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    lego castle and pirates and space and... ALL!
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    Royal Drawbridge 6078

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    I love all lego!


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  1. Spacedude studio

    [ENTRY] Verification dock

    Thank you for your suggestions, really cool ideas, but I wanted to be something simple and not very large.
  2. Spacedude studio

    [ENTRY] Verification dock

    Thank you very much, I will post more MOCS soon! The construction technique ,I used is with pieces I have ,so it's between classic and modern! Thank you! My idea is simply for the boats to unload their goods here, this is all.
  3. Spacedude studio

    [ENTRY] Verification dock

    Hi this is my first ~ENTRY~ for the contest! This is my own ~MOC~ Verification dock. Here, in order to pass or sell, you must first show your permit! Every sailor must do that! NEW: You can see my MOC in this animation - Thanks for seeing my idea!
  4. Spacedude studio

    [ENTRY] 6259 Broadsides Brig / 6234 Renegades Raft

    Cool idea!
  5. Spacedude studio

    [LEGO IDEAS] Return to Sabre Island

    It's BIG! AWESOME!!!
  6. Spacedude studio

    [MOC] Lego island

    Amazing work! The alley with the palm trees and stones is so cool!
  7. Spacedude studio

    [MOC] Croco Island

    Looks awesome!
  8. Spacedude studio

    [MOC] Space Pirates

    Nice! Looks so cool!
  9. Thank you very much!
  10. Spacedude studio

    Hello from BULGARIA

  11. In says: We regret that we are unable to ship to the following European destinations: Ă…land Islands, Andorra, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Channel Islands (including Jersey and Guernsey), Faroe Islands, French Overseas Departments and Territories, Gibraltar, Greenland, Heligoland, Melilla, Monaco and San Marino. We are unable to take orders for delivery to PO Boxes including Packstations, hotels and freight forwarding services. I think ,if I win they can shipped to me
  12. Spacedude studio

    Hello from BULGARIA

    Hi! My name is Marty aka The spacedude studio! I love so much LEGO and everything related about it, such as LEGO SETS, LEGO GAMES, LEGO MERCH...etc! My way to play: Is to build exciting MOCS/sets to create adventures and stories for my LEGO MULTIVERSE(elseworlds)! You can see my instagram for awesome pics and mocs! LINK: Also I make cool and funny stop-motions (retro and modern)! LINK: I REALLY WANT LEGO CASTLE/PIRATES TO RETURN WITH MULTIPLE SETS, not only BIG and TOO EXPENSIVE... LEGO FOREVER!
  13. Because, in my country we don't have a shop, I bought from our shops like!
  14. Hi, I'm from Bulgaria, can I join the contest ?