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  1. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    not a specific one, no, just my own design ^^ sorry for the late reply !
  2. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    fair enough! the perspective looks a little off indeed haha, they're two of those pieces connected together by the way, so that might be the reason why it's looking a little large ^^
  3. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    it's lego part 62462, i think they're called technic pin connecters :)
  4. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    awesomee, glad you found the post! thanks a lot again, glad to hear you like the post :)
  5. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    i only just made my flickr a few days ago, but my YouTube channel is where you can find quite a few of them! i still have a lot of things i gotta make videos on though, including a few ships haha!
  6. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    it's a different guy, Lucius Domitius Aurelianus. He was the Roman Emperor during the crisis of the third century, a time where the entire empire was on the brink of collapse, but he managed to fix the problems again :D
  7. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    ayeee, there's more than just renders though! i'll post the most interesting WIP pictures :D i'll post them in chronological order i started off with this, i call them pallets. they're essentially a little mockup of colors and bricks i'm planning on using for the ship. as shown on the picture, i had 4 designs i was quite fond of. after asking around most people seemed to prefer the last ''tan'' option, so i went with that :D i then went over to, where i transformed the mockup into a digital vessel. it was my first attempt at building digitally, but probably also my last. i prefer building with physical pieces ^^ i didn't bother making an interior, deck and masts/yard arms, i thought it best to do that irl so i could take things like weight and gravity into account :) first day of building got quite a lot of progress done :D a little look at the deck construction. it was a little finicky, but ended up working out in the long run ! and then here she was, almost finished :D i hope this gives you a pretty detailed look at the build process phes! thanks for making the blog post, i really appreciate it ^-^
  8. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    thank you phes :D there are around 2000 pieces used for the build i believe. the quite rough digital build took about a week to make and the refining proces/physical build about 3 weeks (including the wait for bricklink parts) ^^ if you have more questions please let me know !
  9. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    thank you, im glad you like it ^-^ i lowered the deck a bit to fit figures inside of it, but i think you're right in saying it looks a little off, might change it back! thank you for the advice :)
  10. Joellie YT

    [MOC] Hancock Merchant Sloop and Morton Imperial Brigantine

    looks really good! love the canvas sails, would love to give that a shot some time too! nice work :)
  11. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    ah thank you! that sounds like a good idea, i might do that in the future! i checked your profile out by the way and my word, your ships look amazing :D
  12. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    thanks so much, glad you like it, so nice to finally be part of this community :D
  13. Joellie YT

    [MOC] HMS Aurelian

    ahoyy everyone! I'm super excited to share my newest Lego sailing ship moc, the HMS Aurelian! it's named after one of my favorite Roman emperors, who makes a special cameo as the figurehead of the ship :) She consists of 26 cannons. eighteen 12-pounder (official firing lego) cannons, two long nines and six 8-pounders. it features three sets of sails, a decorated stern, and an interior. There's also a double helm and working capstan ^-^ here's the front angle, the best picture i think! a closer look at the stern. you can see the figurehead a little better along with the other golden details, love those new vine pieces :) this is the side of the ship with all of the cannon ports closed. it's a bit hard to see from this angle, but the walls angle inwards a bit for some extra realism and detail ^^ love the look of the full broadside! there are 9 firing cannons on this side :) the decorated stern is another angle i love taking pictures of, it's all built with the studs facing downward to make the angling sturdier and easier ! here's a little look at the upper deck! it features a railing, the ship's bell, the double helm and a few 8-pounder cannons :) the front has a working capstan and 2 long nines/chasers (but they're turned to the side right now :3) here are the stairs heading down onto the lower decks. the ladder can be raised and lowered. also, you can see the clutter on the deck, i really love that look personally so it was nice to include here :) probably the most dangerous area of the ship, the big hole in the center, it's meant to transport cargo to the holds, but in hindsight i should have probably provided a railing or something. i've lost count of the amount of times the sailor has fallen in haha speaking of the lower decks, here's a look at the cannons stationed there, there's also a little storage compartment containing... ...carrots :D this is probably the most disappointing area of the ship, the captain's quarters. unfortunately in order to have the full 9-cannon broadside, most room had to be taken up by the cannon stationed there. tips on the interior would be greatly appreciated :D here's the final picture, a full overview of the ship! the sails are made with a ticker, off-white cream colored paper ^^ if you'd like to see more of the ship, i have a YouTube video showcasing it further I hope that you've enjoyed the creation! if you have any tips or advice on what i could do better i'd love to hear it! thanks in advance ^-^ ~ Joellie YT