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  1. I was just browsing Brickshelf and was blown away by this Republic Shuttle MOC. It seems to be Minifig scale. *LINK* NOTE: This isn't mine, I just thought I'd share it with everyone. -darthperson
  2. Derek

    Friends "Controversy"

    I found this article/video on the frontpage of Yahoo today. I thought it was interesting to get such a drastically different insight on the line that wasn't just parts-hungry AFOL's Web Not Happy About New Line of Lego for Girls Do you agree with it? I understand the points being made about Lego being gender neutral, but it is obvious that a majority of lines such as Ninjago and Star Wars are blatantly aimed at boys. -Derek (P.S. I almost posted this in the Friends discussion thread, but I figured that it would be best to keep that as a discussion of the sets themselves) Edit by Hinckley: Adding further reference links Businessweek: (cover story) LEGO is for Girls LEGO Friends are LEGOs(sic) for Girls Feminist Friday New York Times: Should the World of Toys be Gender Free? (Not necessarily LEGO-related) Discover Magazine: How not to market science to girls
  3. Derek

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Everyone is acting like it would be so strange for Lego to put in a figure that wouldn't make sense in the context of the set. They've been doing it for years, most recently Ceremony Leia in the Y-Wing and Queen Amidala in the Gungan Sub, to name a couple. They are both fantastic figures and we probably would never get sets that they would be in context in. Lego is just trying to get out figures that fans would want. If Han is in the A-Wing set, I would highly doubt it would be the normal one we've already been getting for years.
  4. Derek

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    That's almost like saying that sets based on the the Star Wars prequels aren't in the same theme as ones from the original trilogy...
  5. This is definitely an underwhelming series. The figures are all well-designed, but this reveal didn't get me as excited as the unveilings of Series 6 and 7. Hopefully Series 9 will be great...
  6. Derek

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    What are you talking about? -Derek
  7. :laugh: I was trying to assist you by giving some advice from my perspective as how to go about handling this matter in a way that would get you what you want as quickly as possible. Now you are just coming off as super-standoffish towards everybody and I think it's hilarious that you say it's a matter between you and them, yet you're posting in a forum that is very public to an international community. Good luck, buddy. You're going to need it...
  8. Exactly. I work in customer service and am certain that is the type of thing that probably made them roll their eyes, probably even laugh, at. You have to remember that even though Lego is a company, it is comprised of human beings, who, just like you, are not flawless. The people you are contacting about this issue are customer service representatives and have absolutely no control over the issue at hand. I'm positive that they don't appreciate your hostility. Just my two cents. -Derek P.S.- It probably isn't the best idea to have your full address posted...
  9. I would like to start off saying that the Collectable Figure line was a brillant idea by Lego. With so much demand for them, it's almost hard not to want them- they're awesome. But I managed to get a full set through Target after what was a classic wild goose chase and I found myself wondering if they were really worth all of the obsession. I have easily spent $80-90 on them, between S@H and Target, which is pretty steep considering what you are getting- just minifigures. The figures are fantastically designed, however, the physical plastic quality is not the top-notch ABS we have grown to love Lego for. It was fun searching for the packs everywhere and opening them, but when I had them all lined up on my table, I seriously found myself almost thinking "Now what?" What do you think? -Derek P.S.- I created a seperate topic because I'm not strictly discussing the figures themselves, which I felt was what the existing threads are for.
  10. Derek

    MOD: 6862 Superman vs. EXTRA-powered armor Lex

    This is cool as a MOC, but I like the simplicity and creativity of the original. Nice work though. -Derek
  11. Derek

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    I think it would be interesting to see a modular being 48x32 or even 64x32 (with the street side being the longest) for the sake of changing up the line. I look forward to this set and the building techniques and minifigures it features. The modular buildings always feature clever combinations of otherwise generic parts to make unique characters. I also hope the set features a rare color: a predominantly medium nougat building would be -Derek
  12. Derek

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm hoping this new Palpatine set will be in the $40-60 range: Not too big, but big enough to do the scene justice. Hopefully, Kit Fisto will be done in the new Olive Green color seen in the Dino line and on Nute Gunray. I'm very interested to see the figures from this set; most of the ones likely to be included have been recently done in CW style, so will be able to use the same molds, just with different prints.
  13. Derek

    Review: 9494 - Anakin's Jedi Interceptor

    I think the "action" picture of Gunray and the droid at the top is hilarious. Neither of them really have much to do with the set, but are nice bonuses nonetheless. Anakin's Yellow Interceptor was my first Star Wars set and I definitely like and plan on getting this one. My only complaint though is price; this is double the MSRP of the original set, and that one had a Vulture Droid too. However, that's to be expected as of late. Thanks for the review! -Derek
  14. Derek

    Friends "Controversy"

    "Brooklyn woman starts petition against girl-themed Legos" *shaking my head*
  15. Mega Bloks has a Halo license. So there's not even a chance Lego will do it. It's annoying to come here looking for updates and discussion about Series 7 and find a bunch of fanboys drooling over Halo.
  16. Derek

    REVIEW: 3061 City Park Café

    Wow. Thank you for producing one of the most thorough reviews I've ever read. I think you and I look for and appreciate the same type of detail in sets, and this review caters to the exact angle I want to see the set from. As for you're opinions on the entire line, I think you hit the nail on the head. It's been annoying to hear (/read ) people blindly bashing the line without reading much into it. I don't think a lot of people realize how much effort Lego put into the Friends line with their research, etc; It's as though they think they Lego is taking a blind chance and just producing sets they think the target will like. Hopefully this review changes a lot of minds of members of the community regarding the Friends line, as it really deserves a shot. It's sad how we live in a culture where "blue = boy, pink = girl" and so many people make adamant judgements based on a simple cultural phenomenon that's been thrown upon them since birth. Thank you again. -Derek
  17. Derek

    Disney 2012 Discussion Thread

    Wait. I'm probably more excited about Lego sets for a Disney Cartoon than I should be. But I am. I was actually just thinking about this last night and how it was only a matter of time before we got Phineas and Ferb sets. Between the Disney license, the fact that P&F is one of the most popular Disney franchises right now, and the dozens of set opportunities, everything seems perfect. All along, I knew the new Azure blue color would be perfect for Perry. -Derek
  18. Derek

    Ninjago 2012

    It's a toy. Not the next Harry Potter book. I wish there were some smaller ($25 and less) sets in the summer wave...the ones in the current wave are fantastic.
  19. Derek

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm pretty sure she's in the Gungan Sub. I have a strong feeling we will be getting a Cloud City... -Derek
  20. Derek

    Disney 2012 Discussion Thread

    I wonder if those princess sets will be criticized and torn apart for being too girly. (<- Sarcasm ) But seriously- I wonder if there is a chance there will be Disney Princess sets in the Friends style...I think it's a good possibility.
  21. Derek

    Friends "Controversy"

    Wow. I had no idea this topic would be so popular when I started it. I personally think that financially, the line is a very, very wise move for Lego. Just because THESE sets are aimed towards girls does not mean that they cannot buy and play with sets of other themes as well. It would be like saying a boy fan of City sets could never buy and mix his sets with Castle ones. If anything, the Friends line will create many more fans of Lego in general, which is never a bad thing. After just completing a course in 21st Century Art, I've realized that I am fascinated with the societal connotations with what is "Boy" and what is "Girl." I think it's amazing that for hundreds of years blue has been for boys and pink has been for girls just because that's the way it's been and few have argued it. I recently got both of my ears pierced (and now coordinate a bunch of Lego earrings I made with 1x1 studs with whatever outfit I'm wearing ) and my family was initially upset because piercing both ears was, in their eyes, a feminine thing to do. On my college campus, this is a very common practice, so perhaps times are changing. As a young artist, the idea of societal connotations with male and female identities is something I find fascinating and plan on exploring through my work. -Derek
  22. Derek

    Ninjago 2012

    Hahah these new sets confirm it for me: Ninjago is the most ridiculous theme ever released by Lego. And it is fantastic.
  23. Derek

    2012 City sets

    I think Lego really hit the nail on the head with these $20 vehicle sets. I'm not really a huge fan of vehicles from any theme, especially the Fire/Police City ones, but these are perfect. They are a great middle-ground between being easy to build and for kids, but also very appealing build and piece-wise for AFOL's. I have the Camper and Ambulance and they are great...It's rare lately to buy a $20 set and feel you are getting your money's worth, but these definitely feel like they are at the perfect price point. I look forward to getting the Garbage Truck for Christmas and the Tipper Truck, Recycling Truck, and Dirt Bike Transporter in the future. -Derek PS- Does anyone know how much the 4206 Recycling Truck will cost? It definitely seems like it has more than the other $20 sets in this wave, so I have a feeling it will be $25-30 USD.
  24. Derek

    New modular building? 10224 Town Hall

    It's only a matter of time before we get a modular that's over $149.99 US...The Pet Shop was that price and was smaller compared to the others in both size and piece count...I think if the Town Hall is going to have that many pieces, we are definitely looking at a $200+ set. Which has exciting potential as a set, but not for my bank account... -Derek
  25. Derek

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    After seeing the huge T-Rex in the Dino sets, I can see Lego making a large Rancor for the Jabba's set. I feel like it will be either really awesome or pretty lame. -Derek