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  1. Gadg8eer


    Hi! Tried to register back in 2020 and again in 2021 but wasn't able to due to issues with the login page never sending the confirmation email (even though I haven't changed my email provider since years before then). Lego's a bit too rich a hobby for me but I like seeing what other people make, maybe one day I'll build something of my own and post pictures here.
  2. Gadg8eer

    Technic Figure Scale Narrow Gauge

    Oh, neat! I didn't know that there was a different scale of train for lego!
  3. Your version doesn't even look like it's made using any of the same pieces. You don't deserve credit just for building the same locomotive first. @AbleChristopher Don't worry about it, I think SteamSewnEmpire is just sore because he's a glory hog. People like him boil my blood so much. Complex geometric shape? Are you insane?! Plagiarism is more than just "general alignment", TV Tropes came into existence - and then got replaced by All the Tropes wiki (the .org one) , entirely because artists borrow general ideas all the time. It's about adapting and reinterpreting ideas, or giving them different implementations. If this was actually plagiarism, literally 99% of all art would be so. I'm going to add that @AbleChristopher made the just plain better one, aesthetically speaking. It has actual train wheels, while SteamSewnEmpire used gears to make the wheels and that's somehow better? What kind of excuse is that? One post wonder? Have you seen his posts since then? You called his inferior for "snapping bricks together"? I don't think he just did. I think he made his own and you're jealous because you did it first but now he did it better. Wah wah, go cry me a river. You're inferior, SteamSewnEmpire, morally and as an artist. Glad you were banned long ago, I don't want to know what your arrogant response would have been. @Phil B He's a new-gen entitled artist, basically most famous Millennial artists are jerks who jumped on the Hipster bandwagon soon after 2008; I say this as a Millennial speculative fiction writer, many of my peers got famous by becoming infamous. They don't care about their craft unless it makes them feel like a rock star and it's honestly the entire reason I felt the need to respond to all this in this way. @AbleChristopher It's awesome, that's the other reason I posted. Is it okay if I send you a PM? @Hod Carrier Oh, there's a "reason", just not a good one; Because SteamSewnEmpire's ego needs to be fed at all costs, even if that means attacking anyone who threatens to take away their precious source of validation. Anyway, that's all I have to say on the matter. Sorry if this is overly hostile, if it's too much for this community it won't happen again. @AbleChristopher Please don't stop and I hope you're still around because I couldn't sign up in 2021 for some strange reason due to a weird bug in the sign-up page. I was looking through my bookmarks and found this, and decided to check if the bug was fixed, and finally got through! Anyway, good work!
  4. Gadg8eer

    [MOC-WIP] mercury arc rectifier!

    This is amazing, I didn't know these even existed!