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  1. StudLord

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Who's gatekeeping? I want as many people to keep supporting the properties that I love as possible so more of them will be made. More movies means more LEGO sets. Please, show up, buy tickets, buy 76232 at retail price. And they literally said their yardstick for success was earnings and they're not a fanboy or a hater. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and offering an explanation that it's ok to not like something other people do. There is no objectively good or bad in media, it's down to taste.
  2. StudLord

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    So it looks like we do live in a universe where there was a negative response to BP, just not from critics, making it worthy of note when someone broke the otherwise 100% critics score, still leaving it the highest ranked MCU movie by critics. Yet audience scores put it at #20. And we can absolutely agree that CM was savaged by audience reviews leaving it bottom of the audience list, even if critics put it bottom mid-tier - a disparity the Forbes author highlights in both articles shared. Your point is taken and honour is served. Now, back to my point about how @Legocentrico can exist in a world where they fell asleep watching CM (and I'd love to know at which point), and yet it is the 31st highest grossing movie of all time and how that can be? Could it be because they weren't the target audience? Just as they aren't the target audience for The Marvels? Who knows, they're remaining silent and "neutral" on the topic now. By extension then, what is there to say about The Hoopty set 76232 (£85/$90/€90) a gray potato with some vaguely interesting fillings, three minifigs and some cats. Sounds pretty similar to 76127 which was £25/$30/€30 when it was released in 2019. Multiply that up by a generous 25% to match the base parts count and, not accounting for inflation or potentially increased licensing costs, you're still only at £32/$38/€38ish. Like others have said, this is straight up daylight robbery, even at a 30% discount on retail. GotG3's 76255 wasn't much better. Who is this set even for then? AFOLs know a bad deal when they see it, general Marvel fans can get a Starlord display helmet or Wolverine claw for less, and if kids want a spaceship to play with Mr. Oz's Spacebus is the same price for a craptonne more content (licensing costs make the difference apparently). Looks to me like Captain Marvel fans specifically and MCU completionist collectors are getting pantsed on this one. Unfortunately, I am both.
  3. StudLord

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I get the distinct feeling that neither you nor RedHoodPug read beyond the title and first paragraph. It directly answers your question regarding dislike of the first BP movie and the changes Rotten Tomatoes made before BP2 came out. There are also plenty of below par opinions out there, imdb and metacritic were easy enough to find. I'm not interested in the motivations of these people, or any "ists" that can be applied to them. BP and CM were not made for white men as the primary target audience is what I'm saying. If being a Marvel movie got them to buy tickets, then that's a bonus for Disney. Similarly, LEGO is making primarily kids' toys with a recent surge in the last years of UCS kits, collector pieces and dioramas aimed at AFOLs. No kid wants a BP bust, there's no play value, but if I buy a 4+ BP set for the minifigs then that's a nice bonus for LEGO and, by extension, Disney's licensing department.
  4. StudLord

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    We can workshop this - accessories could be an owl statue with an eye patch and a crystal decanter. Leg printing could include a pistol butt peeking out of her pantsuit pocket.
  5. StudLord

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Cool beans, it's this universe where Forbes writes articles about the reactionary reviews and Rotten Tomatoes having to change how they allow user reviews. BP was the start of it (critics loved it and we got a slew of articles about the first guy to review it below 5/5), and CM was when it really got messy. Anything to do with "_ists" is a disingenuous reframing of my point. My point was about recognising when the intent behind a piece of media isn't for you, I thought maybe the extended LEGO parallel made that clear. A gimic that worked well for Minimates when they released Secret Invasion tie-in figures. Can you believe that there are people out there who aren't watching Secret Invasion because they know it builds on from Captain Marvel which they haven't seen because they heard it was really bad? Pretty crazy, right? Speak for yourself, I want a Sonia Falsworth/Olivia Coleman minifig.
  6. StudLord

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hi, longtime lurker on here - probably from when the last CMF was announced, and the parallels to the responses are striking - but I wanted to add to the Captain Marvel (2019) discussion, and I'll try and keep it LEGO related. It's worth keeping in mind how the MCU has developed over time. If you look at Phase 1, we've got multiple white male power fantasies; what if I was super-rich, what if I was super-strong, what if I was a God, what if I was super-noble. Phase 2 is all about consequences; PTSD, sins of the father, conspiracies and government betrayal of ideals (the outlier being Ant-Man which was originally meant for Phase 3 but is dismissable as comic relief). It's not until Phase 3 that we start introducing new solo heroes and the core fanbase starts to react. Dr. Strange; bit weird, Spider-Man; teen nerd but beloved, Black Panther; a black superhero, Captain Marvel; a *female* superhero?! That's when white cishet comicbook movie fans had to start empathising with other demographics really. Until that point they'd been pandered to with multiple variations of "me, but with cool powers" and BP and CM were a sudden departure. That's when you start to see the reactive review-bombing, vocal resistance, me-and-my-silent-majority don't like this. What is difficult to accept is when you encounter something that wasn't made for you. LEGO tries to cater to every demographic that will buy their product. Personally I'm there for original trilogy Star Wars, MCU, Jurassic Park, and always on day of release the annual modular. I go into the store and see LEGO Friends, Harry Potter, Architecture, Technic, Star Wars prequel and sequel stuff... and I just accept that those aren't for me. Someone's buying them, clearly. Speed Champions sells out the weeks around Christmas because they're priced perfectly for gifts and using gift money on, but I'd rather have the Creator Expert classic car du jour. They all co-exist on the shelves. So ask yourself; was this particular media property made for me? And can you accept when it wasn't, and it is still successful globally without your endorsement or participation? Or should everything always be about you? I'll be buying two full sets of the second CMF series, one for display and one for storage, same as I did with the first series - a decision facilitated by the lively discussion and analysis provided by this forum.