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  1. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Crystal Caves of Ilum

    Very beautiful and harmonic, congrats !
  2. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Perfect Dive

    Thanks alot !
  3. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Perfect Dive

    Thanks alot :) !
  4. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Perfect Dive

    Thanks, and you're totally right : i'm not so much experienced in pictures shooting and final viewable results, so those advices friends gave are valued !
  5. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Perfect Dive

    Thank you very much :) !
  6. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Perfect Dive

    Thanks alot ! Following friends advices, i did few changes (background 2 studs wider, cropping a side wall, turning minifig's head in order to show its face..) And i removed swimming hat, in dive contest videos i watched, they don't wear any :)
  7. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Perfect Dive

    Mmh, i hope i post in the right topic (?) This MOC is related to forthcoming summer Olympic Games, it's a 10 meters platform diver who just succeeded a flawless dive I built this MOC for a contest on AFOL's french forum Brickpirate :)... hopefully, as the diver, i get some high scores ^^ !
  8. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] Lizandra's garden

    it's very beautiful, both for shapes and colours !
  9. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] World Racers, tribute 2024

    thanks ! kinda unusual theme, isn't it ? i can't tell i'm fond of those World Racers, but they were amongst the first sets i bought after my dark age, so i thought a little tribute could be cool . And you're right, about the red and black scheme : that's the opponent color scheme team (the bad guys). i could consider doing a second ship, with thoose colors.. Thanks ! tbh that long hull was more in order to put all those flags, to look like a radiator (even if, in space, there's no air, so cold/hot exchange could not be effective .. but for MOCs, we can twist physical laws as we want )
  10. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] FireBird vs Wyvern

    thanks guys, i'm glad you like it !
  11. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] World Racers, tribute 2024

    Maybe some of you do remember that 2010 Lego's theme ? This MOC is a tribute to the "white and lime" team ; in this futuristic race, i'm pretty sure that pilot would win ! (yea, being alone racing helps alot)
  12. TheRealFOX

    LEGO Ninjago 2024 Rumours and Discussion

    that's great ! and so, i would give an useless advice (because i guess you already know it), but : keep preciously all your childhood lego :) ! Maybe it's not the topic here, but were you in Chima sets too ? i really think that theme had very good sets, beast shaped, and the minifig were very beautiful ; i would have liked one or two more seasons (but i guess the story was done, and Ninjago was such successfully, that TLC didn't needed two action themes in the same time ^^)
  13. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] FireBird vs Wyvern

    Thanks ;) ! indeed, those Technic pieces are perfect for building big pillars, easy to use and give sturdy column :) ! ( i remember the 3 first ones i had, maybe in a Chima set, and stacking them gave me that idea : then later i ordered a ton of them :D )
  14. TheRealFOX

    Hey everybody !

    Thanks :) !
  15. TheRealFOX

    [MOC] FireBird vs Wyvern

    Near the Elements Temple, all is usually quite ... but this morning, something unusual happened ! the air crackled, the nearby lake water began to have swirls, and suddendly, an elemental Firebird appeared in the air, at the same time a huge wyvern sprung from water ! an epic battle started with that two arch enemies : (EDIT : wyvern is the translation for french Vouivre, but in french folklore, they don't have necessarily legs nor wings, and are more related to huge snakes living near water) And i hope i post in the right place ! my flickR