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  1. BobThePom

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Decided I didn't have enough sets from the Phantom Menace and managed to get the latest edition of the N1 Naboo Starfighter for less than half price. Didn't come for May the 4th but it will definitely be an enjoyable belated Star Wars Day celebration!
  2. BobThePom

    [MOC] Halls of Thranduil

    This is expertly done! Amazing job!
  3. BobThePom

    Brutalist Office Block

    Hi all! After some deliberation I've decided to post this here instead of the history forum though, really, it is historical . After skimming through a coffee table book on Brutalist Architecture from the '60's and '70's I was inspired to quickly whip up this Micro scale version of a Brutalist Office Block. I am well aware that reactions to buildings constructed in a 'brutalist' style tend to be quite divided but whatever you think of the style itself I hope you like my attempt to capture it in LEGO. I found that a stack of upturned radar dishes makes for an excellent multi-tiered car-park! Hope you like it! Bob
  4. BobThePom

    LDD MOC V19 Landspeeder

    This is a speeder from the Phantom Menace that hasn't had any love from LEGO before, which is disappointing because you've made it clear it can be represented quite well in Lego!
  5. BobThePom

    [MOC] Death Star - Revenge of the Sith

    Neat scene! Perhaps some more lights on the under-side of the control panels would make them more accurate but otherwise, good job! It's an excellent use of the new figures.
  6. BobThePom

    [MOC] [WIP] Utapau - Hangar 10

    This is really great! I particularly find the lights quite impressive! Keep up the good work.
  7. This is really amazing, LEGO should come to you and your daughter for set ideas!
  8. BobThePom

    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    Thank you! It was a lot of fun to design!
  9. BobThePom

    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    Making it easy to access with Minifigs was a key thing I wanted to do with this MOC, I also had a lot of fun making the broken walls! Thank you! Unfortunately, as I said, it was really difficult to photograph the whole thing due to it being so long . I'm glad you like it though! The entrance was particularly fun to design and photograph, I have about 30 different photos of Gandalf walking through the door!
  10. BobThePom

    J.R.R. Tolkien Signature mosaic

    Well done! It's very iconic and instantly recognizable!
  11. BobThePom

    Dol Guldur [MOC]

    A very long time ago (2012 I think ) I posted a WIP for Dol Guldur, at that time none of the Hobbit films had come out and I was basing my build of Dol Guldur on some rough artist sketches. When the films came out I drastically changed the design of my LEGO version to be more accurate to them. This is the finished product, it took about 5 years of work (on and off) but I am very happy with the result. Enjoy! I have attempted to re-enact the scenes from the Hobbit films I hope you can recognise them Radagast enters Dol Guldur But he is being watched! The Witch King of Angmar hides behind an old statue. Ready to ambush Radagast! After a brief fight Radagast gets away. "But Gandalf, what if it's a trap?" "It is undoubtedly a trap" Gandalf enters the courtyard where Radagast was attacked. But there is nothing for him there so he moves further in. Gandalf sees an old stone statue carrying an orb, a palantir? He moves past the statue. He proceeds to climb up some old steps onto a rickety platform. He steps out onto a broken bridge to face... The Enemy! Gandalf faces Sauron in a battle of willpower atop the broken bridge. But he is no match for the power of Sauron and he is locked in a spiked cage suspended high above the castle. From his new perch Gandalf can see masses of Gundabad Orcs gathering for war. These Orcs are led by none other than Azog himself. Much later, once the orcs have left the Castle, a large lone guard pulls Gandalf's cage down and then attempts to kill him. The Orc is stopped by the arrival of Galadriel. Galadriel attempts to fight off the forces of Sauron but she is soon over whelmed. She reaches out for Gandalf's aid but there is nothing he can do. Suddenly Elrond and Saruman arrive to rescue Galadriel and Gandalf The Nazgul close in on the White Council. "Are you in need of assistance, my Lady?" Radagast arrives to take Gandalf to safety. Galadriel advances on Sauron. A shapeless form appears, finally solidifying into an all powerful, flaming eye with Sauron at it's centre. Galadriel uses her Phial that contains the Light of the Star of Earendil. With Sauron gone, the White Council look on. "Leave Sauron to me". It was very hard to capture the entirety of this build in one shot. It's very long at 96 studs by 32 studs in length and width. The height proved to be a problem too with the tallest spire being about 30 bricks high. I had a lot of fun designing this little pool, the broken torch was a last minute addition I was particularly pleased with the way the cage turned out. The amount of bricks used in this build was immense, I think the final total was somewhere close to two thousand. It took numerous bricklink orders for rock parts (I think I bought one guys entire store of DBG cheese slopes ). I hope you all enjoyed looking at it as much as I did building it Now I have to think about how to use all these DBG slopes and rock pieces Bob
  12. BobThePom

    Coruscant Billboards

    Hi Guys! I'm really not sure where to ask this question as it fits in both Star Wars and Customisation so I'll just ask this in the community as a whole. (If I am in error please let me know). I seek to create stickers or decals for a LEGO Moc of Coruscant and I was wondering if anyone had any images of the billboards and adverts used in Coruscant in both the movies and TV show? A quick Google reveals very little and I was wondering if anyone here would have any ideas where to get these pictures? Thanks in advance, Bob
  13. BobThePom

    "I'll bite your legs off"

    Its only a flesh wound! Well done!
  14. BobThePom

    Review: 75099 Rey's Speeder

    Thanks for the review! I have to say the prices are utterly ridiculous. I did a quick comparison on and for twenty pounds you can get close to double the amount of pieces. I believe Disney hopes the whole "new star wars movie" hype will sell their sets... I agree this won't break the bank but looking at some of the others in this wave, its just not worth it. Thanks for the quick review though!
  15. BobThePom

    [MOC] Very fast, Very dangerous

    Thanks!I now feel orange sphere!:p