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  1. Thanks for the info but my problem is with the program 'wanted bricks' when i try to load a ldd file it says there is a signature giff error and wont load the file. Normally from here it creates an xml file i can upload to bricklink but thats not the problem
  2. Does anyone have any ideas?? It works with some models but doesnt with others.
  3. Kazz


    That is so cool! What a great job you have done. Its a real shame theres nothing train wise that could be made to fit this scale. Can you imagine some working trains moving about that city.Im almost tempted to ditch my large modulars for displaying and do something like this.
  4. Kazz

    Astromech Workplace Contest

    Can we include other minifigures as well as droids?
  5. Thanks Superkalle for emailing them. Like you say we know they are aware and most of us do have the temporary offline solution. With Bricklink not working much either I wonder if the two are related, maybe someone hacked them both......unlikely I guess.
  6. Kazz


    Welcome. Ive already seen your cuusoo project. Your animals are great, youve designed then well. I like it.
  7. Its happening with them all. I deleted then reinstalled LDD but saved all my models. I have also made a new model just to see if something happened with the saved ones but its still doing it.
  8. Im hoping someone can help. Im not sure whats happened but my wantedbricks programme wont let me import a LDD file now. It was working fine but after yesterdays troubles with LDD its now not working. The programme will oad but when I try to import the LDD file it comes up with 'invalid GIF signature and wont load any bricks :( I needed this programme to make an XML file and dont know any other I can make it with. Can anyone help?
  9. Kazz

    Hi to everyone

    Haha i can get away with buying a lot for very little. My hubby thinks I pick up all these bargains. I do that too with the CMF's,put some in my basket then have a feel as i walk around. Im not really into LOTR but I will get them, to be honest I could probably only recognise a couple of characters I wouldnt know who the rest are but they do look cool though so will get them.
  10. Not for me :( still cant use it online from start up
  11. Kazz

    Hi to everyone

    Hi All, Just thought I would introduce myself. Im of the female species and been a fan of this plastic stuff for years. My hubby is not into lego which suits me as I get to have it all to myself and as he doesnt know what things cost I buy a £100 set and tell him it was £20 and he has no clue! I have converted my garage into my little den where I store all my lego and am happy to shut myself away and create for hours. My main lego interests are trains, modulars and collecting minifigs both CMF's and ones from sets which my ultimate aim is to have them all in themed display cases. Thankies for looking :)
  12. Kazz

    WIP: Pizza place

    Thats really nice. I love the colours you have used. Good call moving the lamp post and the grille tile.
  13. Yep thanks BrickCommander, I did that and got it working and yes it shouldnt be that way but it helps short term.
  14. Ive just disconnected my internet, started LDD and it asked me if i wanted to run it offline and it worked offline! It may be an option to try for now as it worked for me.
  15. haha I hate not knowing how long things take. Hopefully someone will confirm when it is working again but i am relieved its nothing to do with anything Ive done on my pc, not that I have done anything anyway.