money away to get all the old pirate sets XD (was born in 1990 so I missed the earliest waves), so Im not sure If I'll be able to afford it.
  13. MikeHaggarKJ

    POTC - Black Pearl!

    Why isn't Barbossa in this set?? =(
  14. MikeHaggarKJ

    (WIP) MAN-O-WAR - Brick Hull

    Wow, that looks incredible. Nice work on the sides, really gives it a nice shape
  15. MikeHaggarKJ

    [MOC] Black Pearl

    Wow, that's amazing! Nice work O.O