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  1. pathblazerphoto

    Green flashing light 4559

    gave that a go and it didn't seem to work for me unfortunately. the green light stopped flashing so it was a problem with the contact points cable ( the 2nd video). I am in South Africa and have asked on a few facebook groups if anyone has a spare version of this. otherwise its waiting till I go to Germany again
  2. pathblazerphoto

    Green flashing light 4559

    I am busy trying that, found a video on how its done, trying to find 0.2mm cable in South Africa is a bit problematic, the video said 24 gauge which is 0.5mm for us, but it was too large.
  3. pathblazerphoto

    Green flashing light 4559

    Hi All So I recently rebuilt my 4559 train set and I am having issue with the controller/charger. it is flashing a green light when I turn the dial. got it to run once for 2 seconds and thats it. I think its the cable from the track to the joiner( square black Lego piece) that is broken. Anyone got suggestions on how to fix/replace?
  4. pathblazerphoto

    Green flashing light 4559

    Hi I have a vintage 4559 that is flashing green on the control unit. Anyone know why?