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  1. Dragonator

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Fully supportive of a Heroica 2.0 if there is enough interest, just let me know what I can do to help. In the meantime, you guys could always try out different rules in a sandbox-style one-off roleplay game/adventure, could be a good way to test things.
  2. Dragonator

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Welcome! This sounds great, would love to see our community represented in this.
  3. Dragonator

    General Discussion and Announcements

    Rubber stamp has been inked and stamped! I do love a good stamping.
  4. Dragonator

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    @Bonaparte Could you add me to the event PM please? Flights are a touch pricey so I am looking at flying in first thing Sunday morning and joining you all around 11am (after dumping my bag in a locker somewhere). Would be good to see the schedule so I can work out logistics.
  5. Fair advice, I'll book in at the place next door. I am a late addition after all! All things going well I'll have a lot more notice for next year.
  6. Oheyyy, what's the chalet situation like, anyone got space or looking to put one together? If not I'll have a look at the nearby hotels but worth a shot.
  7. Dragonator

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    Just looking into finding my way over to the Event now that I am (somewhat) settled in London. Hoping to join for the whole thing! Will post in the accommodation topic to see if any late joiners want to put together a chalet otherwise I am sure I can figure out something.
  8. Awesome review as always Fangy, thanks for your efforts!! I love the dragon costume, can't wait to get several. And that unicorn guy has a very cool shield.
  9. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Conclusion

    No epic death scene for me though, how disappointing! I feel cheated out of a dramatic final scene! *dramatic hair swish* Well played Lord Duvors, and hard to catch you out when you could clearly choose whether or not to use your kill action.
  10. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    [new post] Actually, rewind a moment. A thought occurs to me. I really would like to just finish this, but I see a way that I can prove myself. Let me live, and tonight I'll block either Glenn or Roger, instead of Finn. Assuming the person I block lives (and we can even guarantee it if Roger protects Glenn and I block Glenn), that person can confirm that they were blocked, which would prove I am not the killer. If the killer also kills one of us (which I assume Finn would take the opportunity to do so), that makes it even easier for the 2 surviving town to convict him tomorrow. If not, it does no harm. Look at it this way. You convict me now, the killer kills someone tonight, and it is game over. Let me live, at worst we lose one person tonight, still have 3 left tomorrow and can have another go at lynching, hopefully with slightly better information. Doesn't matter to me either way but, if the remaining town do actually want to survive this, do at least consider it. To assess the potential outcomes of not convicting me: Nobody dies, I block Glenn, Glenn confirms he was blocked. Gives us slightly better info, at least proves I'm not the scum killer and indicates someone else is (given that Gopher was killed we know somebody is). One person dies, likely either myself or Roger (if he protects Glenn). If Roger dies, Glenn confirms I blocked him, we lynch Finn. If I die, you can lynch Finn. If Finn dies... not sure about that one. Probably lynch me I guess. Worst case: one person dies (either Finn or Roger), Glenn states he was not blocked, and the two remaining people can lynch me. If you are confident I am the last scum, then this is a no-risk test. Convicting me: Game over town, game over. Figuratively of course, this is no game. *hairswish* Glenn I think of everyone here, you are probably the most reasonable. Do consider it.
  11. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Would be pretty weird to block my own teammate on the first night though right? Anyway, stop trying to take my spotlight! This is my monologue time, you had your chance for discussion, Scummy McScum pants!
  12. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Well that's quite unfortunate, surviving all this time just to see the town shoot itself in the foot when we're so close and when it is so much more obvious than it has been in previous days. Such a pity! Gopher would have seen the sense in all of this, probably why Finn killed him I assume. I think I have enough time to go get my hair properly swishy before I am at last killed off in a dramatic fashion. And a monologue no less!! I always knew it would end like this, brought down by the criticism of a deceitful critic, a jealous actress and ... whatever that Finn guy does around here I don't even know. Alas! For my time has come, to take to the stage one last time and to end these days, what feels like months, of endless suffering. Release me from my torment!! I can no longer take the lashings of an unfair critic, the backstabbing of a second rate actress, the tacky tones of music that has lost its relevance. It is time! Time to transcend this mortal flesh and ascend unto the realms of the departed, where I shall be a star for eternity! It is my calling! *hair swish!* If, somehow, two of you are in fact town and somehow survive the night, don't let Finn get away with it please. But my assumption is that we have in fact already lost and were delaying the inevitable. Two possibilities come to mind. I have had for a long while a suspicion that Glenn isn't really the townie he claims to be, although how you can have a neutral investigator I have no idea. I am more skeptical of the proposition that Roger is also a Burpamount with Finn, but it would make sense and would fit with some of my suspicions on previous days, although that doesn't explain why we are still sitting here then. This should have been over a while ago if that were the case. I think the more likely explanation for this strange turn of events is that one of you is neutral and another is Burpamount, but given what is about to occur, I look forward to finding out very soon. Heaven forbid that Glenn and Roger are in fact both town and were actually legitimately swayed by the scum right at the finish line. How unfortunate that would be. With that, I shall await my fate! Farewell for now, cruel world! Until we meet again.
  13. Dragonator

    BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Well, I for one don't see any point dragging this out any longer. Once again, I vote: Finn Foley (Tariq J). If we again for some reason split on the vote, I'll just continue to block Finn. But honestly, I so reason to split another time. The evidence is stacked against him. If Finn AND Roger are scum, then let's just declare a town loss, let me have a dramatic final monologue as befits a star such as myself, and finally end this.