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  1. TheLegoChronicler

    Wilmington DE New LUG Announcement

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel (TheLegoChronicler). I recently relocated to Wilmington Delaware and am looking to start a new Lego User Group here. Have connected with some other AFOLs in the area and we are looking to start this coming SATURDAY AUGUST 23rd. To start we are going to meet at my house in Wilmington at 6:30. I am just off of 95 in the Baynard Square Neighborhood. I will be getting some Pizzas so you can come hungry. Our first meeting is going to be focused on introductions and talking about options for what we could do as a group. Feel free to bring a project or pictures of your collection/creation to share as well. All are welcome. If you are interested in joining us PM me for the address. So in summary: What: New LUG in Wilmington DE When: Saturday August 23rd @ 6:30 Where: Daniel's House in Wilmington Thanks all! ~Daniel
  2. TheLegoChronicler

    Interesting Article on Lego Space Factions

    Came across this article about the old Lego themes. Found it interesting as it appears to be written by a literature student who is not an AFOL. He is starting an analysis of the Lego space factions from a story telling perspective. I wanted to share as I though some other AFOLs out there might be interested, especially those of us who are a bit older and can remember the days as far back as Blacktron I and Futuron when the factions got kicked off. Link is below:
  3. Congratulations on getting all the ships! Any heads-up when I can get the mod photos?

  4. TheLegoChronicler

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    Saw a similar thread over at the Brickset Forum and it made me curious about everyone over here at Classic-Pirates. So to sate my curiosity I offer the following questions and my answers: Profession (i.e. how do you pay for your Pirate Lego purchases): Civil Engineer, I design water and wastewater systems. Age: 27 Significant Other? Yup, happily married to the love of my life and have 2 young Lego Pirate lovers. Does your significant other support your Lego Pirate habit? Thankfully yes, she is my biggest fan and has been known to offer some great suggestions for MOCing.
  5. Email them to me, at

  6. TheLegoChronicler

    What % of your Lego Collection is Pirate?

    Was curious the other day what percentage of my Lego collection was from the pirate theme. My collection currently has 275 total complete sets in it of which 23 are from the pirate theme (all 12 ships and various islands, rafts and other smaller sets). Comes out to: 8.4% Made me wonder if that was about average or if I was abnormal, what percentage (approximately) of your collection is made up of pirate sets?
  7. Just completed his quest to obtain all 12 Lego Pirate Ships!

  8. Be happy to gt you more pics of my QAR modifications. I did a full set of instructions so I have lots of photos. Do you want me to email them to you, or I can also post some more on brickshelf, let me know which you would prefer.

  9. TheLegoChronicler

    REVIEW: 6990 Monorail Transport System

    I salivated over this as a kid, thanks for the great review and pics!
  10. TheLegoChronicler

    Ketch "North Carolina"

    Great work, was very impressed by how you were able to get the masts so tall. Very impressive!
  11. Could I see some more pics of your modified cabin and galley area on the QAR?

  12. TheLegoChronicler

    Brickbeard's Bounty better than Queen Anne's Revenge?

    Yeah I must confess that my affinity for the QAR is partially due to the modifications I did to it. I added a hold beneath the front deck, enclosed the captain's cabin and added a galley beneath the back in a manner similar to the Imperial Flagship.
  13. As I have perused the various discussion forums I have been shocked at the, by comparison, scathing reviews directed at the QAR as oppossed to the affection which is lavished on the Brickbeard's Bounty. Is this true? Is the BB truly regarded by this community as being a better ship than the QAR? And if so why? As one who owns and has built all 12 of the official Lego ships I regard the QAR as being one of the better ships and the BB as much more in the middle of the pack. When compared to the QAR the BB is cartoony, has no front deck, has toothpicks holding up the sails, is smaller and contains far less detail. The only thing I see that is better is that the rear cabin is enclosed but its other deficiences outweigh that one plus in my mind. So I am curious, do you like the BB better than the QAR and if so why? Or have I gotten the wrong impression?
  14. TheLegoChronicler

    How many ships do you have in your fleet?

    All 12 of the official Lego ships: Carribean Clipper Black Seas Barracuda Skull's Eye Schooner Renegade Runner Imperial Flagship (old version) Redbeard Runner Crossbone Clipper Armada Flagship Brickbeard's Bounty Imperial Flagship (new version) Black Pearl Queen Anne's Revenge
  15. TheLegoChronicler

    Perfecting 4184 The Black Pearl

    I just completed a project to modify set 4184 into a more movie accurate model. I felt that the rear of the ship as produced by TLC was sorely lacking in authenticity so I set out to see if I could, without adding any hull sections, modify the ship so that it looked more like how it appeared in the movie. The following pictures show my results, what does everyone think, an improvement? Not so much? The biggest issue with the factory model was the lack of the cantalevered windows around the back cabin with their decorative supports. I mimicked the movie look by adding windows and using black megaphones. While I was at it I added a walkway from the front of the ship to the back, extended the front deck so that I could add hatches and enclosed the deck to create a hold. The absence of a way to secure the anchor also bothered me so I rigged one of those up as well. I created my own instructions of the improvements so hopefully when my kids are old enough they will be able to recreate my work as I thought it thoroughly improved the ship. Feel free to check out my blog for a more detailed description and a couple more pics at