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  1. Lord_Jaroh

    Footprints of a couple of UCS sets

    That is quite the detailed site. Thanks!
  2. Lord_Jaroh

    Footprints of a couple of UCS sets

    Yes, it is the original 10030. I used to have it built at my old house, but before we moved, I took it apart to package it up for easier transport and just haven't rebuilt it yet. I know I am missing a couple of pieces from it, but I intend to buy them when I rebuild. Truth be told, I think I want the newer one instead of the older one, only because of color of the grey matching most of my other builds with the newer one, heh, but I can't justify buying a new one when I have this one right here. If you could measure it, that would be great. Then I can build the shelves I need to hold it before I build it. :) No worries. It looks like you are running into the same issues I was finding, heh. Thanks for looking, though.
  3. Hello, I have a question on the footprints on a couple of Star Wars UCS sets. I am remodeling my LEGO room to add more space for building for my daughter and I, as well as add some space for display of some of my sets that are still unbuilt from our move. I would like to build some shelves large enough to hold the sets, but haven't built them again yet as I have no space to put them. If someone has them built, if they could get me some dimensions, that would be great. Imperial Star Destroyer 10030 Millennium Falcon 75192 I also have the special stand to hold the Falcon upright on its side, but nothing special for the Star Destroyer. I am looking for the measurements: from the wall at the back to the front of the foot where it stands. from the rear of both ships to the front of their foot they stand on overall height from base to highest point. overall length of the longest point.
  4. Lord_Jaroh

    Avery Labels for Piece / Color Sorting

    Thanks! I will take a look. Sounds like my evening might be tied up if they work, heh.... :) Lotta labelling to do...
  5. Lord_Jaroh

    Avery Labels for Piece / Color Sorting

    New member here, I don't know the etiquette about necro-posting on these forums, but I figured since this is the exact topic I am wondering about, figured I'd ask here: I have a bunch of Akromills bins that I want to put labels on. I like the ones I found with @henrysunset's site, however, I would like to make some of them in color for my bins as many of my parts are sorted by individual color, as well as elements. I like the start of the above picture of 1x2's, but am wondering if there is somewhere to obtain the color versions of all the parts that I can download so I can make my own labels for Avery 5267 label sheets? Or do I just find the black and white photos above and color them myself? Thanks very much for any advice. :)