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    My last is Medieval Town Square 10332

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  1. Wow ! Amazing ! Thanks for this idea. It's customs sails, right ?
  2. Guix

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    Wow ! Perfect ! Thanks a lot for this pattern. I really like the way it looks
  3. Guix

    [POLL] The Next BIG LEGO Pirates Contest

    Thanks for the compliment ! It's only two 8x16 plates attached together with 99207, a lot of vegetation and dark blueish/dark sand rocks ! Nothing special. I don't know when the contest will be start but I realy like to bring this Steve in an adventure.
  4. Oh Wow ! He's BIG ! I really love the way you use classic ladders for the ropes ! Thanks for the share !
  5. Guix

    [POLL] The Next BIG LEGO Pirates Contest

    It's exactly that ! :) Steve's torso it's an "hard to find" piece
  6. Guix

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    As the title of this topic is "Useful pirate pieces from other themes"... I realy realy like the treasure map from "Lego Friends - Dolphin rescue mission" (41378). It's easy to roll and put in classic minifig hands and it can be hidden in a treasure chest. Even if I like the classic 2x2 tiles, I like the way this tissue map looks on Pirate dioramas.
  7. Guix

    My name is Guix

    Ahahahaha, Oops' you found me... I tried to follow your instructions but failed. And I didn't know you will see it because it's on another topic ! For my next picture, I'll try to click on the right button and select "copy image address" directly on my post. Thanks a lot for the Pirate. I saw there's a contest with Infamous Steve but I don't have the torso (we can find it only in 2 sets). Then, I try to made my own Steve with extra pieces.
  8. Guix

    [POLL] The Next BIG LEGO Pirates Contest

    Is my Famous Steve can be an Infamous Steve ?
  9. Guix

    My name is Guix

    Oh ok, Thanks !
  10. Guix

    My name is Guix

    Thanks a lot for your answer, Ok so, we absolutely need an hosting site (I have to create an account on Imgur just for it, then) ?
  11. Guix

    My name is Guix

    Ahaha I'm not as good as you for making dioramas ^^ But, yeah, I surely post pics some days. Yes, exactly, in 2024 it's hard to find cheap Lego vintage pieces. But when you dig well, you can find some nice treasure Question : is it possible, on this website, to post pictures without using Flickr ? I have several good stuff on my PC but I don't know how to share them with you.
  12. Guix

    [MOC] Armada Flagship: San Fernando

    Excuse-me, is it possible to have a better view of how you did the Green/White (45° angle pieces) wall ? I really love that idea. The colors mix of your ship is so cool !
  13. Ahoy my pirates friends, So... Here's my request : Last year, I was leisurely wandering around the Internet when I came across a nice offer : The 7075 Captain Redbeard's ship for only a few euros. Obviously I imediatly bought it. It's complete with its Minifigs, sails and flags but initially I bought it only for the skeleton heads (front and back ones). On the other hand, it's a 4+ set with only few pieces and big figures.... So I'm looking for good ideas to customize it and make it accessible to classic Minifigs. Have any of you, dear buccaneers, seen any good MOCs ideas for this set ?
  14. I love that spirit ! If it's not minifig scale, we will made it fit !! Arrh~
  15. Yes, it's definitly the same boat as the Youtube video ! Damn' I really wished it was an official Lego set By the way, what an amazing MOC from Sebeus I... I love the 1x2 trans-clear blue tiles to make the sea. So nice !