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  1. Trainanatic

    WAGR W Class MOC

    Update: I hope i am doing this right lol. Added a tender, yet to add the wheels yet tho. connecting rods are kinda done just need to do the cylinders. redesigned the Cab too.
  2. Trainanatic

    LNER A3 60103 'Flying Scotsman' (WIP)

    Oh nice that looks amazing!
  3. Trainanatic


    Hi, i am new to this lego train MOC Building. i started my first project as a WAGR W class Steam locomotive, currently that project is about to finish the design stage and i now have to find the funds to build it. i mainly like to build old steam locomotives and diesel locomotives from my local area, Western Australia. i am also in the progress of building a transportable Lego layout so i can take it to model train shows (We only really have 1 train show/expo a year here sadly) and display it at other spots. it is currently only 3 large baseplates long, but i have plans to make it an oval / cube like layout so i can run a double mainline. there are a couple other people in WA that build Custom train MOCs, mainly from our passenger network (Transperth), but i like to build historic stuff such as the steam trains. i have plans after my W class is done, to start a WAGR Y class, XA Class and S Class (steam). Hope you enjoy that little story about what i do and like lol.
  4. Trainanatic

    WAGR W Class MOC

    Thanks for that, i actually haven't used any Macaroni Bricks for the boiler. they are mainly just round plates. as for the wheels i am still trying to figure out the best way to do everything considering this is my first one. the flanged wheels do touch the bottom of the for the Un flanged wheels i was not planning for them to touch the track. i was just hoping the connecting rods would turn those wheels around. As for the photos i have been posting updates on a discord server i created also facebook page. but yeah i am still all new to this lol.
  5. Trainanatic

    WAGR W Class MOC

    I started to design my own WAGR W class MOC, although still have lots to do like the tender and finish the connecting rods, it is looking nice so far!