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  1. Speaking of images, on Imgur I looked up your account and only found 2 images, and I’ve seen your Secutor and Dreadnought on Imgur but couldn’t follow you for some reason. Is there any where else you post your renders? Allegiance looks sick btw
  2. If you’re making an ISD mod, are you considering making a scaled up version for the Allegiance?
  3. Man a Lego Chimera docking on a hyperspace ring would be awesome! Will you make an ISD-I/ISD-II mod to go with it? I saw someone build on the Star Destroyer’s panels to get the Chimera design
  4. I saw someone on Twitter estimate it at around 1200 meters
  5. Your Venator is looking great! It’s been really cool to see your WIP photos and how it’s all coming together. Can’t wait to build it
  6. Will you use the bridge from your Venator on your Secutor or will it be different?
  7. For your bigger instructions, like the venator, secutor, and interdictor, will you sell them or keep them free? Also do you think it’s possible to build SSD irl?