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    Lego Dreamzzz 2023

    Interesting! Is there a good source to learn about that?
  2. bricktoad

    Lego Dreamzzz 2023

    I have been thinking of RR Sluggers Dreamzzz TV show review alot recently. In particular the suggestions on different plot points to make the show better. And it got me thinking... Lego should just lean into their fan base with their media tie-ins by: 1) release their themes narrative in comic/tv/etc form 2) release the raw 2D and 3D assets for fans to build upon and improve just like their toys. Relatedly, I really liked how Cheesey Bricks approached his review of the Dreamzzz wave.
  3. bricktoad

    Lego Dreamzzz 2023

    The Terry Pratchett Nac Mac Feegle reference at the end of the article is so good. Haha.
  4. I am bricktoad. I recently left my dark period as my two children are old enough to play with Lego. I have been going rather hard into the hobby and learned how to design MOCs with a focus on building designs for my children. has photos of my MOCs and blog some of my original designs
  5. bricktoad

    [MOC][ALT BUILD] 10497 Ground Base

    Wow! This is such a fun build and inspiringly close to the source.