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  1. MrZ

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Any idea what set this truck is that appears on the front of the 1986 catalog?
  2. Does anyone know what set the truck in this 1986 catalog is?
  3. I just noticed that Kmart have the 4207 parking garage for $99 (down from $118). Is this a good deal? Doesn't seem like much of a discount to me?
  4. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    Those stickers look weird. Here in Australia, most ambulances have a sort of red cross on them. I've never seen blue on an ambulance.
  5. I was at Target the other day and one of the guys working at the store was loading up a cart with Lego police station sets and wheeled them off somewhere. Any idea what he might have been doing? Old stock? Where will they go?
  6. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    Why would that be the case? Big W have nothing to do with Wal Mart... completely different companies.
  7. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    Well, I went to K-Mart over the weekend, and the 2012 sets are finally in stock!! They had the ambulance, garbage truck, car and caravan, and off-road jeep, as well as the new forest police station, and police helicopter. I was only interested in the first 3, but they seem quite expensive - $29 each. I also noticed that the new sets seem to come in much smaller/thinner boxes.
  8. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    There is one in the City Fire Station (7208).
  9. I never knew Costco sold Lego. Do they have any City sets?
  10. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    My guess is that the farm sets will all go. I never see them in stores - do they even sell? The RV will also probably go as it was introduced back in '09 and the car and camper will make it pretty much redundant. I don't see them discontinuing 7288 though, as it was only introduced this year?
  11. I miss the old Myer jingle. At Myer... At Myer... At Myer... Where else? I once went up to Sydney and they had the same exact tune, but with "Grace Brothers" instead and it just sounded wrong.
  12. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    Anyone know what current sets are likely to be retired to make way for the 2012 sets? And what are the prices likely to be in Australia? US$19.99 = AU$29.99 ?
  13. MrZ

    2012 City sets

    This guy is complaining that the vehicles lack doors, yet ignores the fact that police don't use cargo choppers in real life? Imagine if every police force owned a $100 million + chopper? If they ever needed one (and I can't think why) they would just charter one.
  14. You know what I think I'm just going to keep it, and re-sell the individual contents separately. For example, I'll sell the bus on it's own, the stores separately, etc. I may even get more for the total sum of the individual parts, than for the set as a whole (fingers crossed). If anything, I'll at least get my money back, and it's probably easier than shipping it back to Amazon as that would cost over $40. Thing is, I already printed out an RA, etc. from Amazon, I'm guessing if I just keep the sets it'll all be sweet?