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  1. The swap from the 2x3 plate to two 1x3 plates was done so that the 2x2 hinge plate can be centered onto them. It was originally like this in our prototype but got accidentally changed during the process of reducing the part count for the overall build. As for the canopy, the hinge itself only allows for a few locked in angles which are 0°, 45°, 68° and 90°. This is by far the most limiting piece of the original set, not only the angles but the way it is widened towards the front instead of the opposite as in the screen reference. AU$200 including shipping is not bad at all and we hope you have a great time building it!
  2. Here is a comparison between the original Lego set 75355 X-wing Starfighter UCS and GotB's MOD. Update! The instruction package is now available over at!
  3. Thanks for the feedback on the manual and we hope you'll enjoy the building experience! As to answering your questions... 1. We do not see any point of releasing a separate parts list as we are using more than 75% of the original set. The unused parts are very common pieces and at the end of the day you will spend more on the uncommon ones included with the set, such as the printed canopy, sticker sheet and the engine intake pieces to name a few. I would suggest to keep an eye out for this set on sale if you wish to save (it was recently sold with a 20% discount at the official Lego store). 2. The cutting line is at the recommended size that we send to our print shop that cuts out only the inside of this line. It may look thick when zoomed in, but they are made for 1x1 and 1x2 tiles and quite small in size when printed. If you wish to remove this line I would suggest using any graphic software of your choice. Edit: Having gone through the process of uploading it all to Rebrickable, it was necessary to create a complete part list as you initially requested. This can be found here.
  4. Thanks! Let me indulge you on this with the following screen shot from rebrickable. The majority of the parts are readily available as we’ve put in a great effort to make it easy for everyone to upgrade their 75355 X-wing. You can download the parts list together with the manual to see if you like it.