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  1. Hello Mateys, at this thread I saw some pirate torsi. Are they AI generated or are this real torsi? If they are real, where can I get them?
  2. MrMcGraw

    Mr. Gibbs British Royal Navy

    Wow, thank you very much Matey!
  3. MrMcGraw

    Mr. Gibbs British Royal Navy

    Yeah, that's the one I found while I has posted this. I contacted the owner. The problem is that the torso don't have a backprint, which I want. But thank you very much for your help. I am now looking for a designer to create a print template for the torso. P.S.: Sorry, my English isn't as good as it could be.
  4. MrMcGraw

    Mr. Gibbs British Royal Navy

    This will be great if you would send me the link. I know that it's a recolour, but I haven't found it until yet except I posted this there is one, but sold out.
  5. MrMcGraw

    Mr. Gibbs British Royal Navy

    Ahoy Mateys, I am searching for a custom Lego minifigure torso of Mr. Gibbs in the uniform of the British royal navy of the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean 1. Attached are two pictures of the Lego PotC video game. Anyone with a tip for me? Thanks.