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  1. Dovchenko

    Does anyone else...

    Don't worry guys... it's only a temporary stay for me. But Mace Windu is 40 BUCKS? That's insane, I know how to get a Golden C-3PO for that. But I guess it's the price we'll have to pay... until 2009, that is...
  2. ... every once in a while, some Star Wars remakes aren't as strong or are just absolutely worse than their earlier versions. For an example, I personally think the X-Wing Fighter released in 2003 was better than the 1999 version BY FAR, but I also believe the X-Wing Fighter that was recently released is nice but not as good as the Dagobah set, which comes with an exclusive Luke figure, a rare Yoda and the billionth R2, along with a well-designed hut. What do you think about all of the re-releases, and in your opinion, which are the best? Copy the text below into your post and bold which of the re-releases you prefer over the other (eg X-Wing: 1999, 2003, 2006.) Some re-releases are part of larger sets. If you're not sure which one due to the fact that some are 2009 releases and their pictures are hard to find, go with one of the other choices. At the bottom part, put your best, worst and most wanted. Droid Fighter: 1999, 2007 Naboo Fighter: 1999, 2007 Sith Infiltrator: 1999, 2007 Trade Federation AAT: 2000, 2009 Trade Federation MTT: 2000, 2007 Hailfire Droid: 2003, 2008 AT-TE: 2003, 2008 Republic Gunship: 2003, 2008 Clone Scout Walker: 2005, 2009 AT-AT: 2003, 2007 Rebel Snowspeeder: 1999, 2004, 2007 Landspeeder: 1999, 2004 X-Wing Fighter: 1999, 2003, 2006 Millennium Falcon: 1999, 2004, 2007 A-Wing Fighter: 2000, 2006 B-Wing Fighter: 2000, 2006 Slave I: 2000, 2002, 2006 Imperial Star Destroyer: 2002, 2006 AT-ST: 2001, 2007 Tie Fighter: 2001, 2004-2005 Tie Advanced: 1999-2004, 2008, 2009 Y-Wing: 1999-2004, 2007 Imperial Shuttle: 2001, 2005 Best: Worst: Most Wanted:
  3. Dovchenko

    Which set should I buy?

    I would choose the Republic Gunship. I have a feeling that this ship will rise to 400 dollars again once it's discontinued. As well, Asajj Ventres, Obi-Wan, Cody, The Clones and Plo Koon are already worth almost a hundred in total, so that wouldn't be a bad investment at all. For how good the set is... it's really great, smart choice, to go ahead and buy that. Well built and sturdy from what I can see. But see the movie first, I hear it didn't get so great, if you're picky. Adding on to my question before: What goes with the Sandcrawler? No way am I forking out 100 bucks for the Cantina! I mean it's not that great. I was wondering if other than the Sandcrawler if there are any "droid sets", and not Battle Droid, that are affordable and entirely fleshie. I thought about the IG BP coming out soon but it's too long a time difference, completely different pieces and stuff. Plus, it's CW, and personally I don't like the movie, though I've yet to see it. I was thinking the Rebel Scout Speeder but there are no droids, just rebels. It's a Tatooine Set basically, but still, even if the extremely designed figs will go well with Owen Lars, they aren't really related. Plus, I'm not sure how they look together... anyone have both sets and can give me advice? However, the sets put together give me Rebel Troopers and C-3PO (who can be a special kind only featured in the set) / R2-D2, like on the Rebel Blockade Runner. It seems good, cheap and won't overshadow the Sandcrawler. However, adding more droids to my Jawa Shop would make me a bit happer. The Imperial Dropship doesn't look good on its own, and probably not with the Sandcrawler. Fig-wise, it would make a bit of sense due to the fact that Stormtroopers killed Owen in the movie, and again, these guys were on the Rebel Blockade Runner. Again no droids, and it doesn't look very good at all with a masterpiece like the Sandcrawler towering above. The Imperial Landing Craft makes a bit more sense. It's another ship, with guns and <insert that tiresome argument> cannons and weird inside colours, but it's an okay build. Sandtroopers will be a good addition to the Sandcrawler, but I'm not a fan of the ship and personally, it's too big. Compared to the Sandcrawler, it looks to be over half height, and besides, blazing white with red cannons blue axles and weird rubber cannons next to a giant brown vehicle? That would make a poor display. I can't find any good droid sets other than the Imperial Sets, even then, they're expensive and huge (the ones that come with droids anyway). This includes the Imperial Star Destroyer and Death Star, they're not only too much money but CRUSH the Sandcrawler in size. However a new R2 Unit would look good with the Sandcrawler, and the Mouse Droid too. Tie Collection comes with a 3-piece, tiny Droid Brain. It's insignificant and I'd have to buy a 100 dollar set to get it. I COULD learn to like it, but I'd rather stick to Tatooine and things that make sense with the Sandcrawler. I could get that LULS Vader I want for cheap too, if I want to expand my Tie Army. But still, it's only ONE droid... I like non-battle droids in new colours for a low price, but not buying them seperately seeing as I'm a very picky completionist.
  4. Dovchenko

    How do you keep your Star Wars collection?

    I'm buying two sets that I've always wanted and then I predict a Dark Age. I'll put them beside my bed for maybe a year and keep the boxes/instructions, then put them away to take out 50 years later and be obsessed (plus sell it on EBAY2065).
  5. Dovchenko

    Star Wars license discussion

    Okay, let's try that again without being deleted. Some people really hate what's coming forward for LSW, especially the fact that it'll probably be Clone Wars until the lisence ends (for the first time at least). Plus, most things including the Clone Scout Walker are just rehashes. Be happy that Star Wars is ending, it's had a very good run and we should be proud of LEGO for achieving so much in this theme. I'd say it's a wish then, there's too many remakes and too much of the same stuff released every year. LEGO needs to make an ultra popular theme without using a lisence, like they did with of course City. Something similar to Star Wars maybe, I don't know. But it's a Wish... popular as it is, even LSW needs to stop some times.
  6. Dovchenko

    Which set should I buy?

    I really should change that...
  7. Dovchenko

    Which set should I buy?

    You planning on buying the UCS Falcon for me buddy? Where I live, that totals up to about a thousand bucks... 700 for the falcon, 150 for the sandcrawler (on S@H) and 90 for the Cantina. By the way, I forgot completely about the what to buy forum. Sorry about that, I can change the topic into something more user-oriented or an admin could merge this.
  8. Dovchenko

    Which set should I buy?

    I bought the Hoth Rebel Base and while it was okay I felt underwhelmed. It was very difficult to pick up and play around with and easy to build. I like the Sandcrawler and I should have bought it 3 years ago, dunno why I neglected it. I'm not sure what to buy with it if I get it however. My possible ideas are: Rebel Scout Speeder: It's fleshie, comes with figs that will likely become rare and is OT. The rebel speeder is of this year, they are far apart, meaning pieces will be quite different from each other. Though the figs have nothing to do with Jawas it is a Rebel Speeder, stationed supposedly on Tatooine, due to the background of its picture. Plus, it's cheap. However, it could be quite an underwhelming set and actually, not go well on display with the jawas. While this is a speeder, used in war and such, the sandcrawler is a trader vehicle with no enemies, and no need of Rebel Defense. Plus, it's not like I can get a good display going together. Two ships isn't much to work with, and doesn't build up a scene at all. Mos Eisley Cantina: The expected pair for the Sandcrawler, it comes with a decent Cantina (small, but it will scale next to the crawler nicely), rare figures (*cough* Greedo!), a landspeeder like in the film, a dewback to search for C-3PO and R2-D2 with a Sandtrooper and some of the main heroes, which should make an interesting display. Both sets are in the new colours (which I honestly like quite a bit) and the Sandcrawler pulling up beside the Crawler is like the Scout Speeder is... plus a Cantina in front and a dewback passing by, searching. The Jawa set has no enemies, so the Sandtrooper and Greedo would add great enemies for playability. I know it's overpriced greatly, but I'm willing to put down the money to get it boxed, high as the price is. The ONLY CON, and this is the only thing that keeps me from deciding... Owen Lars is included in Fleshie, while all of the other figs are in yellow. I'm not sure if it's as picky as it might seem... having different skin tones like that wouldn't really work out. I could hide him in the Cantina, or the Sandcrawler, but that would be wasting another figure to put into the scene. The price is high but I'm willing to pay, the price with OF COURSE go up in the future and seeing as Greedo is already 20 bucks apiece, I'm sure that it would be the heart of my collection next to the Sandcrawler. There's a year difference in parts, so there's no biggie. The Sail Barge would give me a fleshie Luke but not how he is in the Cantina, and besides, I've already built it for my cousin and we try to collect different things (so that we can both see what the sets were like of each year). It also wasn't my favourite build. I'm strong to the Cantina here but something about Owen Lars bugs me. I'm overreacting and I've known that since I thought about it, but... doesn't it bug you? The change wasn't a turn for the worst but it still angered a few people. Not me, but now something that would have been absolutely perfect is stopped by having fleshies and yellows. How hard was it to have all fleshie anyways? Well anyways, any ideas?
  9. Dovchenko

    4898 raffle tread

    I'm in, thanks for the contest! Maybe it'll decide what I want to buy, win or not.
  10. Dovchenko

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    You're right. But why don't those people go look at it on Brickshelf instead of posting the pictures here and possible getting Eurobricks in trouble? That would be the smart move.
  11. Dovchenko

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    No offence Norrington, but yeah right. The BSB will probably remain an old Pirate ship and that's it. I'd be happy if these sets got cool names, like they used to have. The ship I can agree with, it's <insert that tiresome argument>. It makes me kind of sad, I wondered how'd they'd do the ships. It's not bad, if I were staying for 2009 I'd buy it in a second... but still, the excellent back part of the ship seems to be the only true build. Otherwise, it seems to me like this set will be a bit too <insert that tiresome argument>. The Smallest Set is perfect, I don't see how it could be any better. The Second Smallest is good, but I too wish the Kraken was better (even with a stupid name like Kraken Attackin) The Third One looks terrible, dumb island and a build which... well, even I don't get what it is! The Fourth One looks good, like I said before, <insert that tiresome argument> but still neat. The cabin's great, the ship hull pieces, masts and sails however are not. These are just rehash 4+ pieces from what I can see. However, I do like that figurehead and the figures overall. The shark from Agents unfortunately is here, too. The Fifth One is the strongest, being the second largest (next to the ship). Looks great, nothing really wrong here. However, that third shack in the back looks useless. What's it for? It's an open building with a slanted brick roof that frankly looks pretty ugly. Otherwise, great.
  12. Dovchenko

    Does anyone else...

    No Ani and Obi? Nothing lost. I'm sure you could get that Mace on Bricklink if you are looking for it right now, he's been popular since Attack of the Clones.
  13. Dovchenko

    ARC 170 problems...

    Connector joints? Not sure what you mean by that, but still, try the LEGO site. It should offer a part selection for it (in whatever colours they have). This is proven, Wookiee Attack still has piece replacement, and they both were released in the same year for ROTS. But if it's a printed piece, or in a rare colour, you may not get help. Your best bet would be to try Bricklink, but it depends on what has better shipping and availability- or Otherwise, find it in your collection. I haven't heard of Ebay selling seperate bricks, just sets and buckets of their collection. If none of these work, I guess you could always use the Buy, Sell Trade forum on this site. But if none of these work, I doubt you can fix that nice ship you've got there.
  14. Dovchenko

    Does anyone else...

    You forgot whiner and his master.
  15. Dovchenko

    2008 Picture thread

    I sort of like the Old Episode III sets more than the new ones coming out, I'm not interested in sticking around another year. I'll wait and see, probably.