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  1. xxlrocka

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Hey, guys! I'm back from my month-or-so long break from this web- OMG BONKIL CONFURMD SOOO EXCITD In all seriousness, could this mean the end of Hero Factory? Or will the two themes be able to run alongside each other? Only time will tell the fate of Hero Factory.... Although I hope it doesn't end because it still has all of those plot threads that need to be tied together. Which means it'd need at least one or two more waves before it could end.
  2. xxlrocka

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Feeling the need to be on a quest, Drake looked at the questboard. "Pick quick, before the people start noticing that the window is broken." "Yeah yeah, I know... hmm.... Alfendi, huh? I remember him... the guy got me in a huge fiasco in a town a few miles away from this one, stole some gold from me and then took off to the next city before I finally managed to club him over the head with a plank of wood. He probably can't remember the incident now, though... anyway, I still want revenge so I'll sign up for Quest #103." Drake then looked at the other quest on the board. "Shadeaux... Dragonlord.... even though I hate those guys, I wanna get into some quest in case I don't get into the other. So, I'll also sign up for Quest #104." "Great, great... now go fix that window." "Ugh, fine."
  3. xxlrocka

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Suddenly, a slightly blunt sword flew through one of the windows at the front of the hall and landed on a random table, startling almost nobody except those unfamiliar with the man who was about to make an unusual comeback! Only three- yes, THREE- pairs of eyes turned towards the door, and everyone else either sighed and carried on with their business or looked around in confusion (still the people unfamiliar!) However, this entrance came as a shock, a bundle of disappointment and a surge of anger to everybody when none other than Drake Flamerobe smashed through a window with his trusty imaginary spirit friend Dak! "Ooh, I see new heroes raring for more adventure than I've ever had! I mean, it's not like they'll ever get more adventure than me but they've got the spirit for it!" "Oh, Drake, with your huge ego and even bigger lack of intelligence. Oh, that reminds me. You need to fix the window and get your sword back." "Yeah, yeah, bossyboots. Like I'll ever actually do that..." "I heard that! And if you don't do it, then I will." "Ugh, fine..."
  4. xxlrocka

    Legends of Chima 2014 Discussion

    Welp. I feel sorry for you americans, LEGO forcing you guys to miss out on the upcoming Chima constraction fun. But hey, at least you still have Mixels and HF to comfort you. ...I'm totally getting Sir Fangar.
  5. xxlrocka

    [MOC] Menaulion Wheeled Tank

    I don't always build houses in LDD, but when I do, I end up building a tank. But seriously, this is amazing and I'm glad you showed it to us.
  6. xxlrocka

    Latest Action Figure Buy

    Jet Rocka. I bought Jet Rocka. However, Splitter Beast will soon be coming to an Xxlrocka near you... seriously, Splitter Beast looks like a good way to get some of the new parts in the IFB wave. Two of both kinds of new feet is certainly a good reason to get the set.
  7. xxlrocka

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Most people in the hall suddenly stop and look at the door; they could sense the door was about to break and they knew who would be responsible for it. They brace themselves for a loud entrance but, contrary to their beliefs, all they see is a gentle push of the door and a not-so-grand-looking hero walking in. Of course, the armour on said hero does make him look a little grand. Basically, that hero is Drake Flamerobe, entering the hall once more after a very busy couple of months an awesome mining-related adventure! Everybody carries on doing whatever they were doing before until they hear a door break! "... I swear, it isn't me! That door is broken, I'm telling you all. Maybe Dak did it!" Drake exclaims, pointing at Dak accusingly. "Says the guy who always kicks the door down when entering the hall, once fell in love with an enemy and managed to single-handedly get Castle Fortaan destroyed again because you made some deal with a wizard who forced me into your life. Honestly, you must of been thrown straight at the hardest thing in the world when you were a small baby. That's how stupid you are!" Then everybody continues what they were doing again.
  8. xxlrocka

    Hero Factory 2014 Discussion

    Nono, we think that Pacific Rim is sorta cool (especially the fight scenes ) but the IFB mini-movie was the worst thing to happen to LEGO since Galidor. Of course, I guess I kinda liked the detailed beasts and jumpers but... Let's just say that this is a forum about toys that are liked/loved/whatever-ed by adults. It makes every single one of your arguments invalid and basically we are talking about toys and Pacific Rim is awesome so shut your face.
  9. xxlrocka

    "Stels Wars"

    I can see 'em now! This thing looks awesome, nice details. The beast looks very menacing too, I must say. I really like this one and the way you managed to combine a system stage with some constraction things and that is just great. Well done!
  10. xxlrocka

    "Stels Wars"

    Yes, same here.
  11. xxlrocka

    Future The LEGO Movie Sets - Wishlist

    Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land Figures included: Robo-Swat (x3), Bad Cop/Good Cop, Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, Batman, Unikitty, 5 Micro-Managers, Green Lantern, Superman (Gummed), Johnny Thunder Contains: A partially-destroyed Cuckoo Palace, a couple of small Robo-Swat Dropships, the submarine from the movie and a new gum-trap piece to place a minifigure inside (such as Superman!) The gum-trap piece also has some studs on the side to attach another minifigure to the trap! Also, there is a Cloud Cuckoo Land tower that has a function that causes it to break in half, revealing some cool flames that show that the tower is actually destroyed.
  12. xxlrocka

    (Invasion From Below MOC) Stormer Scout Machine

    It seems awesomer than I expected, which is great! I love the bulky feel to it, which is exactly what a mech should have. However, I must be the one to say that it's so bulky, it seems as if the armour pieces clank together quite a bit, which worries me somehow. So, do they actually clank together (causing less articulation, which, IMO, is bad?)
  13. xxlrocka

    (Invasion From Below MOC) Stormer Scout Machine

    Awww, should've gotten Stormer Freeze Machine earlier cuz' now you've got a MOC with the same name as a MOC I'm in the process of making. But, uh, hope the MOC is good!
  14. Fangpyre Wrecking Ball. I really regret choosing the Rattlecopter instead of that (more sturdy-looking) set because my Rattlecopter is always falling apart for some reason.
  15. xxlrocka


    An amazing MOC which mixes System, Bionicle and HF and makes them into something good. This MOC deserves my Ultimate Seal of XXLRocka Approval! Congratulations, I applaud you.