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  1. VadMan

    Puns in Character names?

    You made me sign up to this forum, albeit 7 years later. Yes, it has been barrels of fun finding this post. Hilarious indeed; honored to be a topic. I now have two sons, who both went through Lego phases. We visited the LegoLand in DFW and watched the 3D Ninjago film. I am secretly a great fan of the Ninjas and even my older son (now 15) still follows them. BTW, Vadec is derived from Władek, which is a shorter form of Władysław, an ancient Polish name, held by a number of Kings. It's phonetic meaning comes close to something along the lines of Ruler of Slavs, which we Poles are. The letter Ł, ł is the first sound You hear in English words like: War, or Weekend. Nothing to do with Vladek, with an L. I dislike that version immensely (it feels like styrofoam on glass to me and hurts my teeth) and dropped the non-English letter entirely. Cheers, Vadec.