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  2. Hi guys, sorry for not been active lately, but I have a lot of work to do in the (one and only) Greek LUG called Gricks. I don't really know if I'll have time build anything Guild realted in the future. However, I definately want to do so Keep up the good work!
  3. Theo

    Greek L.U.G.

    Gricks is the name of the Greek LUG. We just created our forum, check it out here
  4. Theo

    Nea Chora

    Hehe...that's nice, I was afraid that I may spoil the MOC with all these minifigures but I guess it feels more alive? Anyway, I'm working on a second Nea Chora MOC, but I am really in a dilema, because now it has gone even more to the "Greek Island" direction than Kaliphlin and it may not be fair to the guild. We'll see, for now I'll just wait for some chickens and goats in order to carry on with it, they are essential in my new MOC... Thanks! What can I say about that plant, I am more of a City guy but I really love the Creator line
  5. Theo

    10233 Horizon Express

    Very nice set, I'm not that into trains but I appreciate the fact that "advanced" building technics made it into an official set and of course I'm excited about these new parts, the inverted tile and the angled plate.
  6. Theo

    Nea Chora

    Thank you all for your kind words, I did tried to combine the Greek Islands architecture to the Kaliphlin style. Since I wanted so much to join to a guild Kaliphlin this was a simple yet decent way. I'm working on a second , smaller MOC of the same town, feel free to do the same, Nea Chora is a place for everyone full of opportunities :-)
  7. Times like this I wish I lived in the USA, great find, enjoy your Grand Emporium sir
  8. Theo

    MOC: Kaliphlin Temple

    Wow! So many great ideas in this one MOC, I really like the figs under the roof, and the flor patterns as well, too... And I was wondering these days how a Kaliphlin temple should look...
  9. Theo

    Nea Chora

    Thanks and yes, I will probalby make more buildings of the town, we'll see... Thanks! I think that the water is very simple made, but I wanted to keep it this way this time... glad you like it!
  10. Hi all! Please check out my first MOC in Kaliphlin, as I had promised, kinda inspired by the Greek Islands' architecture, tried to combine it with our Guild, which was not hard. Anyway, hope you like it... (Click to open the topic and make a comment)
  11. Theo

    Nea Chora

    So, that's a part of Nea Chora, a town in the west coast of the Siccus Badlands, across from the Gorr island. As you see it has a simple yet very distinctive architecture, small houses cramped together under the fort (that's because of the many pirates, being a constant danger) and white everywhere to reflect the sunlight, as it's really hot most of the time... Nea Chora - fron2 by ted.nick, on Flickr Nea Chora - right by ted.nick, on Flickr Any comments or criticism appreciated
  12. That's amazing, I will definatelly do so, I'll just wait until the "Nea Chora" MOC is ready, which wont be long...
  13. Hi fellas! Time has come, this old man called Old Jeremy of Nea Chora, here with his good son Ion, joins to the guild! Old Jeremy claims that a long time ago he was a general, and he still wears (part of) his uniform with proud. He carries no weapon (as he is too old to make any harm) but only his stick. However he is not just another peaceful citizen of Nea Chora, as everyone admires him for his wisdom and kindness. And of course Ion is always there to protect him from every danger, which is not uncommon in the region...Ion is a very brave and fearless boy, that's why he refuses to wear a helmet or something...he is quite obsessed with his hair too, some people say... As fot their town, Nea Chora, it is located on the western coast, somewhere opposite to the Gorr island, possibly in the Slot gulf. Are any other cities there? Considering that the Slot is a major commerce route there must be at least a port, right? Nea Chora free build is on the way as you may have quessed! Old Jeremy and Ion by ted.nick, on Flickr
  14. Thakns for the info! Now, If I may ask another thing, take a look on these photos, they are from some Greek islands, would you considered this type of architecture to be "Kaliphlin"? I know, it's too much white (and a bit of blue) but the ground can be tan... And which places/cities would you consider to be, I know that Spice Islands are almost jungle, so that wont do...but it can be just a city...
  15. That's an amazing map, seriously! I just like to know where the borders of your guild lay. Sorry for the noobish question I may join you on the future...I always thought that Kaliphlin is the best, but I really respect that you have put a lot of effort in the wiki...