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    Hello everyone, I am Sea-Tron, and I am a LEGO addict. I live in Norway and I collect way too much LEGO, and I like it. Recently I found several super-rare items and that's what brought me to this site. I hope to learn more about prototypes and moulds. Looking forward to hang out with you Br Sea-Tron
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    I have been told that the sale in 2019, which is the only sale I have heard of, it was sold on eBay for $5.500,-
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    Yes. If you reach out to me on discord. 817797097529147432 Is my user ID. The Sea-Tron alien figure is up for sale. None of the other items at the moment. 😊
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    Yes the figure, but also some other rare, or less rare stuff. Like the red head in my profil picture. Not sure what theme that was made for.
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    LEGO Parts Not Available In Sets?

    I have some rare parts, like the red head you see on my profile pictures. I'm new to this site, don't know how to get started. I would very much like to get in contact with you :-) Greetings from Norway