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  1. Hey, sorry for the waiting, I ordered another USB to Serial Adapter (Logilink). Same results. I was really hoping this was it. I didn't check the RAM yet. I will follow your instructions but cannot do so in the next days. Christmas is goona come and I'm very buisy. I will keep you updated.
  2. Hey man, thnaks for that. I really thought that's the problem. I changed the vallue to "none". It didn't do any change. Cannot download any Program to the brick, neither via BricxCC nor via the original Lego Software (Cybermaster). Still the same behavior as discriped above. I even tried a Code that's got only a comment, not even a line of executable code. Same result. I am out of ideas, now. Still appreciate any suggestions you guys might have.
  3. just tried another set of Tower, Cable and Antennas. No change. :-(
  4. I really hope it's got nothing to do with that and honestely, I doubt it. ... I just checked: Win XP in VM 32-Bit Win 10 OS 64-Bit As either OS shows a similar behavior (direct control working; downloading code not working), I assume the problem is not the OS. But thanks for the input. It's really helpfull to get all kind of ideas to check. I'd have never thought of that 32/64 bit thing That's some good news. Maybe we could compare our USB-Serial-Adapter settings. Maybe you could check, if there is something different with your adapter settings. I got a DIGITUS DA-70156 and I heard of someone, who used the DA-70146 successfully. I don't have other programmable bricks, but I got some other RF Towers here. I will check them. Maybe its that easy. And yes, I do use all 4 antennas ;-) Thank you very much. I really aprecciate all your helping attempts
  5. Yes I did. It’s on com port 4. That’s sounds great. Do you use a usb-serial adapter as well? Maybe I could copy your settings if they work. Oh yes 😂 I am well aware of that. I used to program the brick about 10 years ago. It was a lot of fun for me. Got it driving around wildly, while playing a little song. That’s all I‘ll ask of it.
  6. Hello, I hope there is someone out there to help me. I recently dug out my old cybermaster set and tried to make it work. I wanted to show my son (5 years old) the fantastic world of Lego Cybermaster. So I set up a VM (VirtualBox) with windows XP and installed the Cybermaster software there. Everything's runnung greatly. (If someone is interested I'd love to share the setup process). I can start the software and get a connection in game between the tower unit and the mobile unit. I connected the Tower Unit through a Serial-USB Connector with the PC (its a windows surface 4pro by the way). It takes some time to connect, but it always will (I assume it's due to the VM). In Game I can controll the Mobile unit directly with arrow keys and the additional motor with CTRL and ALT. No Problem. My Son and I having already a great time with the set. So it was already worth it. PROBLEM: I cannot download a Program (Code) to the mobile unit. When I try, the Tower starts flickering as well as the mobile unit, but after a few seconds the mobile unit just turns off. No Programm downloaded. I also installde Bricx Command Center directly in Windows 10. Here the connection starts immediately. I, again, have direct control via the "Brick Joystick" Tool and the "Direct Control" Tool. I cann also play music notes through the "Brick Piano". But still I cannot download code to the Mobile Unit. I can write code and compile ist successfully, but the download always crashes. I own three Mobile units (and Towers) now for testing. All show the same behavior. I assume it's got something to do with the Serial Connector. Maybe the Read and Writing timings are off. But i have no idea what to change them to. I hope someone here can help me. I'd really love to show my son how we can program the robot to do what we want. Thank you very much.
  7. Azrael1706

    Hi, my name is Azrael,

    Hello, my name is Azrael (not really, but you know: safety first!), I'm a LEGO fan since I was a child and as I got children myself now, I introduce them to some of my very old LEGO Sets, Like Slizers and Cybermaster. I hope I can find some Cybermaster Enthusiasts here, because I have some trouble setting the software up. Looking forward for nice chats.