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  1. Awesome work! The silhouette of the MOC is so beautiful. I really appreciate your variant of McPherson front suspension which traditionally is hard to replicate. As far as I can see, the entire load in this suspension strut is distributed over a single pin. However, this is compensated by limiting the shock absorber travel. Very elegant solution.
  2. Incredibly cute build!
  3. There is a naive question to experienced MOC designers Is any legal and not irritating way how to promote the MOC on Rebrickable? Despite the fact that I see some interest to the model (which is very pleasant for me), I think the only way how users observe new MOCs is the starting page with 'new' and 'hot' MOCs. Without having an army of followers, every MOC becomes overlooked in just a few days, isn't it?
  4. Hi everyone, My first MOC on is complete and approved. In addition to the instructions, I've also added 15 recommended modifications of the build and the sticker sheet. I would really appreciate any support from Eurobricks community. P.S. IMHO, Studio software is a total nightmare.
  5. Hi osterum, Awesome MOC! Very accurate and detailed. There are a lot of smart solutions. Considering the scale and functionality, it's really great build.
  6. Good news! I've just finished the instruction (generated from Studio). I need 1-2 weeks for beta-test build by another person. I hope it wouldn't require a lot of fixes. Thank you for your kind words!
  7. Great thanks! I have a question regarding technic parts in Studio. Sorry if it should be raised in a specific thread. Why does the main palette (or custom one - imported from the official set) not contain such parts like 65766 (wheel hub), 79717 (shock absorber) and x71 (rubber)? I can admit some problems with printed parts, but what is the issue with commonly used parts...
  8. Thanks, it's really amazing! i am thrilled to see such a great feedback! I don't know the exact count, I suppose 200-300 parts. Majority of them are useless system parts used for Ferrari headlights. Technic parts were almost fully utilized. Maybe it will sound too pathetic in relation to Lego But I agree with Bruno - it is about dedication, patience... and readiness to spend unlimited time for every aspect of the build. Anyway, I can't say that my build is masterpiece There are a lot of compromise and not optimal solutions because of parts limitation.
  9. Thanks for your kind words! Regarding the pop up headlights. This works with linkage system. I can't make the quality photo right now but maybe a little bit later I can share a clear design from Studio. In short words, I've tried to find right levers to connect angled headlights assembly with the starting point. Additionally, I've added a standard 90° stepper with rubber band to have clear on/off modes which are fixed.
  10. Thank you for the very positive feedback. I really appreciate it. PS - finally, I've decided to explore Studio software. It requires a lot of efforts, but there are a lot of opportunities (for endless re-designing process ). Maybe, the instruction will be available soon...
  11. It's great improvement! To be fair, I am starting to get into Studio. Just for clarity about legal / illegal techniques and their application in Studio. Is it OK to connect system parts like 3794b with technic holes? No worries, it was easy to check Studio allows it.
  12. OMG, thank you, I'm proud to hear praise from you, Bruno. Steering angle is rather good, much better than Daytona has. However, I’ve just realized that it isn’t shown on my photos at all If you talk about efforts needed to steer, I would say the steering is average... Not only because of caster geometry. Big wide tires and 1:1 gears ratio for HoG (using knobs, zero bevels in the set) also impact the smoothness. Thanks for your kind works, gents!
  13. Gents, great thanks for your positive comments! Yep, during the process, I've done several prototypes of rear lights using system parts, but this variant looks more appropriate. Thanks, LvdH. Happy to hear praise from you, Alex, guru of alternative modelling. Your Supra is great!
  14. Hi forum, This is my first topic and first MOC shared with the LEGO community. The original Honda/Acura NSX is one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars ever made, boasting a high-revving V6 mounted in the middle, fantastic handling, and styling that still looks gorgeous even after 30 years. Functions & Features: Double wishbone suspension on all wheels Positive caster in the front HoG steering with moving steering wheel Ackermann steering geometry 4+R speed transmission gearbox DNR selector and speed shifter V6 fake engine Pop up headlights (linkage system) Opening hood, doors and trunk Imitation of glass engine cover (by flex hoses) Detailed interior Plus a handful of custom stickers for better appearance. I've done my best to replicate the appearance of the original model and tried to pay attention to every aspect. During the construction process, I’ve faced with several challenges: Personally, the biggest problem was a limited variety of parts in the Daytona set. On the one hand, the set owner has 3,778 parts in the inventory. Com'on... But it was so difficult to find appropriate solutions without bevel gears and common connectors. Original set also had a limited number of transparent system parts for doing realistic rear headlights. Additionally, from the beginning I decided to have a positive caster in the front. It increased the complexity of the chassis significantly. However, the final result looks fine for me – both appearance and sturdiness. Please share your comments about the build. But please don’t be too demanding – this is my first MOC which I am sharing... There is no instruction at the moment, since I have zero experience in BL Studio. But if your comments regarding this MOC will be positive, I may change my mind and will start to prepare it