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  1. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] Rockview Outpost

    Yes I see it now, thnx!
  2. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] Rockview Outpost

    Hey there! First of all thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate everyone who came by to give some suggestions. In my opion you can add the entry although it is not the best, but some other stuff had to come first so there wasn't a lot of time for me to implement everything. Thanks again for your suggestions!
  3. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] Rockview Outpost

    Hello there! I made this small set for the contest. Feedback is really appreciated if you have any. I tried to make a set which has some play features and would look like it could be sold in real stores. Let me know what you think of it!
  4. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] 1872 Imperial Guard Camp - Remake 2023

    Love it! Really cool to see some imperial entries!
  5. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] 1492 Battle Cove - Remake 2023

    Love it! Would personally change the black wall to maybe reddish brown to make it look more like a shipwreck maybe?
  6. LucSoleBricks

    [LEGO IDEAS] Return to Sabre Island

    Dude this is epic! My wallet will not be as happy when this gets released tho
  7. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] 6259 Broadside's Brig - Remake 2023

    Looks absolutely amazing!
  8. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] Imperial Trading Outpost

    I would empty my wallet for this!
  9. LucSoleBricks

    [MOC] 6245 Harbour Sentry Remake

    I would love this! I had this when I was younger so really cool to see it in a new format!
  10. LucSoleBricks

    [MOC] 6234: Renegade's Raft Remake

    Oh yes! This could be a really affordable set if Lego would release some new sets!
  11. Great idea to combine these two sets!
  12. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] Cutless Reach

    I'm a big fan of this! Really cool to see some rocks combined with the main structure
  13. LucSoleBricks

    [ENTRY] 6278/6292 Enchanted Island Remake

    Oh I love the little cage for the captain! Really cool!
  14. LucSoleBricks

    Hello there!

    Hi there! I am a huge Lego fan and fan of custom MOCs and sets! I make a lot of custom stuff which I post on my Instagram and TikTok. If you like the stuff that I do consider following me there for more updates and custom instructions! My Instagram! My TikTok!