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    Pet Shop contains different parts then in the manual

    When I bought the Pet Shop a few months after its release, I was missing a 1x6 brick and had two extra 1x4 bricks. I filed an online request for the replacement part and received it a week or two later. The only complaint I have is the shipping time, as the part came from Europe to the US. You would think TLG could send a common part from a US facility to expedite the process.
  2. Here are some I want to see that haven't been mentioned yet. Jasper Beardly Hank Scorpio Lionel Hutz Otto Mann Superintendent Chalmers Ms. Hoover Lyle Lanley (with accompanying monorail, please)
  3. HuskerDont

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    When I told my girlfriend about this (who couldn't care less about Lego), the first set she said that should be produced is the Springfield Monorail. I know it's only one non-AFOL, but that's good enough for me. Make it happen. Just please stick to seasons 1-10.
  4. HuskerDont

    Opposite day......

    The late 90's to early 00's was the greatest design period for the City line.
  5. HuskerDont

    Occupation thread

    I work the ramp for a large regional airline at O'Hare International Airport. My current line is deicing. How I can afford Lego, or anything else, is beyond me.
  6. Not to mention the people who would think this is TLG supporting the political views of the band. I only wanted to see this project happen so I could make jokes about how they just ripped off the molds from Dillinger Four and Jawbreaker minifigs.
  7. HuskerDont

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    You get stuck in revolving door after a spree at a Lego Store. (happened to me before) You step on a brick with your bare foot, and the first thing you do is make sure the piece isn't broken. You search for apartments with an extra bedroom so you can have space to display your collection. The thought of a child playing with your collection terrifies you.
  8. Am I the only one who immediately thought of Cheech Marin when they saw the Biker/Mechanic fig?
  9. HuskerDont

    [LDD MOC] Twinstar 38 Airliner

    Very nice model. If you take off the rear pylons and square up the leading edge of the wings on the extended version, you have a spot-on model of a Bombardier Q400
  10. HuskerDont

    10228 Haunted House

    Just when I was thinking, "Hey, my wallet is going to be happy for the rest of the year", this comes out. Many, many great details in this set, not to mention the overall design. I also can't wait to see any fixed up mod's of this set.
  11. HuskerDont

    Review: 3184 Friends Adventure Camper

    Nice set. Looks like it will be easier to convert to standard minifig seats that the Stephanie's Cool Convertible.
  12. HuskerDont

    Building a plane

    Some of the retro liveries might be difficult to pull off, given the multiple small cheat and window lines and various curves around the nose ( the retro livery LH has comes to mind). Newer liveries are simpler and would be easier to pull off. AA's is easy as is BA, LH, and SQ. WN would be very difficult just for color matching alone. Just don't cop out and go euro white like JL and AY did.
  13. HuskerDont

    Review: 21101 Hayabusa CUUSOO #002

    Nice review and a nice set. It appears the the 1x1 round tile in silver is a new color as well.
  14. HuskerDont

    10224 Town Hall

    The auction ends on March 1st, the date it will be released. I think the seller is trying make a few bucks off of someone thinking they can get it early.
  15. HuskerDont

    New elements added to Pick-A-Brick

    I was wondering why it was taking longer than usual for my PaB order to ship, and now that I've looked through the database, a number of the parts I ordered are gone.