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  1. cagri

    [MOC] Just a Small Helicopter

    For more photos and a 360 degree video, please check out my Flickr:
  2. I just love the BSG Colonial Raptor and this is the third time I built it out of LEGO bricks. I think this has been the best version so far, it has a complex SNOT structure and it feels very sturdy. I built it with dark bluish gray bricks in real life and then draw it on Studio in dark tan. I hope you like it :) Please check out my Flickr for more of my creations:
  3. I was watching The Dark Knight Rises last week and I was inspired by the LVSR to build a similar military truck. This is the result. Check out my Flickr for more photos of the build: Hope you like it :)
  4. I wanted to build a car a la Speed Champions but I didn't want to stress out about adapting an actual car. So I freestyled this 8 wide sports car. Check out my Flickr for more images and MOCs!
  5. cagri

    [MOC] VCH-23 Spaceship

    It's not a franchise actually... I made it up ... Thanks :)
  6. cagri

    [MOC] VCH-23 Spaceship

    I built this with actual bricks first and then put them together in Studio as well. I kind of prefer render images to actual photographs these days but I love the experience of building with my hands. So here you go, VCH-23. I hope you like it! I will upload a 360 degree video on my Flickr soon, it's still rendering. Btw, it's made out of only 312 parts! Check out my Flickr for more images and MOCs:
  7. cagri

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I'm glad to hear that a similar thing happened to you! I was going crazy about why they act like this. They shouldn't have opened it up for public if it doesn't work. BTW the order has now been deleted from my account, I think this is also ridiculous, it's 1984 kind of stuff!! I don't know if I also missed out on some VIP points because of this purge.
  8. cagri

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Build A Minifigure section on the LEGO web site seems to be shut down at this point but I want to warn you anyway. DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE, it's buggy and you'll end up loosing your money. A couple weeks ago (or so) I ordered 19 figures through this new section and received the package a few days ago. Four of the minifigures that I had ordered were complete. 15 of them were not! I only received heads and helmets. I never received the torsos, legs or shields. LEGO claims that this order is not registered in my LEGO account. Although I can clearly see the order number in my account. It just does not display the contents of the order for some reason. LEGO also claims that I ordered incomplete minifigures in the BAM section instead of full figures. That's not true at all as I know very well I ordered 15 complete knights! BAM section was in beta and it obviously failed to work and I have no fault in this nor did I realize it until I received the package. I had a lenghty one way monologue with the customer service and they refuse the send the rest of the parts, replying the same thing over and over again. They are not explaining how it is possible to order incomplete minifigures nor why they claim the order is not registered to my name even though I can see it in my account. I'm fed up with them so I give up. I wasted 30 EUROs for 15 heads and helmets. Returning the order is not practical because I live in a rural area and closest DPD location to return the package is 37 kms away from me. The money I will waste for driving, parking, packaging and loosing time is not worth 30 EUROs. This is the third problematic order I had with LEGO in 2022. I'm deeply disappointed in their customer service.
  9. cagri

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I had ordered 15 knights through the new section on LEGO web site but I only received the helmets and heads. Torsos, legs and shields are missing! I was super excited but now I'll have to deal with customer service.
  10. I rendered the famous sign of Pripyat city in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Check out my Flickr for more, I also built the CNPP with LEGO parts: And here are some photos that I took in the Zone:
  11. cagri

    [MOC] TLG Rapier

    For my 7th birthday, my super cool parents took me to a toy store and let me decide between the TMNT Party Wagon and 6285 Black Seas Barracuda. As a child, that was the most difficult decision I had to make in my life and honestly, even as an adult I'm having trouble choosing either. Nevertheless, there was no wrong answer and I decided to get the Party Wagon and enjoyed it for years. Ever since this challenging choice, several beautiful ships have been procuded by TLG but I never splurged on them. Fortunately, I married the coolest person ever and she gave me 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay as a new year present! After decades of drooling over LEGO ships, I had the best one ever produced :) I loved it so much that it heavily inspired me to build my own ship. And here you may see the result: TLG Rapier More photos on my Flickr:
  12. cagri

    Minifigure Display

    I spent half a day with lots of Kragle and patience. I hope you enjoy the result :) I used a 3 mm MDF cut to size inside an IKEA RIBBA frame (50x50 cm). I glued all the black 2x4 bricks with cyanoacrylate. I used a 60 cm ruler to align them horizontally and I made a jig out of LEGO bricks for vertical alignment. After the first row, it was automatic. Here's the spacing chart I prepared for the display:
  13. I saw an awesome idea on this blog where they used IKEA RIBBA (50x50 cm) frames to display LEGO minifigures. I thought it was a great and cheap way to have a proper display so I immediately purchased a couple of frames. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for me to realize that perfecting those figure positions and drawing straight lines would be impossible by hand. So I spent half an hour on the computer and came up with a guide. I used the brick dimensions from this link. You can have this printed out in any copy center and easily attach your figures perfectly. Just make sure they are printed at 50x50 cms exactly and without any margin. Here's the file which you should print out: And here is the general dimensions for placing the figures:
  14. Hi all! I have super nice baseplates from the 80's that have been taking up space in my house. I couldn't dare to open them up for a long time, perhaps a new owner may put them into good use. 1 x 6310 - 2 x 6311 - 4 x 6312 - - 175 EURO - All MISB, perfect Condition. - Sold as a whole lot. - Ships from Switzerland/France. - Payment through IBAN/Paypal.
  15. I rendered the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in its pristine state before the disaster on 26 April 1986. More photos and a 360 degree video is available on my Flickr: Hope you like it :)