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    Came out of my dark ages at the beginning of 2011. My current favorite themes are Castle, Atlantis, and Large Scale Models.


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  1. weltall1028

    REVIEW: 21050 Create Your Own Architecture

    Great review! I too was dissapointed at the picture on the side that shows a beautiful city that cannot be built with this set. I also would have preferred tan instead of white elements. Still looks like a great set though, and I would really like to check out the book thats included.
  2. weltall1028

    [MOC] Nintendo Entertainment System

    Thanks! No plans for a cartridge, I may make a controller though.
  3. weltall1028

    [MOC] Nintendo Entertainment System

    Looks like this MOC was actually featured on Kotaku. They posted it on Monday, didn't find out about the article until today.
  4. weltall1028

    MOC: Cobblestone Street & Bridge, Theatre District

    This is beautiful! Great job on the stairs.
  5. weltall1028


    All of those are great, especially the Beetle and hippie van.
  6. weltall1028

    [MOC] Nintendo Entertainment System

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! Brick on, and game on!
  7. weltall1028

    [MOC] Mini Tower Bridge

    Very nice! I may have to try building this too.
  8. weltall1028

    MOC The manor house of the horrors

    Beautiful MOC! I think my favorite part is the little ant tunnel you have under the house.
  9. weltall1028

    [MOC] Nintendo Entertainment System

    Yeah, I don't have a lot of experience with Technic, so the liftarm ended up being the best option. I might make a "wireless" one. I've seen the excellent one made by "Davey", and wouldn't want to rip off his cord technique.
  10. I've always wanted to make this classic console out of Lego, finally got around to it this past week. Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr It's very close to the real thing in size. The front has a power light, power and reset buttons, opening cartridge slot, and 2 controller ports. Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr The back has the power input (Technic brick with a harpoon gun inside), channel 3/4 switch, and the RF out (chrome 1x1 cone with a 1x1 stud with hole). Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr Real NES carts fit into the cartridge slot. Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr When pushed down all the way, the power light comes on. Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr Had some extra room on the inside, so I decided to add a random lightsaber duel. Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr The buttons have a rubber band behind them pushing out, and another rubber band going through them which pulls them inward. This enables the buttons to spring back into place. Lego NES by weltall1028, on Flickr The cartridge slot uses a hydraulic liftarm. You can view the entire photoset here. You can view a video of the MOC .
  11. weltall1028

    MOC: My trucks

    Those are great, love the utility truck!
  12. weltall1028

    [MOC] AT-LP | All Terrain Lego Pard

    Absolutely brilliant! I love how you built the hind legs.
  13. weltall1028

    [MOC]Rake the leaves !

    That is awesome! I especially love how you made the face.
  14. weltall1028

    Vote for your favourite Category 7A entries

    18) Bunny Suit Guy Entry (Build by genecyst) - One point 19. Ocean King (Build by badgogo) - One point 12) Hippie Entry (Build by pillpod) - One point So many great entries to choose from, was really hard to narrow it down.
  15. weltall1028

    MOC: Ancient Greece

    This is absolutely incredible! I love the tiled roof, and that mountainous bit in the midde must have an insane amount of pieces.