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  1. lego tripper

    Lego castles?

    I can't believe no one's mentioned 7094 yet. imo it beats both 7946 and 70404.
  2. lego tripper

    [MOC] King's Reinforced Mountain Fortress

    Man I always love these old school builds. Well done!
  3. lego tripper

    Viking Advent Calendar

    I don't recognize that torso with the blue body paint. Which fig is that from?
  4. lego tripper

    [MOC] 19th century Belgian castle

    Awesome, I actually live close to Braemkasteel
  5. This series doesn't do much for me. I'll limit myself to commenting on the figs I had the biggest expectations for (I'm mostly in it for historic figs): Ice Queen: while it looks good, I can't imagine myself building anything around her. Still a nice display fig, but alas nothing more for me. Pirate: for some reason, I'm just not a fan of the "bald hairpieces". I think a stud looks better for bald figs. Also a new cutlass would've been nice. Penguin: cute, and will fit with the other animal costumed figs, but also only useful for display. Rogue: even though I'm all for nostalgia, this one would've been better without the Wolfpack logo imo. Either that or switch the green with grey so it at least fully matches the old Wolfpack. Otherwise mildly interested in these parts: Arabian Knight's torso looks useful Imp Kid's wings and tail might make the nexo monsters into demons? Boxer Girl's (double-sided?) head might be great for female figs, unless there's a mouthpiece like the male boxer Mariachi's guitar Babysitter's baby So yeah, my expectations weren't fully met... But who am I kidding, I'll still get 'em all because I have all previous series as well. But I'm not happy about it!
  6. lego tripper

    Future Castle Sets?

    I find this ironic, considering traditional Castle is especially popular with the AFOLS.
  7. lego tripper

    Future Castle Sets?

    On the topic of Forestmen: I understand that a full-blown Forestmen wave probably wouldn't be too lucrative for TLG nowadays. However, I propose an alternative: rather than Forestmen sets, there could be forestmen minifigs scattered across a couple of other Castle sets. Much like a wolfpack figure was included in the Black Knights and Dragon Masters castles.
  8. thx for the pic whitefang! How so? They look a lot more accurate than the regular minifig legs to me.
  9. Excellent review as always! Request: could you post a pic of the Minotaur with the Satyr legs?
  10. I hope the bear doesn't look too menacing/evil (it appears so). I've always wanted a bear faction but the sigil should be neutral...
  11. IS THAT A BEAR SIGIL OMG although the red shield doesn't quite match the green clothes imo
  12. lego tripper

    REVIEW: 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow

    Does anyone know how long this set will remain available? I'd love to buy it but I might not be able to until next year, so I hope it'll still be sold then.
  13. lego tripper

    Nexo Knights 2016

    All that new heraldry and not a single one usable in traditional castle
  14. lego tripper

    MOC: Black Falcon's Castle

    Sorry for resurrecting a 4-year-old thread, but I can't for the life of me find which set(s) those white wall panels with black stripes are from. I can only find them in red or yellow. Anyone? PS I love this MOC. Discovered it by googling for classic castle MOCS, which I'm planning to do myself (hopefully) soon.