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  1. afoldad

    Sincere Apologies

    Let's see if I'm understanding how to convey sarcasm online... I think TLG needs to simplify the build steps and reduce parts added at each step in their BI. I think official models need to use more bright, clashing, colors. Especially in the chassis. I think 42043 will end the pneumatics vs LA debate once and for all.
  2. They do seem to be repeating quite a bit. I'd like to see more non-vehicles like the braiding machine, manual calculator, or mechanical reproductions of things like vending machines, power tools, or amusement park rides. I know it's been mentioned before, but I would LOVE a fire truck in the scale of 42009!
  3. Some of the architectural sets are also spiral bound and are printed on much higher quality paper. The paper probably has to be much thicker when spiral bound.
  4. As Corvette3 pointed out, I think it's the black 12T bevel gear about halfway back on the model.
  5. By trash it, I hope you mean recycle or donate or something a little friendlier than throwing it in a dumpster. I'm sure there are tons of non-profits or churches or child care centers that would love to be burdened with the task of taking apart a unwanted LEGO prototype.
  6. afoldad

    Technic General Discussion

    DROC Drooling Over Creation
  7. afoldad

    SBrick General Discussion

    I'm sure LEGO is watching, but not because they are thinking of offering this product or something similar. Although the smart brick is a huge improvement over the current PF remote system, this is something that is way beyond LEGO's target audience. As adult fans with disposable income, this is something that really appeals to us. Because LEGO targets Technic at kids 10-16 years, this is not something they could market.
  8. afoldad

    Kenworth W900 MOC with instructions

    Wow! I can't wait for this one to show up Rebrickable. It looks even better than your American Truck Longnose!
  9. The issue is not whether or not your comment is useful. The issue is that your comment is negative.
  10. You mean the hitechnic gyro sensor, right? The builder that created EV3 self-balancing robot created a NXT version. Here's the link:
  11. afoldad

    Flight using Lego

    I think the very best you could hope for would be to built a lego frame around a non-lego aircraft. Large R/C helicopters have a head speed of around 2000 RPM, and that's for something with a 600 mm rotor. Even if the buggy motor could spin that fast, there's no way it would have the torque necessary to achieve lift with rotors that big. Small RC helicopters and quad-copters spin at 3000-5000 RPM with a rotor of around 150 mm. Lego parts don't have bearings, an absolute necessity for the kinds of loads involved here. The parts would melt and/or break apart. I do like the idea of building a lego frame for a quad copter. They are plenty of DIY kits for building these little aircraft.
  12. My 42009 had the separate instruction books so I haven't seen the new single-book instructions. Do the new books stay open on the table or do you need to prop them open?
  13. I haven't read that anywhere and that sounds very unlikely to be true. I buy all my sets directly from LEGO, either through S@H or at my local LEGO company store using my VIP card. My local LEGO store has a large Technic collection, although it pales in comparison to their City or other theme sections. I would be very sad if I had to get my Technic through TRU or Wal-mart. I'd probably start Bricklinking everything.
  14. While the reason may very well be because of limited capacity in the U.S. supply chain, retailers are perfectly capable of deciding which products they want to put on their shelves. Besides, why wouldn't the U.S. S@H at least sell them so those that want the sets can order them?
  15. afoldad

    GE Retirement date

    It's been out of stock at the USA shop at home for several weeks. At first, it said it would ship in 30 days. A couple of weeks ago, they changed it to simply say out of stock.