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  1. Just started LDD and was greeted by a 185mb download for a new patch. I have no idea yet what is included, but it looks like we get something new to play with.
  2. Tontus

    US 1980s Long Nose Tractor Unit

    How about adding mudflaps and the trailer hitch thing in the back. Maybe even add the hoses that attach to the trailer that feed the brakes and trailer lights. Other than that, looks pretty spot on to me. Hmm, maybe a hood ornament also.
  3. Tontus

    Next Modular Building?

    I'm thinking don't go to a soup tasting party that is hosted by Jamie.
  4. Tontus

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    Not sure about the 3x3, but the 2x2 inv tile is new to LDD, but exists in real. I think it was in the Samurai Mech and is probably the same piece discussed a bit earlier.
  5. Tontus

    LDD 4.3.5 bugs

    When you put a torso on the snake body, it doesn't fit all the way. You can slide it all the way down using the group move trick, so not that big of a deal.
  6. Tontus

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    Yuck, now I'm going to have to relearn where pieces are. It looks to be better organized, but old habits are going to be hard to break. On the plus side, we finally get a Wookie.
  7. Tontus

    LDD 4.3.5 is out

    This is a nice surprise. I started LDD, saw the patch, started the download, and came here to see what's new. I'm 25 megs into the download and have a feeling I'm going to be a bit late to work this morning.
  8. Tontus

    The Jedi Temple

    Good work on the temple. It is instantly recognizable and I can almost picture Vader and the 501st marching up the stairs. I'd offer to do the render, but on my netbook it took 6 days to do an 800 piece build. I'm not sure I can spend 18 days on a render.
  9. Tontus

    [LDD MOC] Sith infiltrator

    I'm really digging this build. It looks like a Kenner made mini-rig if the prequels and EU would have existed in the early 80's.
  10. That's pretty good considering the piece restrictions. I think the fuselage might be a bit too long. I haven't looked at one since the TIE Fighter game many years ago, so I could be wrong. That's pretty cool though seeing a Snowspeeder and a Z-95 both from an X-Wing. I wonder what else is "hiding" in that set.
  11. Tontus

    Android App

    I just installed it. Looks like it will come in handy, thanks!
  12. I have 3 CMFs on my dashboard and all 3 don't stay on the stands if I turn too fast, and the headgear no longer stay on if I turn the fig upside down. There is definitely something about the heat in a car. Kind of reminds me of an episode of Mythbusters where they "proved" that lighters left in cars won't explode. I've had that happen to 2 lighters over the years, so I'm guessing extreme heat plus direct sunlight makes things really hot and expands the holes? Maybe extreme cold could reverse it.
  13. Tontus

    Review: 9678 Bespin and Cloudcar/Lobot

    I sure hope it's Denmark. I really don't want people to start complaining about Chinese printing.
  14. Tontus

    Star Wars sets anyone?

    It will come to an end on Dec 21, 2012. That won't do you any good though, since everything else will end then too. You might as well open it and enjoy it now while you can. If you want an investment, try gold silver or stocks.
  15. Tontus

    LDD Ewok Village

    Hmm, I see working elevator, cargo net to catch the heroes, AT-ST crushing action, and catapults. What else are looking for? I guess maybe he could add some flickfire missiles?