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    HAVw A6 Juggernaut

    Here it is, the product of two months work, THE JUGGERNAUT. A ten wheeled behemoth with more than 10 opening hatches, 4 firing missles and the space to hold over 20 clone troopers. The best thing though? It's fully motorized and can roll over battle droids. What more could you possibly want? All the extremities (rocket launchers, missile tower, coning tower) can all move, though they aren't motorized to do so. I didn't measure it's exact length and width but this monster is pretty darn large. There is a scale picture at the end. Plenty of opening flaps and hatches to show an interior that consists of a sleeping bay with four bunks and storage, a rear cockpit with pilots seat, a frontal cockpit with commanders seat, pilots seat and navigators seat, a troop bay to hold 10 troopers, launching rockets and easy access to the motor in case serious repairs are needed. (It was awfully hard to focus that last shot... ) Pressing down on the commander in his chair fires two missiles out the front of the Juggernaut. All will be revealed in the video at the end. Some lovely greebles and.... a hair whoops... Here's a lovely photo of your's truly holding the beast for scale. Boy is she heavy, the sheer weight of the vehicle caused serious problems as I was designing the axles , I had to use a series of short technic rods together to hold the wheels in place so nothing snapped under the strain. Now I couldn't just build a Juggernaut could I? I felt I had to have something else to go with it, so I built a clone ISP (Infantry Support Platform) commonly refered to as a "Swampspeeder". One thing I noticed about all the official lego versions of this craft is that none of them have the wings on the sides of the engines! This was a problem I felt I definitely had to address. A lovely close up of the rather exposed pilot. I wouldn't want to drive one of these... The blast shield is more to protect the valuble republic technology than the poor pilot... Now for some real action, I had to use my lesser quality camera to take these videos so apologies in advance (my normal camera can't take videos... ). Unfortunately I've just been informed that one can't embed flickr videos on Eurobricks... but if it isn't too much trouble feel free to follow on through these links to see the beast in action. The first link is all the guns firing and the second is the behemoth rolling away. Thanks for reading and watching, constructive criticism is always appreciated, Bob
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    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Decided I didn't have enough sets from the Phantom Menace and managed to get the latest edition of the N1 Naboo Starfighter for less than half price. Didn't come for May the 4th but it will definitely be an enjoyable belated Star Wars Day celebration!
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    [MOC] Halls of Thranduil

    This is expertly done! Amazing job!
  4. BobThePom

    Brutalist Office Block

    Hi all! After some deliberation I've decided to post this here instead of the history forum though, really, it is historical . After skimming through a coffee table book on Brutalist Architecture from the '60's and '70's I was inspired to quickly whip up this Micro scale version of a Brutalist Office Block. I am well aware that reactions to buildings constructed in a 'brutalist' style tend to be quite divided but whatever you think of the style itself I hope you like my attempt to capture it in LEGO. I found that a stack of upturned radar dishes makes for an excellent multi-tiered car-park! Hope you like it! Bob
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    LDD MOC V19 Landspeeder

    This is a speeder from the Phantom Menace that hasn't had any love from LEGO before, which is disappointing because you've made it clear it can be represented quite well in Lego!
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    [MOC] Death Star - Revenge of the Sith

    Neat scene! Perhaps some more lights on the under-side of the control panels would make them more accurate but otherwise, good job! It's an excellent use of the new figures.
  7. BobThePom

    [MOC] [WIP] Utapau - Hangar 10

    This is really great! I particularly find the lights quite impressive! Keep up the good work.
  8. This is really amazing, LEGO should come to you and your daughter for set ideas!
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    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    Thank you! It was a lot of fun to design!
  10. BobThePom

    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    A very long time ago (2012 I think ) I posted a WIP for Dol Guldur, at that time none of the Hobbit films had come out and I was basing my build of Dol Guldur on some rough artist sketches. When the films came out I drastically changed the design of my LEGO version to be more accurate to them. This is the finished product, it took about 5 years of work (on and off) but I am very happy with the result. Enjoy! I have attempted to re-enact the scenes from the Hobbit films I hope you can recognise them Radagast enters Dol Guldur But he is being watched! The Witch King of Angmar hides behind an old statue. Ready to ambush Radagast! After a brief fight Radagast gets away. "But Gandalf, what if it's a trap?" "It is undoubtedly a trap" Gandalf enters the courtyard where Radagast was attacked. But there is nothing for him there so he moves further in. Gandalf sees an old stone statue carrying an orb, a palantir? He moves past the statue. He proceeds to climb up some old steps onto a rickety platform. He steps out onto a broken bridge to face... The Enemy! Gandalf faces Sauron in a battle of willpower atop the broken bridge. But he is no match for the power of Sauron and he is locked in a spiked cage suspended high above the castle. From his new perch Gandalf can see masses of Gundabad Orcs gathering for war. These Orcs are led by none other than Azog himself. Much later, once the orcs have left the Castle, a large lone guard pulls Gandalf's cage down and then attempts to kill him. The Orc is stopped by the arrival of Galadriel. Galadriel attempts to fight off the forces of Sauron but she is soon over whelmed. She reaches out for Gandalf's aid but there is nothing he can do. Suddenly Elrond and Saruman arrive to rescue Galadriel and Gandalf The Nazgul close in on the White Council. "Are you in need of assistance, my Lady?" Radagast arrives to take Gandalf to safety. Galadriel advances on Sauron. A shapeless form appears, finally solidifying into an all powerful, flaming eye with Sauron at it's centre. Galadriel uses her Phial that contains the Light of the Star of Earendil. With Sauron gone, the White Council look on. "Leave Sauron to me". It was very hard to capture the entirety of this build in one shot. It's very long at 96 studs by 32 studs in length and width. The height proved to be a problem too with the tallest spire being about 30 bricks high. I had a lot of fun designing this little pool, the broken torch was a last minute addition I was particularly pleased with the way the cage turned out. The amount of bricks used in this build was immense, I think the final total was somewhere close to two thousand. It took numerous bricklink orders for rock parts (I think I bought one guys entire store of DBG cheese slopes ). I hope you all enjoyed looking at it as much as I did building it Now I have to think about how to use all these DBG slopes and rock pieces Bob
  11. BobThePom

    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    Making it easy to access with Minifigs was a key thing I wanted to do with this MOC, I also had a lot of fun making the broken walls! Thank you! Unfortunately, as I said, it was really difficult to photograph the whole thing due to it being so long . I'm glad you like it though! The entrance was particularly fun to design and photograph, I have about 30 different photos of Gandalf walking through the door!
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    J.R.R. Tolkien Signature mosaic

    Well done! It's very iconic and instantly recognizable!
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    Coruscant Billboards

    Hi Guys! I'm really not sure where to ask this question as it fits in both Star Wars and Customisation so I'll just ask this in the community as a whole. (If I am in error please let me know). I seek to create stickers or decals for a LEGO Moc of Coruscant and I was wondering if anyone had any images of the billboards and adverts used in Coruscant in both the movies and TV show? A quick Google reveals very little and I was wondering if anyone here would have any ideas where to get these pictures? Thanks in advance, Bob
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    The Storm

    When seagulls come in off the water, there's a storm coming. Bob
  15. BobThePom

    The Mermaid and the Monkeys

    The Mermaid and the Monkeys The Mermaid The Monkeys The build. Bob
  16. BobThePom

    "I'll bite your legs off"

    Its only a flesh wound! Well done!
  17. BobThePom

    Review: 75099 Rey's Speeder

    Thanks for the review! I have to say the prices are utterly ridiculous. I did a quick comparison on and for twenty pounds you can get close to double the amount of pieces. I believe Disney hopes the whole "new star wars movie" hype will sell their sets... I agree this won't break the bank but looking at some of the others in this wave, its just not worth it. Thanks for the quick review though!
  18. BobThePom

    [MOC] Very fast, Very dangerous

    Thanks!I now feel orange sphere!:p
  19. Coruscant. 3643BBY Very fast, Very dangerous Something this poor fool is about to learn. Chakur avoids one person, only to hit another. A square slice of life on Coruscant, after the treaty. The senator from Cato Neimoidia is greeted by Master Oscar Wolfsbane, Consular Jes'al and Commander Artikan. Jedi and civilians watch on from park benches on the senate plaza. The hum of speeder engines softly passes through the air, drifting down from the busy skylanes. The Neimoidians are on Coruscant to make a deal for Republic protection on their trade routes. Two republic troopers watch the proceedings as they relax between missions. Meanwhile, at Alkar's Parts Shop raised voices are heard as Vilkochi demands a refund. Rak'cuk'kun'al'tikai peruses the store for a new hyperdrive. The over head cooling system hums loudly as it struggles to cope with the underground heat. Coruscant Maintenance man Leedo was hired for his stature.His lack of skill was overlooked. Alkar stores his spare merchandise in the ventilation duct causing the audible hum in the shop below. Leedo's going to have a hard time removing this. Across the street from Alkar's Parts Shop. Lomgunglo tries to make a drunk Weequay leave his diner. Dlo Ruhn sets about forcibly removing the offender. Two spacers share a pizza between jobs, ignoring the Weequays drunken yelling behind them. Upstairs, in the converted maintenance space, the insulated walls keep out the shouts from below. A lone hologram breaks the silence with its neglected buzz. Empty drinks litter the abandoned tables. Out in the street a bounty hunter walks towards Lomgunglo's Diner as the podracer roars past. Lomgunglo's Diner Currently in the lead, Chakur is faced with a difficult choice. With a pedestrian on either side of the street he can't avoid hitting someone. On one side is a battle scared Mandalorian, on the other, a helmeted Sniper from Ringo Vinda. He chooses the sniper. Oblivious to everything but his mission Alkar's GNK droid makes its way to Lomgunglo's to pick up a pizza for Alkar. Over, Bob
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    [MOC] Very fast, Very dangerous

    Hahaha its based on the time period of The Old Republic online game spliced with my own characters and shops. I'm glad you like it :) I agree! There aren't enough cool locations as LEGO sets! (Aside from echo base and Jabba's palace!) Thank you, I really tried to imitate the feel you get from playing SWTOR.
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    (Piper Playing Highland Cathedral) Overall Vig. Bob
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    Lock and Load

    Lock and Load Ready for action. Bob
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    REVIEW 40083 Christmas Tree Truck

    It's that time of year again! Well. Maybe not. But at least its the second half of the year right!? A combination of feeling Christmas-y and finding no review of this listed in the review index led me to do my own. Enjoy! (Disclaimer: The opinions presented below are those of the reviewer only and not the general population of anywhere at all. Please don't take them too seriously or worship them, despite what the reviewer might want ) Name: (None printed on Box) Christmas Tree Truck Set Number: 40083 Ages: 7+ Pieces: 118 Theme: Creator, Holiday, Christmas Minifigures: 1 Extra Information: Limited Edition 2013, oh and its written on the box that its a building toy. (Instructions unclear, sausage stuck in ceiling fan) . Also this was part 2 of a little cheeky give away thing LEGO did around Christmas. I didn't have to pay a cent for it as mine came free (just as well ) with the Tower of Orthanc. The box is the smallest LEGO set box I own, excluding polybags, and doesn't say what the sets name is... It does however, come with an additional languages lesson free of charge! I am curious though, and if anyone could tell me what the last language is I'd love to know . The back of the box shows our man, the Christmas tree truck driver, struggling to load a tree into the back of his truck, while LEGO subtly shows us the opening play feature on the back of the vehicle and encourages us to go on bricklink and get the adjoining set. Something I feel strangely drawn to doing, I mean doesn't it just look festive? Enticing? With LEGO's subtle product placement its no wonder that vendor is holding two hundred dollars in his little LEGO hands. (Also I'd just like to point out that, in case you were wondering , the small print down the bottom left smashes all hopes that the second set could be included. Its not that easy bucko!) The language tour-de-force continues on the top cover stating that your parts come from not just Denmark, but HUNGARY and the CZECH REPUBLIC and even MEXICO too. We also get a life size image of our truck driver. I swear his face is familiar... ... no, it'll come to me though. Now because I took the picture of the back of the instructions first, thats what you're gonna get first. Laugh it up, Fuzzball. Here we have a perfect exemplar of product placement, two more winter village sets, the cottage and the abomination, both at expert level. I'm eying that cottage up and will probably be reviewing it come December. As for the abomination, at least it has nice horseys. Alright you can stop panicking now the review will follow a linear format from now on... Here is the front of the instructions. They're exactly the same as the front of the box minus the complimentary language lesson. You can also see the massive red wax seal over the top right corner saying limited edition to make you feel special about yourself for having this set. A totally random and in no way staged or pre-decided page from the instruction manual. Boy this thing is red. Except for the piece that isn't. That bit's blue. Unlike the instructions mentioned above these ones were easy to follow, no pieces of meat got lodged in any mechanical equipment. That snotty bit at the front produces a nice effect on the finished vehicle. However because this review is now linear you're gonna have to wait until the end to see a picture of it. Or you could scroll up. I'm pretty sure it's on the box. Cheesus! People do this for fun?! Organizing these parts by color was the longest part of the review process! and I still messed up! Regardless of my ineptitude you can all view the parts at your leisure and this will hopefully make up for my lack of a photo of the parts call out from the instructions. Wait, I should have a photo of that too? No wonder I'm not in the reviewers academy... I'm not going to make it easy for people to reverse engineer this! I'm only taking photos at steps 9, 18 and 27!! Muhaha It's not like you can get the instructions online or anything... Step 18, or is it? Or who really cares for that matter?? Oh look. Its done. That took all of 10 minutes. Short, Sharp and over before it really got started; everything my girlfriend dislikes . Fortunately, she doesn't have to build it. The dark red highlights are snazzy and will probably get used up in some obscure Star Wars build or something. Here's what I made you wait for. You can all relax if you've been holding on to see the snot at work since I mentioned it. Bask in that beautiful simplicity. On another note, this truck has no license plate number. Our minifig friend likes to live on the wild side In the back we get one Christmas tree. What you wanted more? To put more presents under? Don't be greedy! (Note to self: buy second Christmas tree to get more presents) ahem, you also get one of those lifty wheelie thingy mabobs that I haven't seen since the old Ferrari line where it was used to lift tires. Good piece though. From this angle we also can see the one play feature! Stylish angle from the front. I find it really hard to put a date on these winter village sets. I mean this truck has wheel guards from the 40's and front grill from the 90's. ah what can I say, Christmas is truly timeless. Our friend the truck driver is here to tell you that I lied about the one play feature. We also have opening doors. The torso of our man looks awfully similar to one that came in a farm set a while back... Here he is showing off. I RECOGNIZE THAT FACE! Its the face of the old king from the castle line! What's he doing here?! Got a new job, moved up in the world, I still wouldn't trust him to drive a car... Regardless he didn't listen to me and hopped right in. This shot does however show that the body is only four studs wide. Our kingly friend won't be taking any female passengers along with him to romantic spots any time soon. It's a tight fit in the drivers seat. You know how normal trucks can take two to four passengers? Yeah not this one. Also his arms stick up a bit. Not giving me confidence when his hands aren't on the steering wheel. Did I not tell you something like this was going to happen!?! He's gonna wreck it and I only just built it!! ............................................................................................................................................................................................................ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ............................................................................................................................................................................................................ Needless to say its only LEGO no need to be so worried. After a brief intermediate period I put him back together and here he is showing the functionality happily albeit subdued. The 2x2 brick fits nicely on the trolley. The Christmas Tree doesn't. So we have an awkward angle as he loads it into the back. This shows his backprinting however and I can now quite certainly say his torso is from that farm set a while back. You know, the one with the farm. Now he safely drives away. Happily Ever After. The End. Go Away. Oh I'm supposed to put more on? Moron. Heres the set in its entirety. Succinctly posed like the box and instruction art. Its even got the tree behind the truck, look at that I'm an artist. Ratings, Ratings, Ratings Playability: 2/10 fish, its a Christmas tree truck. It has doors and a little wheelie trolley. Thats two play features. 2/10. What did you expect. Wait? the back opens? 3/10 Swooshability: 10/10 fish, very swooshable. Would recomend Price: 10/10 fish, are you kidding?! It was free! Accuracy: 1/10 fish, least accurate LEGO truck I own. Only enough room for one passenger. I have a dino 2010 truck that can fit eight people and its only designed for two! Christmas-y feel: 10/10 fish, this made me want to buy more Christmas LEGO and got me all excited for Christmas. Well played LEGO, well played. Overall: 100/100 fish, best set I own. Now that really is the end. Thanks for reading. Worship me. Go Away. (If at any point you got offended please refer to the disclaimer above. Also I'm pretty sure it said over 18 on the signy upy form) Bob P.S. I didn't proof read this (naughty! ) so excuse the spelling and gramatical errors alright nobodies perfect!
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    Crunching Footsteps

    Someone needs to tell that man how to wear a kilt! :D well done the tree looks brilliant.
  25. BobThePom

    Twisted Tales

    I cannot wait to see how this will end, I've been following from the beginning! You have a brilliant story going!