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  1. It was originally submitted in Series 2 and then resubmitted in Series 4. You're only allowed 1 resubmission, so that's it. Also, the palette of parts for Series 5 no longer includes the Imperial torsos. So even if it could be resubmitted, it'd once again be an Imperial ship without a crew
  2. I'm a bit late with this post but just wanted to say thanks again for the support of my Imperial Sloop Neptune build. I'm unable to resubmit it to future BDP series, so I've made the instructions available on Rebrickable. Take a look and leave some feedback. Thanks!
  3. I can't do a software render of this, but here's a rough picture of my test build using basic sails cut from some canvas material I had and attached with the provided 1L tow ball pieces. (Please don't hold the sail quality against me ) I think a more traditional look could also be achieved using string with end stud pieces (not part of the submitted design).
  4. Thanks, the Neptune is my build. I was also puzzled why the 6x4 Imperial flag was not a part of the palette despite other Imperial parts being included. The only option would have been to replicate via stickers. That didn't appeal to me, so I opted to keep my originally designed flag. That said, they could easily be swapped later. It's correct that cloth sails aren't allowed within BDP. I received similar feedback to my earlier submission and so I made provisions for the easy removal of the brick-built sails and attachment of your own versions (see the 3rd photo from my submission below). Have another look and maybe reconsider your vote Thanks!